Batman Knocks Bourne Into Next Week … Literally

Jeremy Renner in ‘The Bourne Legacy’/Photo © Universal Studios
Jeremy Renner in ‘The Bourne Legacy’/Photo © Universal Studios

It's not rare for a studio to push a movie's release date back so as to not be trampled by a bigger blockbuster -- but it is rather novel for them to admit that's the reason. Such is the case with "The Bourne Legacy," which has been postponed until August 10 so as to not be humiliated quite so badly by the triumph of "The Dark Knight Rises." Maybe they could just cut Bourne down to an eleven-minute short to show before the Batman movie, Pixar style?

If the summer heat is starting to get to you, let playwright Arthur Miller (The Crucible, Death of a Salesman) transport you to the golden days of New York City before the proliferation of air conditioning. His recollection of whole families sleeping out on fire escapes is picturesque, but all I can think of are the mosquitoes.

Most parents are so glad their kids are reading anything over the summer that they don't give much thought to the actual selections. According to educator Claire Needell Hollander's NY Times opinion piece, this is a missed opportunity: "Reading literature should be intentional. The problem with much summer reading is that the intention is unclear." They liked reading about youngsters doing battle in The Hunger Games? Maybe this year promote them to The Red Badge of Courage.

Vice has posted a previously unpublished excerpt from an interview with misanthropic beat author William S. Burroughs. I sorely wish this was a current interview from beyond the grave so we could find out what he thinks about being played by Viggo Mortensen in "On The Road" (Burroughs died in 1997).