Production Notes: Tarzan's Trending, Ninja Turtles Sink Back Into the Slime

Tarzan/Photo © Mike Heywood/Shutterstock
Tarzan/Photo © Mike Heywood/Shutterstock

The background of crime novelist James Ellroy is the subject of this amazingly comprehensive MetaFilter post, brimming with links and chilling biographical details about the murder of Ellroy's own mother in 1958. Apparently Ellroy's working on a prequel series that precedes his "L.A. Quartet." Someone alert Guy Pearce and Kim Basinger that their services might be needed at a moment's notice!

We've been faithfully reporting on the strange surge of Frankenstein-inspired movies currently underway, but a new contender is approaching: Tarzan, that beloved Edgar Rice Burroughs hero, is the subject of several competing films. Which one will turn out to be the real King of the Jungle? I'm rooting for the animated one starring the oft-unclothed Kellan Lutz.

Michael Bay's "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" remake has been left to twist in the wind -- the Hollywood Reporter claims that Paramount has shut down production indefinitely because of script issues. The idea of trying to strategically reinvent something as weird and of-its-time as the Ninja Turtles craze seems ridiculous to me, but I suppose sometime in 2014 they may get the last laugh.

You know what is due for a large-screen adaptation? Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. Apparently after twenty years of false starts, it's finally in the works. Dear Paramount: more of this stuff, please, and less phoney-baloney Ninja Turtle revisionism. (Bay was going to have the semi-aquatic foursome be extraterrestrial in origin. Not on my watch!)