First Trailer for Lay the Favorite Starring Rebecca Hall: Odds Are Looking Good

Bruce Willis and Rebecca Hall in 'Lay the Favorite'/Image © The Weinstein Co.
Bruce Willis and Rebecca Hall in 'Lay the Favorite'/Image © The Weinstein Co.

Finally – the trailer for “Lay the Favorite,” the movie adaptation of Beth Raymer’s sports gambling memoir, has arrived. Raymer’s book stands out as an underworld romp on its own; now it looks as though the movie is going to be just as much of a romp. In Stephen Frears’ adaptation we’ll also have the added bonus of Bruce Willis, Joshua Jackson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Vince Vaughn.

“Lay the Favorite” is Raymer’s story of her stint in the male-dominated world of Vegas sports betting. Did she do it for the experience? For the memoir fodder? Out of curiosity? Nope. Beth Raymer – played by the too-scarce Rebecca Hall – did it for the money. As a driven, ambitious, intelligent, savvy young woman with few other material resources, Raymer seeks a job from veteran bookie Dink Heimowitz (played by Willis). Dink takes (the very attractive) Raymer under his wing and the two make a team unlike any other. Raymer’s instinct plus Dink’s experience equal a pair to be reckoned with. Of course, it’s not that simple when you throw in Tulip, Dink’s wife (Zeta-Jones), and later Jeremy (Jackson), a new love interest for Raymer.

“Lay the Favorite” hit slopeside screens at Sundance earlier this year, but there’s still no U.S. wide release date. Frankly, Weinstein boys, c’mon already – we’re ready for it! Though there have been and will be no shortage of excellent movies this year, the trailer for “Lay the Favorite” indicates that this will be one of the few that allow its actors to show that they are having a ball with the material, which is just the thing to kickstart blockbuster season. And when the movie does hit theaters, you can bet your last buck that we’ll be first in line to see it.

Want a head start on the story? Read an excerpt from the book here.