The Fifty Shades of Grey Casting Poll: Who Would Be the Perfect Christian Grey?

Ryan Gosling, Ian Somerhalder, Michael Fassbender, Simon Baker,/Photos Β© S Bukley/Shutterstock
Ryan Gosling, Ian Somerhalder, Michael Fassbender, Simon Baker,/Photos Β© S Bukley/Shutterstock

Immediately after we first received word that the mega-best-selling Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James had landed in the realm of adaptations in development, picked up by Universal and Focus Features, the casting rumors, wishes, and demands started flying. Our own readers insisted on everyone from Christian Bale to Alexander Skarsgaard to Henry Cavil. Though the resumes of the nominated gentlemen vary immensely, there's one thing they all have in common: the smoldering, Christian Grey-worthy good looks.

And good looks aren't the only job requirement for this particular wanted ad: Christian is a multilayered, complex character. He Who Takes the Part has to have abilities beyond a smirk and a swagger; he has to evoke desire and lust, while displaying a certain sensitivity lying just below his overt dominance.

Fans have been incredibly vocal about their own casting dreams, but now Hollywood is getting in on the act as well. Bret Easton Ellis, in conjunction with his Twitter-expressed desire to adapt Fifty Shades himself (which wouldn't be a stretch, as he's earned his adaptation stripes), began pondering casting options, suggesting Ryan Gosling, among others. Well, count us among the many submitting to our desire to get in on the conversation as we present to you our Fifty Shades of Grey Christian Grey Casting Poll. Tell us below: If you could tie one actor down to the role of Grey, who would it be?


  • sl

    None of the above!!! Gael Garcia Bernal!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Lisa

      None of the above. Jonathan Reece Myers:)

      • Maureen

        Johnathon Rhys Myers omg yummmmmm and really did someone say Robert Pattinson...I'm all Robert'ed out and so sick of him and Twilight!

        • Lorraine

 are so right...he would make the perfect Christian!!!!

        • Jocelyn

          Three choices -Alex Pettyfer, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, or Matt Boomer

          • Lil Bennie

            Matt Bomer...without a doubt! Oh my!

          • jennifer

            MATT BOMER!!!!!! YUMMMMMY

          • Linney

            I agree with your 3 choices, I like Matt Boomer but I actually thought of Chris Evans also.

          • PAM


          • kattie

            matt boomer...very much appropriate for the role of christian grey!!!!!!!!!! :)))

          • Judy

            Matt Bomer!!!!

          • Kasey

            Matt Bomer for sure!! Especially seeing him in Magic Mike!! OH MY! He is prefect for the role of Christian Grey, there is no other!

          • Sandy

            I agree with most of you! Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian Grey!!!! If he isn't cast I will have a hard time with anyone else. To me, he fits the part perfectly! We need to make sure that he is THE ONE!!!!!

          • Zara

            Matt Bomer for definate................

          • surrender2christian

            I vote Alex Pettyfer. He would make the perfect Christian

          • Kandiss

            I think Alex Pettyfer is the perfect person! I love Ian but it's not the right role for him.

          • GCA

            MATT BOMER and ALEXIS BLEDEL as Ms Steele !!!

          • Just Matt Bommer, is the perfect, the real Christian Grey. He's totally Christian.

          • How is it possible that a professional site article forgot to mention the only actor that can and should play Christian Grey? Let me help you, the lead actor in this film will be
            Matt Bomer!!!!!
            There is no other actor that can play this role, bring her to live in a reliable manner except Matt.

        • Cathy

          Totally Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!! πŸ™‚

        • Lori Shapiro

          YES YES YES Jonathan R. Myers to play Christian Grey for sure!

      • Christie

        Henry Cavill!
        Henry Cavill!
        Henry Cavill!
        Henry Cavill!

      • Melody

        Jonathan Rhys Meyers is perfect for Christian Grey. He has the same eyes, same color hair, the sexiest look and perfect personality for the part. If you watch him in The Tudors, he would be perfect to play Christian.

      • Brenda

        Jonathan Reece Myers

      • jase

        aaaaahhhh!!! to tough for anyone to choose! Nobody will measure up to 'THE' Christian Grey!! It's not all about the abs though, remember. Based on acting skills though, i'd say Joseph Morgan or Johnathan Rhys meyers.

      • Lee Lally

        I am thinking Jude

      • Anny

        I totally agree.Jonathan Rhys Meyers would be perfect.

      • Cher

        Robert pattinson

      • Jo

        Jonathan Rys Meyers - OK
        William Levy - love the smile
        Ian - perfect
        Simon Baker is about 20 yrs to old
        It would be nice if they at least try to stick to the books

      • Jonathan Meyers hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If not, Hugh Dancy.

      • katie

        Jonathan Rhys Meyers would be perfect Christian Grey. He has all the qualities needed for that role.

      • Xenia

        He or Jonathan Rhys Meyers (from The Tudors) πŸ™‚

      • Rachel

        Jonathan Rhys Meyers! Not only is he beautiful.... He can play the difficult character oh Christian Grey. After watching Tudors... I am SURE.

      • Turner

        I think James Scott (EJ-Days of Our lives), Ryan Reynolds or Eric Martsolf would be good for Christian Grey. Nina Dobrev or Kristin Stewart is perfect for Ana. Ian Somerhalder is good for Christine Grey as well.

      • Mari

        Jonathan Reece Myers

      • anonymus
    • nicole

      channing tatum... Hes perfect the others dont compare and wouldnt intrest me at all..
      And as far as ana- i thi.k someone younger like michelle trachteberg.

      • Kiki

        ew, not channing tatum, he looks too stupid.... like the lights are on but no one is home.... he should just stick to dancing and stop acting, because hes not good at that either....

        basically, he would be totally alright if he put a bag over his head and never talked

        • Stephanie

          Everyone should take a peek at Scott Elrod. He is not as well known but would give these guys a good run for their money!

          • JamieF

            SCOTT ELROD is perfect as Christian Grey.

          • April

            I concur with your Scott Elrod.....nice choice!!

          • Paula

            I didn't know who Scott Elrod was so I looked him up and WOW...I think he's definitely a "Christian Grey"....perfect perfect perfect for the role!!!!!! If you don't know who he image his name and you'll agree...he's got that "its just a pretty face" look!

