Excerpt: Don Winslow's The Kings of Cool: A Prequel to Savages

Don Winslow/Photo © Jerry Bauer
Don Winslow/Photo © Jerry Bauer

In his best-selling novel Savages, Don Winslow first introduced readers to Ben and Chon, cannabis botany/business pros and best friends. And always by their side is O, a woman they both love. Adapted for the big screen as a major motion picture directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone, Savages was also a best book of the year when it was released. The film stars an all-star cast including Aaron Johnson, Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, Salma Hayek, Benicio Del Toro, and John Travolta and hits theaters July 6.

Winslow's latest novel is a thrilling prequel to Savages, telling the story of how Ben, Chon, and O came to be. Check out an excerpt from the novel, below. And also be sure to drop in on Signature's exclusive interview with Don Winslow, here. And, if you want a peek at the movie, check out the trailer here.

Excerpt: Don Winslow's The Kings of Cool (Note: Explicit Language)