Rose McGowan Graces Retro Crime Novel Cover

Book cover via <a href=Crime Fiction Lover; Rose McGowan/Photo © Helga Esteb/Shutterstock" />
Book cover via Crime Fiction Lover; Rose McGowan/Photo © Helga Esteb/Shutterstock

Crime Fiction Lover talks about their new favorite book covers, including one for for Ariel S. Winter's The Twenty Year Death, for which film star Rose McGowan apparently modeled (unfortunately her gun-for-a-leg is just out of frame).

I find it irritating that there's so much fretting over whether Merida, the main character of "Brave," could be gay. First her parents pressure her to get married, now we're pressuring her to come out. Hey kids, enjoy your cartoons and figure it all out in your own time.

Think you know what Anna Karenina looks like? Knopf's master designer Peter Mendulsund muses over what we visualize when we read, and how we form our personal impressions of a character.

What's the most valuable movie poster on the market today? Looks like it's this beauty advertising Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" which may end up selling for over a million dollars. You can see nine runners-up in this slideshow, which kicks off (as everything should) with a beautiful image from the 1931 Frankenstein adaptation.