          • poly na

            Scot Elrod looks like what Christian seems to be described as in the book.

          • Rebecca D

            I had been thinking along the lines of Matt Bomer but after looking up Scott Elrod, my mind has been changed. After all he is meant to be someone that makes every girls heart skip a beat. Ryan Gosling really doesn't seem to fit and some of the other names floating around are too old. He's only 27/28.

          • CharlestonChick

            Scott Elrod is gorgeous and I could see him as Christian if he's a good actor. I haven't watched anything with him in in so I don't know. I think Henry Cavill is pretty damn good looking and think he would be the perfect Christian Grey....honestly though, it's hard to picture a specific actor because my imagination has created someone so unattainably HOT that they just don't exist. LOL!

          • scott elrod would be perfect as Mr Grey omg hes the whole bag of chips

          • Shelly

            Scott Elrod is my vote for Christian Grey...WOW!!!

          • Linda

            Scott Elrod is def hot but Ian is hotter!!

          • Pamela

            Scott Elrod! Scott Elrod! Scott Elrod! Absolutely fits Christian Grey to a "T"...this actor is perfect for this!!!

          • Angie

            Scott Elrod... I agree perfect for Christian Grey! I was looking at other guys for the role... but Scott, I think by far has the Mr. Grey look πŸ™‚

          • Pamela

            Elrod is too old...Chris Hemsley mmmm

          • amy

            scott elrod is too old like alot of names being thrown out there, he's 37(ten yrs older) and ian somerhalder may not fit exactly all the physics of christian grey but he would kick ass as the bad boy who can be sweet and loving, and he can beef up in no time, taylor lautner(twilight) had to do it and chris hemsworth(thor) also did it. i have complete faith in IAN SOMERHALDER<3

          • Scot!t elrod is hot,I didn't know who he was but he would make a good Christian grey.I also think Chris Hemsworth would be good to! yummy!

          • kana

            I believe Scott Elrod is the perfect man for the part. He is alluring, strong and confident. His eyes also look like they could hold some deep dark secrets.

          • StarrettMe

            Scott Elrod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Without a doubt.

          • Claudine

            I agree!! Scott Elrod!!

          • Eleanor

            Scott Elrod! Ur soooo right. He's Ian somerhalder meets Johnny Depp meets Matt Damon meets James Dean. Oh so yummy πŸ˜‰

          • Leez

            Scott Elrod looks right. But isn't he a bit too old?

          • Maggie

            Scot Elrod is good-looking, but a bit too old? C.Grey is supposed to be 27, and sometimes still behaves like a teenager... How 'bout Taylor Kitsch? google him. Do believe it should be someone not already famous (and not too old)

          • Caterina

            IAN SOMERHALDER for Christian Grey is my number one! That Scott Elrod is pretty good choice too! Can't wait for them to actually make this a movie but its super tricky! obsessed <3

          • Josie

            I think Matt Bommer, Thomas Beaudoin or Scott Elrod! They are perfect for the those roles.

        • Gillian

          Has to be Bradley Cooper, i agree with above it cant be Channing Tatum u need to have the intelligence burning behind his eyes. I know hes a bit older but she could be a grad student. Bradley has the height the body and the acting ability that he showed in limitless, perfect

          • Kristin

            Bradley Cooper is almost 40 years old. Christian Grey is 28. There is no way Bradley Cooper can even look young enough for the role.

          • Dana

            I think Bradly Cooper would be Devine!! His eyes are just how I imagined Christians

          • diane

            Alexander Skarsgard and Rose McGowan

          • Crissy

            All I could see while Christian is being described in the book is Bradley Cooper.

          • Heather

            Several of the mentioned actors are too old...Christian is only 27 at the beginning of the book! Ryan Gosling was my first thought, (think Crazy, Stupid Love), but then I thought about Jake Gyllenhaal as a possibility, (great eyes) or Chris Pine....but honestly, not sure who could really pull it off.

          • Sue

            Definitely BRADLEY COOPER for me. The eyes have it. And he definitely does not look old. He has the body and he really just is SEX ON LEGS! Mmmm.

      • keri

        I agree with Channing for Anastasia, what about his actress wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum. They are a pair are already in love so they could play the parts well emotionally.

        Ian Somerhalder looks the part but only being at 5'10", they would have to make sure the actress playing Ana is short, like Lucy Hale. She has the big eyes too big for her face. Ana is always stating how tall Christian is.

        • Yes I so agree Channing Tatum, plus he so hot. He would so make the movie and he is a good actor and I think he could pull off being an d##ck at times.

        • Laura

          I Agree, I vote for Channing Tatum for Christian otherwise its not worth seeing the movie!

      • Shannon

        I say Channing Tatum 100%!!! Not sure about Ana though.

      • Daisymae

        Yes to channing Tatum.. He's even the right age.

      • Donna

        Channing Tatum, I agree...would be perfect for the role as Christian Grey

      • Maria

        Alexander Skarsgard is my first choice... runner up is Channing Tatum

      • Lisa

        Tatum Channing and Lily Collins

      • Marlene Wall

        Channing Tatum will be the perfect Christian Grey. I just kept picturing him.

      • bee

        Not Channing Tatum god no .. or Ryan Gosling or the shortie from the vampire diaries please .. Chris Hemsworth would be perfect .. young .. tall and gorgeous.

      • amanda

        Michelle Tranchenburg reminds me too much of the character she plays in gossip girl, Lucy Hale from pretty little liars would be perfect, she still has her innocent sweet look about her. and as for christian, the only one i can see playing him is Ian (damon from v.d)

      • ericka

        Yes, His intensity works! Don't dismiss Zac Efron, after seeing lucky he is young enough and hot enough. If people can see past gay they should be able to over look HSM.

    • kitcart

      Alex Pettyfer is perfect!

      • steen

        Alex Pettyfer is the perfect Christian Grey.

        • Chantallou71

          I agree with Alex Pettyfer OMG yes yes yes that is who I imagined....

          • Lisa A

            DEFINATELY Alex Pettyfer OR Matt Bomer!!!! Definately NOT Somerhalder!!! He looks creepy!!
            ALEX PETTYFER would be the BEST fit!!!

          • Jill Cicco

            Scott Elrod!!!!

        • Amy

          I agree with Alex Pettyfer as Christian. He has the perfect look for the part.

