Michael Scott's 'The Alchemyst' Hopes to Conjure Future Box Office Magic

Over the last ten years, movie studios have increasingly focused on adapting young adult book series for the big screen, all hoping to lay claim to the next "Twilight," "Harry Potter," or "Hunger Games" franchise. While book-to-screen series such as "Chronicles of Narnia" have fared well enough, others like "Eragon" have struggled.

Deadline recently broke the news that AMPCO purchased the film rights to The Alchemyst by Michael Scott, which is book one in the six part series The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. Michael Scott has signed on to pen the screenplay. The books center around ordinary fifteen-year-old fraternal twins, Josh and Sophie Newman, who one day find themselves swept up into the fantasy world of Nicholas Flamel and his battle to prevent the Book of Abraham from falling into the evil hands of Dr. John Dee.

Michael Scott's Nicholas Flamel series has been compared to Harry Potter as well as Percy Jackson and the Olympians thanks to their shared themes of magic and mythology. Sounds like a winning combination to us. Do you think this is the next book series to find success as a feature film? If you are a fan of the series, who would be your dream cast?

  • I've only read the first one of these, and it's really a long, action-powered, chase. It's fun, but reads as if it wanted to be a movie to begin with.

  • Kirsten

    This series begs to be made into movies; I only hope the right director and cast end up on the job. I'd love to see Jodh and Sophie played by newcomers, and all of the immortals, elders, and gods played by established actors. I picture Rosemarie Harris as Perenelle, Michael Caine as Nicholas, and from the moment he was introduced, I envisioned St Germain as identical to Neil Gaiman.

  • Tre

    I have read the entire series three times now... I just can't seem to get enough. Because Micheal Scott was a mythological historian for so many years before writing these books nearly every character, creature, beast and location is real or based in the stories of the past. With the exception of the twins. It is exciting and interesting to take the information provided about the characters (spot on truths - Nick Flamel, Pernelle and even Dr. Dee) and start a google search - see how real and valid, how much of an impact they had in their day and time and the mystery that surrounds them to this day. This, I believe sets the series apart from so many others... there are no "made up" words or locations ( no expecto patronum or hogwarts castle that never existed) but rather it is based in places and with "things" that can be referenced outside of the books, over and over ... I have added eating at the restaurant located at the Flamels former home that still stands in France to my bucket list, BTW.
    Anyhow, since book one, this series has demanded to become a movie, nay, deserved to. I was disappointed that 'Sorcerers Apprentice' came out before it because some of the similarities in the story lines make it less attractive to create another, kind of like that one, movie. Particularly the actor who played Horvath ( Alfred Molina) and how uncannily he looked like I had imagined Dr. John Dee and how I assume many others may have.
    Now, cast - dream cast suggestions ... among fans there is great debate and I am very, very sad to say that my pick for Palamedes (Micheal Clark Duncan) was taken from us this year, far too soon 🙁 I am unable to imagine anyone else in the role ... as for the others
    I agree with many fans in that Nicholas Flamel would be BEST played by Gary Oldman - hands down he can be as kind and as cruel as Flamel needs to be.
    As for Pernelle I am in disagreement with other fans, I think Demi Moore would play the role (and fit the character) far better then Angelina Jolie that many fans have suggested
    For the twins I am not opposed to finding a great pair of never before seen kids but if I were to pick known actors it would be
    Anna Sophia Robb for Sophie and Graham Rogers or Chord Overstreet as Josh
    *since seeing Graham in 'Revolution' I have become much more fond of him as Josh
    As our #1 antagonist Dr. Dee ? I have yet to find someone that is far enough from Alfred Molina's portral of Horvath while still encompassing that diminutive, cool, calculating, confident leader ... my less then final word is Kevin Spacey.
    Betty White, by all means, should be Aunt Agnes
    and I see Grace Jones as Hekate ....
    Later into the series many more characters come along who i imagine only certain actors could pull off ... but I suppose that list would need to wait until the first movie makes it!!!

  • Alex97

    I think it'll be the best film ever. It's just perfect, can't wait to see it. 🙂

  • Alex97

    When will the movie come out?

  • Deanna

    I am very excited for this movie, but there seems to have been a lack of updates on it. There's been no auditions, as far as I know, and it was revealed Michael Scott will write the screenplay about two years ago. The production pause I think is because they want The Hobbit to finish its final movie in New Zealand, before they start up officially.