Harry Potter Fans: Stop Abandoning Your Pet Owls

Photo © iStock
Photo © iStock

The internet claims that hundreds of Harry Potter fans have grown tired of the pet owls they adopted during the run of the books/films, and have begun abandoning them. This is not only bad for the owls, it's bad for local wildlife populations. We can solve this problem easily if everyone will just send all their slightly used owls to directly to me (the cats won't like it, but we''ll figure out something).

The recently released Exegesis of Philip K. Dick, a collection of the tormented sci-fi author's firsthand experiences with what he believed to be a form of divine or extraterrestrial intelligence, is the subject of a new three-part Opinion piece in the New York Times (here's part one) exploring the difference between spiritual revelation and mental illness. If you'd like to see how all this influenced his writing, the final three books Dick wrote (a sort of loose trilogy, beginning with VALIS) were directly inspired by these events. Looking forward to the rest of this series as it unfolds ...

A racy new film has been stirring the pot at Cannes this year: "Paradise: Love" explores the world of female sexual tourism in Africa, following a fifty-year-old Viennese woman as she and a pack of other ladies frolic with Kenyan gigolos. Sounds like "How Stella Got Her Groove Back," only with a white privilege twist, and wilder sex scenes. How can it fail?

It's been five years since Paul Thomas Anderson's "There Will Be Blood" became an oil-drilling, milkshake-drinking Hollywood sensation, but by the looks of the trailer, his new film "The Master" (starring Joaquin Phoenix) will be worth the wait. See you there in October!