          • Mary

            I truly believe Cam Gigandet would be perfect for the part!

        • Mrs.Hubb

          No to Alex Pettyfer (sp?). He is way too young and not nearly good looking enough to play beautiful Christian Grey! Sorry!

          • Kelly

            A voice of reason! lol

      • Lee

        Alex Pettyfer is the perfect Christian Grey. He's young enough and handsome enough.

      • Molly

        I think Alex Pettyfer is perfect choice to play Christian, he's beautiful and not over exposed like some of the other actors mentioned.... Plus most of the others are too OLD, Grey is 27-28 yrs. old in the books

    • LiLi

      Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd from True Blood is Christian Gray there is no one that could be most like him. If you question it watch his Seen where he has a women chained up in his dungeon and his seens where he falls for Sookie. That roll is his there is no other Sir Gray πŸ˜‰

      • LiLi

        Just realized I put roll, I meant role. Still Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd for Christian Gray, spread the word. Oh and please No on Kristen Stewert to play Ana, anyone but her.

        • Daisymae

          Kristin Davis for Ana???

          • Alison

            Isn't Kristin Davis, like, 50 years old? Ana is supposed to be 21...

          • stacy

            Chris Hemsworth by a long shot!

        • Lee

          Agreed NO to Kristen Stewart!!!!! Marie Avgeropoulos for Anastasia.

      • Courtney

        Alexander Skarsgard

      • Sidney

        Alexander Skarsgard FOR SURE!! No one could embody that character like he could! He was made for that role! πŸ˜€

      • Lily

        Ugh, if they choose Skarsgaard, I will not see the movie. Channing Tatum or Ian Somerhalder, yes.

        • Ian with his striking eyes would be a great fit though he is a little short. The person I see playing Ana could possibly Mila Cunis.

          • DD

            That's exactly what I've been saying. Ian Somerhalder and Lucy Hale or Lily Collins with blue contacts maybe or NIna Dobrev. But these other guys being talked about make me wonder if these people even read the books. Really Alex Pettyfer? Christian Bale? Chris Hemsworth? Matt Boner and all the rest? They're not young enough or not attractive enough or both. Ian has it all,no doubt he IS Christian Grey. He has the gorgeous dark features,mesmerizing light colored eyes, has that intimidating look. ah I'll be soooo disappointed if he doesn't get the part.

      • Vanessa

        ALEXANDER SKARSGARD!!! He has my vote!! Perfect Christian Grey. You need to watch true blood to know what I mean and it's has nothing to do with the vampire thing. Trust me...

      • Ashley

        I totally agree...that is who imagine when I was reading the book..first choice for sure.

    • Chelle

      Alex Pettyfer!

      • Chelle

        don't forget he's only supposed to be 27 most of the picks are too old no matter how good looking

      • Michelle

        Alex Pettyfer

    • Kitty

      I truly think Robert Pattinson would be so purrrrfect for the part!!

      • Robert Pattinson

      • Brandy

        Alexander Skarsgaard is my pick. He is damn sexy, tall and lean yet muscular. I don't see RobPat (or KStew for Ana) playing this part at all, not a good fit!

        • Andrea K

          Alexander Skarsgard gets my vote for Christian Grey!!

      • Theresa

        As much as I love Channing Tatum and think he's sexier than anyone, I don't think he really fits the role in other ways.

        I would be happy with Ian but Chris Hemsworth and Matt Bomer are my top pics!

      • tanya

        CHACE the best by a long shot, just looked up all the people been mentioned...never heard of CHACE.....but far best for the role x

    • Leanne Rasmussen

      None of these guys! You need some fresh blood! I can picture the perfect Christian, tall, sandy locks, collar length, stylish, well groomed, very cool, who has a presence about him, and gorgeous!

    • Anya

      Gael Garcia Bernal?!!!! are U kidding?! yuk !!!!!! Not at all...................Armie Hammer for sure !!!

      • Tasha

        Armie Hammer or Matthew Bomer!!!!

        • Kendall


        • Annette

          I agree Armie Hammer, totally!

      • Carol Felipe

        ARMIE HAMMER!!!

    • Alexander Skarsgaard definately NOT...Christian is supposed to be gorgeous...he does not have the looks and he seems too old....same with Christian Bale...Ian Somerhalder all the way!!!

      • Lysha

        Ryan Kwanten from true blood! c:

    • Ashley C

      I think Chris Hemsworth should defo play Christian. he is tall and hansom!!!

      • Leslie P.

        I agree with Chris Hemsworth.

        • KathiC

          Chris Hemswoth....he has the total package of Mr.Grey.

      • Ala

        I agree, Chris Hemsworth has great potentials to play Christian Grey!

        • twingingpalm

          I totally envision Chris Helmsworth! All the looks, smoldering, and someone who could demand, command, and most women would be happy to obey.

      • Tara

        Chris Hemsworth, i agree...

        • mary

          I so agree.. Chris Hemsworth

      • Connie

        Chris Hemsworth!

      • shannan

        Def Chris Hemsworth, theres no other that could play that role he has all of Christian Greys standards!

        • I are, Chris Hemsworth is my first choice.he is definitely the whole package!

          • Maria

            Ian Somerhalder or Chris Hemsworth for sure!!! This man needs to have a distinctive look and unique color eyes!!!

      • Summer

        No vampires please...none of them are good enough. My vote would settle with Colin Egglesfield ....the best out of all the choices so far.

      • Marscha

        Chris Hemsworth!!!! Definitely!!

      • Linsey

        I so agree with you about Chirs....he would be perfect!

      • Leez

        Maybe Chris Hemsworth should be Elliot

    • emmzacl

      You can't go past Robert Pattinson. This was made for him and him only. He will always be Christian Grey in my eyes πŸ˜‰

    • pam

      Channing Tatum or Christopher Hemsworth

      • Kathy

        Chatum Tanning all the way. He is So Sexy

    • Sarah

      Chris hemsworth, perfect build, age and eyes.

