'Brave' Is Sweet, But Does It Live Up To The Pixar Name?

'Brave'/Photo © 2012 Disney/Pixar
'Brave'/Photo © 2012 Disney/Pixar

"Brave" is doing well in theaters and with critics, but Slashfilm has come up with fifteen reasons why it doesn't feel like a Pixar film. Are they being too picky? As they've pointed out, the film's directing and writing teams are all old-school Disney people, hence that "We've been here before ... but not with Pixar" feeling.

While I'm in a list frenzy, here's one from Cracked presenting nine actors who do the exact same thing in every movie poster. It sounded like a low-cal idea for a list to me, until I actually checked out the goods. Now I'll be looking for Jim Carrey's bendy arms and Jennifer Aniston's romantic disapproval (not to mention the top of Johnny Depp's head) every time I ride the subway.

Most science fiction is just a way of exploring very complex ideas, but rendering them as simply and creatively as possible; so are these minimalist reconstructions of famous sci-fi scenes built with LEGO.

Bold move on the part of Team "Atlas Shrugged": the new teaser just released for the second half of their movie doesn't give any glimpses of the film itself, instead favoring interview footage of author Ayn Rand. This could be a great trend for adapted works! Would love to see the look on kiddies' faces when the "Catching Fire" teaser comes on and it's just Suzanne Collins talking about agriculture.