Flashback: Morgan Freeman Teaching Kids To Read in 1971

Morgan Freeman/Photo © Michael Buckner/Getty
Morgan Freeman/Photo © Michael Buckner/Getty

This collection of extremely silly photos of extremely serious writers has a little of everything. Susan Sontag in a bear suit? Check! Ernest Hemingway kicking a beer can? Check! Suddenly I'm overwhelmed by the urge to follow Joan Didion with a camera in case she dances in a fountain or something.

Speaking of Hemingway, one of my favorite websites -- Letters of Note -- has posted a letter that the Old Man and the Sea author wrote to his parents when he was nineteen years old, in which he describes becoming seriously wounded while at war. "There is nothing for you to worry about, because it has been fairly conclusively proved that I can't be bumped off," he tells them. He managed to survive another (very intense) forty years, so I guess he had a point there.

Morgan Freeman seems like one of those actors who's been middle-aged forever, so it's a delight to see a funky fresh Freeman teaching literacy in this 1971 clip from the kids show "The Electric Company." Funny, isn't it? Decades later, he'd inspire those same kids (now grownups) to read yet again when he starred in the Stephen King adaptation, "The Shawshank Redemption."

This list of the top ten best time-travel movies is so elite that "Twelve Monkeys" only ranks No. 5, and "Donnie Darko" didn't make the list at all. I'm beginning to doubt io9's commitment to Sparkle Motion.