    • i actually think maybe Justin Timberlake before you dismiss him think about 'friends with benefits' he could soooo do the role of Christian! yummy! xxxx

    • Paula

      Christian Grey needs to be played by an unknown actor. An upcoming actor, fresh blood, ambitious with raw talent. An already established is boring, predictable and believe that has a reader you create a fantasy of what he looks like based on the description from the author. An unknown adds to the excitement level and plays well in our minds of reality meets fiction and someone we can obsess over. His eyes are extremely important, he needs to be mysterious, and have hypnotising eyes that will drawn you in (I know coloured lenses will come to play but he needs to be feeling this as well) Jonathan Rhys Meyers has this I'm not saying it should be him but someone like that. Whoever it will be, will have a fantastic career ahead of him, as the film definitely has a lot to live up based on the brillance of the book by e l James.

      • kristy

        I also think it shold be an actor and actress unknown and also another good pick would be the guy from Sparticus. If they picked Ryan Gosling, Anastia played by Emma Stone

      • Aracely

        You are absolutely right Christian's eyes are extremely important, in addition to having this, He must have an acting ability in order to interpret (and not disappoint) those passages so intense in The Fifty Shades Of Darker , sadly only Ian Somerhalder has those eyes and that kind of gazes that the character requires but that's it, and the main character needs a real actor.

      • Nicole

        I've been thinking all along, at least the actor playing Christian has to be an unknown. He's been built up in our minds as a certain way, and to have a well known actor play him, I feel, would take meaning away from the character.

    • Ellaine

      Armie Hammer or Henry Cavill.

      • May

        None of the above..... at all ..........Henry Cavill all the way......... You tube him you will see..... Minka Kelly for Ana.... All of the others will fall short in every way.....

        • Lena

          HENRY CAVILL!!!!! I have checked out all the possible actors mentioned but no one and I mean NO ONE come close to Mr. Cavill (Mr. Grey)... His the epitome of everything CHRISTIAN!!!

        • Michelle

          Henry Cavill!!!!!! No other man can do this role but him! He's perfect for the part!

    • Danielle

      None of the above, would ruin it for me if any of those were chosen! I'd say Chris Hemsworth or Channing Tatum! The film would be amazing!!

    • Joc

      MATT BOMER!!

      • Krystal

        I think Jonathan Rhys Meyers would be a good one or Matt Bomer. Both have the dark hair and blue eyes.

      • Michelle

        Matt Bomer! Ever watched him in White Collar? He's perfect for the role, plus he's super hot!!

        • JESS

          Matt Bomer has the, eyes, White Collar. He looks REALLY GOOD in a suit!

          • Cath

            DEFINETLY MATT BOMER. I love Ian but he just doesn't have the right build, but with Matt bomer, everything just clicks.

        • Lisa

          Matt bomer..

          Christian has to be handsome. Hot and 27ish. Gray eyes...
          I think an unknown actor and actress will be well suited..

      • LCLAB

        Matt Bomber

      • Alex

        Matt Bomer, for sure.

      • PK

        Matt Bomer gets my vote! Christian has to be young with the dark hair and grey eyes that you read so much about in the story.

        • olga

          Matt Bomer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Debbie

          Matt Bomer is perfect. As she describes him in the book he is who I picture. Matt or Christian Bale. Still undecided on Ana.

    • Tammy

      Henry Cavill!! The only Christian Grey for me...

      • Jamie

        HENRY CAVILL!!!! The only Mr Grey in my mind!

    • Tammy

      Jonathan Reece Myers could SO play him though! :O)

    • Victoria Hastie

      Colin Farrell as Christian Grey!

      • Colin Farrell is too old!!!! Not sure who i'd like to play him, Josh Manning maybe. I think Ana should be played by an unknown actress.

    • Nancy

      Definitely JUSTIN HARTLEY!! He's already played zillionaire/playboy Oliver Queen in Smallville!! PERFECT CHOICE!!

      • LJ

        JUSTIN HARTLEY. Tall, great shape (to carry Ana around) and panty-dropping smile. Added bonus-already has the jeans :).

      • Merr

        The 2 main stars shouldn't be mega-famous. They can be known, but not stars. This movie will make them stars. My picks for Christian & Ana are more up & coming actors, while the supporting cast are more seasoned actors.

        Christian - Justin Hartley
        Anastasia - Shelley Hennig
        Kate - Emma Stone
        Elliott - Chris Hemsworth
        Dr. Flynn - Ewan McGregor
        Mrs. Robinson - Christie Brinkley
        Mia - Emmy Rossum
        Ethan - Chase Crawford
        Jose - William Levy

        Google Justin & Shelley to check them out. And don't forget, a little hair dye and colored contacts can fix any discrepancies.

        • Linsey

          I agree with Justin Hartley as Christian. You don't want anyone who looks too dark. I like the surprise that someone you would not suspect and who can have anything/anyone they want would have this troubled past and lifestyle. (Although I think he would make a good Elliott too.)

        • Clarice

          So agree to Scott Elrod for Christian!! Matt Bomer close 2nd and agree to Shelley Hennig for Ana. I cannot wait for this movie to hit the big screens!!!!

    • Dana

      Alot of voting on Ian, though he is gorgeous, Christian Grey is more professional as Michael. Need to really thik about this one women. The character is one who people wouldn't thnk would be the dominant. Don't just go for the sexy of the bunch. Though Michael has that hidden sexy/kinky ness look to him. Look closely

    • Debbi

      None of these guys fit the description.

    • LisaT

      Matt Bomer - He is my new Christian crush πŸ™‚

      • kathy

        Matt Bomer is exactly who I pictured when reading the book!!

      • Codi

        Matt Bomer without a doubt, none of the guys in the article are Christian grey, neither is channing tatum. Or colin Egglesfield would be good too!

        • Jennifer

          Matthew Bomer all the way!! He is perfect! And also who I pictured the entire time I read.

      • Ashley

        Matt Bomber for sure!!! He has the eyes and commanding face and the unruly wavy hair all he would need to change would be the shade

    • Carla


    • dena

      Christopher Hemsworth would be a great Christian Gray!

    • Fan
    • Jessie

      Eric Dane!!! He is so sexy & he could play the role perfectly!

    • Chelsea

      None of the above. Alexander Skarsgard, would be/is perfect. When reading the series, it is easy to imagine him as Christian.

    • I agree none of the above. The person that shoud be cast for the role of Christian Grey should be Chris Hemsworth he's tall and he can carry of the long hair. He did it in Snow White and the Huntsman. I think his eye are blue but they can work around that. My vote is for Chris Hemsworth to be Fifty Shades of Grey.

