Fake Tilda Swinton Twitter Feed Ends Moments After Going Viral

Tilda Swinton/Photo: <a href=CC/dalekhelen/Flickr" />
Tilda Swinton/Photo: CC/dalekhelen/Flickr

Everyone's been buzzing about @NotTildaSwinton, the fake Twitter account that manages to both toast and roast the otherworldly actress with its whimsical impersonations. The two twenty-somethings who started the joke account decided to retire the account to keep the joke from going stale. Sad to see Swinton saying goodbye to her "Tildren" so soon.

"The Simpsons" has ripped off (sorry, paid homage to) so many different classic films over the last two decades that it's finally become necessary to create an entire website devoted to tracking them. MOVIE SIMPSONS has side-by-side animated examples to show you exactly what you may have missed when you were too young to recognize, say, "Cape Fear."

Remember when we (and everyone else) reported that John Waters was discovered hitchhiking in Ohio? It turns out that the wily "Pink Flamingos" director is actually writing a book on the subject. See, everything makes sense now, sort of! If the director's past memoirs (from Shock Value to Role Models) are any indicator, this book will radiate charm and sleaze in equal measures. Can't wait!

The "What if movie posters told the truth?" series just caught up with the films of 2012. Just when the gag starts to run a little thin, "Rock of Ages" becomes "Guitar Hero: The Movie" and it's like my first time all over again.