Michael Scott's 'The Alchemyst' Hopes to Conjure Future Box Office Magic

Over the last ten years, movie studios have increasingly focused on adapting young adult book series for the big screen, all hoping to lay claim to the next "Twilight," "Harry Potter," or "Hunger Games" franchise. While book-to-screen series such as "Chronicles of Narnia" have fared well enough, others like "Eragon" have struggled.

Deadline recently broke the news that AMPCO purchased the film rights to The Alchemyst by Michael Scott, which is book one in the six part series The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. Michael Scott has signed on to pen the screenplay. The books center around ordinary fifteen-year-old fraternal twins, Josh and Sophie Newman, who one day find themselves swept up into the fantasy world of Nicholas Flamel and his battle to prevent the Book of Abraham from falling into the evil hands of Dr. John Dee.

Michael Scott's Nicholas Flamel series has been compared to Harry Potter as well as Percy Jackson and the Olympians thanks to their shared themes of magic and mythology. Sounds like a winning combination to us. Do you think this is the next book series to find success as a feature film? If you are a fan of the series, who would be your dream cast?