    • Mag

      SCOTT ELROD!!!!!

    • CHRIS EVANS!!! He is beyond perfect in every way. I wrote a whole casting piece on my blog.

      Check it out:

      Take a look at his face and the pic of him without his shirt on and just his low-slung jeans and tell me he isn't Christian Grey. I dare you!! πŸ˜‰

      • fan

        couldn't agree more with chris evans!!!

    • Pam


      • Lucy

        Very good idea of casting: James Scott who plays Ej on Dool, ok he plays on a daytime soap but he has the acting skills and above all he is totally the character Christian Grey and they need to cast a quite unknown actor, therefore he is PERFECT.
        Otherwise i would not mind Jason Dohring who played Logan on Veronica Mars, he is not gorgeous but totally sexy and can play perfectly mysterious and wicked with a very sexual vibe..delicious, he reminds me a young Mickey Rourke..

    • Laceyj

      Chris pine!!!!

    • Linswy


    • Lillith

      Definitely Alexander Skarsgaard!!!

    • Linda

      Must be an unknown Brad Pitt was in Thelma and Louise. Must be in his early 30's. And built like brick you know what! A known actor just won't be relateable, in my opinion.

    • Daniele

      Matt Bomer...I immediately pictured him as Christian in my mind while reading the books. He's tall, has the perfect hair, and has the beautiful piercing eyes.

      • jennie

        Matt Bomer is the purrfect christen Grey. In case you didn't know, he's the guy who plays Neal on white collar. Check him out.

    • Miss K
    • Dawn

      Matt Bomer

    • Jan

      Joe Manganiello = Christen Grey

    • Lina

      Chris Hemsworth, yum!

    • Matt Bomer from White Collar. He's got the look the look that I think Christian would have. Mysterious and sexy!

      • Diane Meany

        Chris Hemsworth

        Right age, perfect body, NOT sure about the acting( all those layers) Not sure anyone can do this part justice. I don't want it to be somebody who comes across slimey

    • Jess

      Charlie Hunnam, hands down. If you'll watch Abandon, you'll see that he can play the snarky, sexy rich boy with a dominant flair.

    • Cathy Cox

      Christian should be played by Gavin Rossdale - YUM!!!!! He's got the hair, sex appeal, etc He is perfect for the role.

    • neen

      great body and looks and he has a vulnerability underneath the confidence.

    • Violet

      My top two for Christian are: Chris Hemsworth or Chase Crawford. Hot!! And I really hope Kristen Stewart does not play Anastasia!

    • Lori

      Chris Hemsworth would be perfect.

    • SHARON

      Steve Peacocke

    • Tammy

      Hands down...Ashton Kutcher!!! He has the height, the body, and those eyes! He's perfect!! I would love to see him in this role πŸ™‚

      • Lucy

        Ugh NO Ashton is pretty but he has neither the sexy, mysterious swagger neither the acting skills..ridiculous idea !
        A young Charlie Sheen would have been so much better it is not even funny for this
        Anyway James Scott has my vote.

    • Lisa

      Taylor Kitsch, Cam Gigandet or Joe Manganiello.

    • Mariwave

      NONE of the above!!!! MATT BOMER or DAVID GRANDY! Please don't ruin the film with the suggested 4 choices above. It would be a shame. Thank you.

      • Susan

        matt bomer or david gandy!

    • Lisa Abtey

      I believe that Jensen Ackles would make a Great Christian Grey. He has that look about him. Thank You

    • Joanne

      tatum channing

    • A

      Chris Pine!!!?

      • Pam

        I think Chris Pine would be a great Christian. He has the look with the eyes and his hair grown out a little. Yummy. I absolutely love these books. Most of my friends are or have read them and we all love them and didn't want it to end. Would love to see more books about Christian and Ana and their family. Would to hear Christians side of the story also. Please, please write more about these two.

    • Reni

      For Christian Grey , they should consider Chris Hemsworth & for Ana, i think Lily Collins would be perfect!

      • I would have to agree with you 100% Chris Hemsworth for Christian Grey and lily Collins for Anastasia, they would be perfect!

    • bc

      Robert Pattinson

    • I think Paul Walker would be AWESOME!! to play Christian. I'm also glad that Angelina Jolie is thinking about directing it insteadd of acting in it. I don't think I could watch it is she was in the movie, next they would have Brad Pitt. YUK!!!!

      • Rebecca

        PAUL WALKER WOULD BE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! β™₯ Or Matthew Goode. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody else suits Christian as good as they do.

    • kb

      No, I think the guy who played Thor, Chris Hemsworth should play him.

    • Jamie

      William Levy by far!! I dont know if he is an actor, but he has the right hair color, eye color, and there is even pics of him in a gray suit!! Plus, he's super sexy! πŸ™‚

    • Suzi

      None of the above-- Cam G from Twilight -- OMG he's hot!!

    • Crystalcdes

      Matthew McConaughey or Ryan Reynolds

    • Julie

      I like Jake Gyllenhaal

    • Lindsay

      this guy fits the personality traits of christian grey, perfectly. remember "prison break"??
      the eyes, the brooding stare, the chemistry, intelligence, deep and damaged; but at the same time, sensitive, nurturing, and heartfelt..... can't say it enough: WENTWORTH MILLER!! WENTWORTH MILLER!! WENTWORTH MILLER!!

    • tallblonde01

      Christian Bale or Robert Pattinson πŸ™‚

      • Robert Pattinson - Christian
        kristen stewart - Anastasia

        mmmmmmm πŸ™‚

        • Staci

          Ummm no. They are both horrible actors and would ruin this movie

    • Mnorman

      None of the above. Colin Egglesfield would be terrific. He's handsome, charming, and would make a perfect Christian.

      • kristi

        COLIN EGGLESFIELD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is Sooo Hooot

        No to Matt Boomer! He is gay and I need a masculine and beautiful man playing this part. It is not enough that he looks good in a suit. This is the man every women has been dreaming about all summer and I could not fantasize about a gay man SORRY!

    • Christine

      Hugh Jackman

    • t l hall

      Cillian Murphy or Jonathan Reece Myers

    • Glenda Smith

      My choice would be Ryan Reynolds for Christian Grey

    • Hilary Flynn

      none of the above - just David Caruso from CSI Miami. mmmm

    • Tiffany

      Ed Westwick......Please please please consider him....he is my Christian Grey all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Leslie

      Wes Bentley !!!!

