Men Are From Mars, Reese Witherspoon Is From Venus

Reese Witherspoon/Photo © Cinemafestival/Shutterstock
Reese Witherspoon/Photo © Cinemafestival/Shutterstock

Turning self-help books into movies is soooo hot right now (What to Expect When You're Expecting, Think Like A Man) that adapting Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus into a new rom-com starring Reese Witherspoon probably seemed like a no-brainer. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Pixar makes an animated "Who Moved My Cheese" feature starring economically depressed mice.

Upcoming contender in the film-to-Broadway-musical arena: the movie "Kinky Boots," a British comedy about a shoe factory that's forced to sex up their merchandise to stay in business, and which is being adapted to the stage by Broadway virtuoso Harvey Fierstein ("Torch Song Trilogy") and rock goddess Cyndi Lauper. Here's a sample of the work in progress, and you can download it from the musical's website.

Trying to match the laff-potential of "Dumb and Dumber" with a sequel nearly twenty years later seemed like a dicey move to begin with. Apparently the point is moot: Jim Carrey has abandoned the project due to studio conflicts and they're not going to attempt it without him. While tragic, this also eliminates the possibility of repeating "Dumb and Dumberer"-caliber disasters.

Graphic novelist Alan Moore is notorious for deriding the movies made from his own work ("V For Vendetta," "The Watchmen"), and yet it turns out that he's working on a few original films of his own -- a series of occult-inspired shorts. If only I could count on this being some sort of prelude to a full-blown Promethea adaptation.