Read This Now: 'The University Poem,' Unpublished Vladimir Nabokov Poem From 1926

Vladimir Nabokov
Vladimir Nabokov

Does hearing the "Wilhelm Scream" pull you out of your movie-watching experience? One blogger's reaction to hearing the famous sound-effect included in "The Avengers": Could've been worse -- could've been the "Youraagh."

Zach Galifianakis is the latest in a long string of actors tied to a movie version of  "A Confederacy of Dunces." Apparently it's just the sort of film that we want to imagine our heavy-hitting comic actors attempting, but not the sort that we actually produce or release. At this point, the tale of the would-be adaptation should be included as an appendix to the novel itself.

One of Vladimir Nabokov's previously unpublished works is now available online: "The University Poem" was written in 1926  -- almost thirty-five years before Lolita -- but has never seen daylight till just now.

Here's a video game-to-film adaptation whose time has definitely come: "Shadow of the Colossus" is on its way to theaters, and "Chronicle" director Josh Trank will be the one who delivers it. The 2005 game follows a young warrior who must slay sixteen terrifying giants in order to resurrect his lost love -- but are the giants truly evil, or merely pawns in a larger game? Can't wait to see this one!