    • Diane

      James Scott- EJ on Days of Our Lives!!!

    • Jackie

      Robert Pattinson

    • I think Bradley Cooper hes lush or Gerard Butler also lush!!! xx

    • Deanne

      Charlie Hunnam would make a beautiful Christian Grey!!

    • Tamie

      I think Channing Tatum would take a great run at that roll!

    • Jude

      the only actor that came to mind really when i heard there was a movie was channing tatum.... he is young & super hot.... and seems like he would have a funny yet dark side....

    • iwantmyDiMera

      James Scott

    • Felicia

      Colin Egglesfield from Something Borrowed would be THE perfect Christian Grey! If ya don't know him, look him up!

    • karen

      I think Shane West, he already has come to bed eyes!

    • Karen

      I think it needs to be a totally unknown actor for the role of Christian; make him an overnight sensation. The reader's imagination of what Christian should look like, by far surpasses any of the actors on this list... no offense.

    • Sian

      Christian Grey in the book is blonde with grey eyes and a fantasic toned body. Now unless Tom Welling or Ryan Reynolds are willing to go blonde for the role, I suggest Channing Tatum, Chad Michael Murray or Matthew McConaughey

    • Francesca

      Ed Westwick (Charles Bass in Gossip girl)
      2nd choice...a finally sexy Pattinson !!!!

    • Cameron Bright young enough other then playing alec in twilight movies he is not over exposed has the look of intrigue and an overt sexiness to him.

    • Anne


    • Daniela

      Colin Egglesfield is the one the ayes are there!!!!!

    • Cristy

      Alex oloughlin. Can see him now in those low ridin sweats

    • Kat

      Cillian Murphy. Serious, looks amazing in a suit, beautiful and can easily play tortured and troubled. He is also one that can pull off all the Fiftyisms and you can never quite tell what he is thinking.

      Seriously, Cillian Murphy doesn't normally stand out to me but somehow he is the image my mind came up while reading the descriptions and behaviors in the book. I JUST read that he is interested in doing the role.. which is amazing.

      He's the face I pictured the entire time. Strange.. I've never really thought much of the actor! But, damn he is Christian Grey.

    • Dee

      Channing Tatum or Ian Somehalder!!!!!!!!! They both have the "shy smile" but can turn on the dominance too.

    • toni

      i think chris hemsworth should play him theres something about him that fits and kristen stewart ana they were good in snow white and the huntsman togeather πŸ™‚ x

    • check on this ...guy .. Raffaele Balzo

      then ....decide :)P

    • Dawn

      Jared Leto

    • Jayne

      Got to be Justin Hartley!!! No stranger to playing a good/bad boy billionnaire with issues, looks hot in a suit, in leather and ripped jeans!

      Just google him... phwoarr!

    • kathleen

      Paul Walker would be the perfect Christian Grey

    • Sarah

      Paul Wesley, He just looks the part!!! Love it!!!!!

    • I have not been through all 2559 posts, but my vote has to go to Michael Weatherly without a doubt. All the other guys are mighty fine, but they don't have that secret ingredient of having 50 shades. Michael is what I have in mind when I read these books. Handsome, classy, rich looking and sexy, charming and has a sense of humour, he has a multitude of personalities/characters to play Christian, he also has maturity which the younger actors do not have. Please vote Michael Weatherly.

    • Anita Cardamon

      There is only one Christian and that is Ian Somerhalder. He is the only one who can fill the shoes of Christian. He has the smoldering look, the sinister and yet shy smile. Come on people, he is it.

    • Jocee

      None of the above.

      Jessie Pavelka is perfect, he even owns the jeans πŸ˜‰

    • sandy

      Armie Hammer as Christian, 6'5", sexy voice epically handsome

    • SAnderson

      Alexander Skarsgard all the way. He's tall, built, and if anyone has seen True Blood (really who hasn't), they know he can pull off the lusty kinky magic!

    • Lexy

      Henry Cavill please sir!

    • Liz

      Matt Bomer!!!! who cares if he's gay, he is a little slice of christian perfection

    • Kel

      Alexandar Skarsguard!! Love him πŸ™‚

    • MissYvette

      Matt Bomer! Without a doubt!

    • Kasey

      Matt Bomer Please.Hes the Only one who could play Mr.Grey

    • Stephanie

      Ryan Reynolds

    • Vati

      JOE MANGANIELLO! The perfect Christian Grey - he has swagger, a six pack, tall, buff and perfect!! Just watch him on True Blood!

    • Ali

      Matt Bomer would be an excellent Christian Grey ... or they should go for someone unknown

    • jennie

      Matt Bomer is the purrfect Christian Grey. For those who don't know, Matt is the guy who plays Neal on "white collar". Check him out.

    • Melissa

      Alex Pettyfr ,ryan phillipee, or ryan gosling top 3 for me. I will not watch if they cast that vampire diaries guy or that true blood old man. No more vampires! We need real fresh faces. Ryan phillipee hasnt been on screen for a while so he'll be considered a fresh face. These 3 would pair well with lily colins

    • Sue

      PEOPLE, I know everyone is claiming their "perfect Christian Greys", but... PLEASE take the time to look up

      He came out in Britney Spear's "Womanizer" video..and better yet.. if you see that, it would promote what I'm saying!

      His eyes, his body, his hair, his all-american look, with a strong jaw line/straight nose ALL fits to Christian Grey!


      Look it up & you won't be disappointed!!!!!!!!

    • Jenny

      MATT BOMER, WITHOUT A DOUBT!!! He fits Christian Grey's description perfectly!!

      • anonymus

        what kind of question?? definitely MATT BOMER! i pictured him the whole three books!!

    • patty

      Gotye singer

    • Garret Hedlund is tall and sexy.

    • Elizabeth-Jo

      Alex Pettyfer

    • For me it would have to be Ian Somerhalder. He would be perfect.He knows how to play someone that is forceful yet fun..He is Damon on Vampire Diaries..A bad boy with a good fun side..I couldnt see anyone else playing Christian Grey. Yeah I know he doesn't have the right hair color, but who cares..Not every detail has to make it into the movie..He is sexy! Most people will overlook the hair thing..I cant see anyone else playing this character! The facial expressions he makes would be perfect for this...Please please cast him as Christian Grey..But no matter who is cast I will go see this movie..Cant wait!

    • Erica

      I think Mr Grey should be Colin Egglesfield!

    • tiera

      Matt Bomer will ALWAYS be Christian Grey for me and that is all...

    • Lynn

      NONE of the above for sure! The only person I want to see play Christian Grey is "PATRICK WILSON"! He is definitely perfect for the part! He was in the TV Show "A Gifted Man" and the attitude of the character he played was spot on "Mr. Grey"! Laters!

    • ChristianFan

      Google "Cam Gigandet" and see if you change your mind.

    • traiv454


      Have you seen him in True Blood???

    • Kathaleen

      I agree! I came across this guy by 'accident' which I believe was fate instead. You will know what I mean when you check him out! He fits the description completely, looks and all. That boyish yet very manly yet a hint of darkness to him and that oh so athletic build. Go to this web site to check him out, boy is he HOT! I believe this role should go to an unkown. Well he's not so unknown just to acting (NHL&a little acting). Right down to real grey eyes! His name is Vincent Lecavalier. Go here to see his gorgeous face,body and oh so tall too.

    • kaykay

      NOBODY will ever live up to everyones ideal Christian Grey.
      I wouldn't want to be the actor chosen to play him.

    • K.H.

      Channing Tatum!

    • Carolyn

      Wentworth miller would be perfect for Christian grey

    • leigh

      I pictured Ryan G when reading the book. Ian S is sexy as all hell and could pay it, but he gives those grins that get old after a while and he's short. Alexander S can totally play him, but he might be a little old ( I would forgive them for this if he as cast)
      Has anyone considered JustinChatwin from Shamess. That man can act, he can be super sexy and is always having sex on tv and it believable. He should be considered he's only 29/30.

    • Ryana

      Matt Bomer!

    • Jocelyn Miller

      Matt Bomer. Honestly, a LOT of people might be discouraged to watch this film if he's not cast as Christian.

    • sjb

      Bradley Cooper DEFINITELY!!!!!

    • Katie Cahill

      Gabriel Macht is Christian Grey

    • Natalie

      Simon Baker is the perfect Christian Grey. He has the natural smoldering grey eyes and amazing body not to mention the constant just been f'd hair. I believe this part was made for Simon Baker, he fits the character perfectly. I evisioned him as Christian Grey from start to finish of the trilogy. I would love to see him come to life as Christian Grey, somehow I feel the author taylored theses novels after this gorgeous man.

    • danerfan

      No, Gael GarcΓ­a Bernal, no.

      Ian Somerhalder, Henry Cavill or Stephen Amell

    • Sunny

      Paul Walker...he's got it all!!!!!

    • Olivia

      henry cavill would be perfect matt bomer would be perfect ian somerhalder would be perfect maybe even rob pattinson other wise they should just cast an unknown

    • Domestic Goddess

      theo james as Christian Grey!

    • Melanie

      Colin Egglesfield please, he was in Something Borrowed and he is sooo HOT!

    • Valerie

      Chad Michael Murray would be perfect. He has a great body, well muscled. Beautiful blue eyes. Just like Christian Grey.

    • LYNNE

      charlie harman aka jax sons of anarchy

    • konstantina

      josh duhamel!!!! just perfect and suitable for grey!!!!wild and lovely!!

    • Anca

      Matt Bomer!!! I don't understad why he isn't included in the pool...He is the one!

    • jennifer

      I want no one but Matt Bomer to play Chrisitan

  • lauren

    david beckham

    • Rachael

      Yay! Another lady with some good sense πŸ˜‰ He is totally my pick too πŸ™‚

    • BJ

      Agree with David Beckham!

      • Amanda

        Chris Hemsworth

    • Monique

      I think this role declares an out of the box pick like a David Beckham or Hayden Christian. No Vampires!

    • Lisa

      Yes, David Beckham!

    • Anya

      yeah,,,like 20 years ago, probably...and i don't imagine Christian Grey with that high pitch voice!

    • Linda

      Oh yes - David Beckham wow x

  • jenesais

    What? No, Gabriel Macht!

    • Tasheba

      Gabriel Macht!!

    • Elizabeth

      Since I started reading Shades, I can only picture Gabriel Macht. He's perfect for the roll.

      • doll

        Oh God, I thought I was the only one going for Gabriel Macht! He's the first person who came to mind the moment I read the 1st book! I want Rooney Mara as Ana.

      • Sam

        I completely agree with Gabriel macht. Just watch him in suits and you can see the beginnings of a Christian grey.

    • Becki M

      William Levy, Gabriel Macht!!!!!

      • Luchi

        I totally agree about Gabriel Macht...he has the sexiness as well as the regal, aloofness and dominance down from his role as Harvey Spector on Suits. If they can play w/ the height, my other suggestion would be Matt Bomer.

        • Luchi

          For Ana, my suggestion would be Ashley Greene...she has a young face & has depth.

          • pinoymom

            either alex pettyfer / matt bomer / ian somerhalder for Christian and elizabeth olsen for Anastasia

          • missy

            Ashlee Green for Ana

      • Chelsea

        William Levy, oh yes πŸ™‚ or Alex Skaarsgard!!

      • Villages

        I think William Levy would be a real hot,sexy and interesting Christian Grey!

      • Vilma

        I vote that William Levy would be the perfect Christian Gray. Levy is hot, sexy and very interesting the perfect Mr fify shades Gray

        • Louise

          The tall and british James Scott is even better

  • Dani

    alex pettyfer would be perfect! he is GORGEOUS. he has a GREAT voice. and, he is younger than all the other guys! i love ian s. and simon b., but they are a little too old for the part. even ryan g., who i adore, is maybe too old.

    • Lisa

      Alex Lettyfer.... he is soooo Christian Grey!!

      • Ana

        Alex Pettyfer

    • Lisa

      Alex Pettyfer! Please!
      Young, sexy, looks great either clean cut or scruffy. Pants hang "in that way" off his hips. Relatively unknown (until Magic Mike is released) and will be able to OWN the role.
      Give us someone new!

    • Becki M

      oh yea I agree! Alex!

    • Sandie

      You're right!!! Alex Pettyfer is ideal for the part, he's young, sassy, gorgeous hair, looks great in jeans and Tshirt as in suit and tie and he's sooooo handsome!!!!!

    • Evaness

      Alex Pettyfer IS Christian Grey! He was born to play this part!

    • Kelso

      Too bad Alex is extremely and openly gay. I really doubt he would be given the part because of that little fact. They would want someone that the female audience would and could have. But he is gorgeous πŸ™‚

      • Alison

        Except that he's had two girlfriends in recent years.

  • Maria G

    Henry Cavill or Chris Hemsworth

    • TwitchyPalm

      Yum @ Chris Hemsworth. Ian has the wicked look in his eyes which I envision Christian having but not the body size.

    • Kim D

      Chris Hemsworth would be perfect as Christian!!!!!

      • Kristin

        I think Chris Hemsworth definitely πŸ™‚

      • Cheryl

        Chris Hemsworth is the epitome of Christain Grey! Seriously...just look at the man and reread if you have to! I think there are a lot of great contenders...Christian Bale was my first thought as I read the first book. He'd be a good choice, but NOT Ryan Gosling! What is everyone thinking? He's good looking, but he is not anything that I pictured as Grey. Yes, definitely Chris Hemsworth please!

    • chrissy

      Henry Cavil all the way!!! He has the ability to be all the fifty shades....just watch him in the Tudors!!! he has the depth. He has the looks too..check out his facebook page...and watch the Tudors....OMG..he is Christian Grey!

      I hope they don't mess up like they did when they put Tom Cruise as the vampire Lestat..that drove me crazy!

    • Missy

      Henry Cavill definitely

    • Jill

      None of the Above. Young people today have no freaking clue that most actors out there will never fit what Christian Grey is. You would have to piece actors together just to get the right look. Personally, they need a new face. They need to stay away from the Star A Hollywood Guys. New Face for a new Genre of books to film.

      Books are great, but when the Author starts talking about leaving the sex scenes tasteful for the big screen. That already tells me that they are going to butcher the book to screen. So why not ruin the rest by putting the actors you mentioned? No thanks. I love the movie that plays in my head when I read.

      • Sandi

        SOMEONE NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        i agree with Jill: "They need to stay away from the Star A Hollywood Guys."

    • Michelle

      Henry Cavill

  • Sandie

    Alexander Skarsgaard or Ian Somarhelder....NOT Simon Baker...too old, if you want older Hugh Dillon !!!!! and Muse Watson would be perfect for Taylor!!!

    • Jessica

      @ sandie I always thought taylor would be african american..

    • Sarah

      NOT Matt Bomer! Alexander Skarsgard or Chris Evans. Bomer is hot but too short, hair's too dark and doesn't scream "Christian" to me.

    • Claire Doyle

      Alexander Skarsgard Is Christian Grey! as soon as I started reading the book he is who I pictured, the book describes him perfectly, and Christian is a lot like his character Eric in trueblood minus the fangs.

  • tom hardy


  • Marlene

    Henry Caville with his gray eyes, just dye his hair copper!

    • Astrid

      Agree with you

      • Jayda

        Henry caville is definatly christian... or the guy off the new tv series beauty and the beast !!!!!

    • Dont ruin the 50 shades movie!!!

      Totally agree

    • Missy

      What I wouldn't give to see Henry play that part

      • Misty from MS

        When I think of Christian Grey, there are only 2 actors that come to my mind who are uber sexy, sultry enough, that exude THAT kind of raw confidence with their body, and can deliver a serious mind-snapping orgasm with just their eyes: Henry Cavill and Ian Sommerhalder palms-twitching-hands-down!

    • Renita

      Henry Cavill - yes, please!!

  • Gilbert Gottfried. Hands down.

  • Sandy

    Christian Bale hands down!!!!!

    • denice

      i agree with you, first time i read the first book .. i automatically thought of christian bale x

      • Louise

        Christian Bale : not bad idcea but he is too old for this role.
        To me this role is for James Scott, who bonus is quite unknown to mainstream public.
        p.s: Jason Dohring could also be convincing although not as gorgeous as Scott but really really sexy.

  • Zabrina

    <3 Matt Bomer <3

    • Heather

      Matt Bomer is soooo perfect for Christian!!!

      • Raeleen

        Matt Bomer, perfect! Look him up of you haven't seen him!!

      • KKK

        Matt Bomer for sure!!! Just watch Magic Mike red band trailer to be convinced:P

    • Brandy

      Amen. Matt Bomer.

    • Nessa

      Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian Grey.

    • Lily

      It has to be Matt Bomer <3

    • Melissa


  • Leanne Nolan

    I think Richard Pattison would be perfect for this roll he is so yummy lol x

  • MV

    Matt Bomer!!!

    • Nicola

      for pete's sake, matt Bomer is gay!!!!!

      • RMM

        Matt Bomer is gay which would make it really hard to suspend our disbelief. Matthew Goode is perfect! He's tall (6'3"), has stunning eyes, a magnetic voice, very English and extremely polished. His body is gorgeous and he looks wonderful in a bathtub.

  • Susan

    James Scott from Days of Our Lives.

    • cheryl

      absolutely agree.....wish others would check him out!
      Michael Muhney would also be fantastic!

  • Tara

    Matthew Bomer is definitely Christian Grey!

    • Nicole

      I agree! Matt Bomer. He needs to push for this role!!!!!

  • Ellen

    Matt Bomer

    • Patti

      MATT BOMER...definitely.

  • Melina


  • Shannon

    Liam Hemsworth!!

  • shannon

    Henry Cavill

    • Jan

      Henry Cavill

  • Cynthia808

    Jensen Ackles

    • Francesca

      From the first description of Christian in the book I saw Henry Cavill. He has the steely grey eyes and he can do the smoldering eyes thing perfectly. There is one photo of him I saw someplace where he's looking at the camera disdainfully and he was Christian in the flesh. He is tall and well built and I think his hair may even be naturally copper colored brown. I also think that Emelia Clark (Game of Thrones) IS Anastasia. She has the sensual mouth and innocent big blue eyes and here hair is brown, not platinum, like in Game of Thrones. I hope she gets the part. She is perfect, and not that well known - yet.

      • Francesca

        Matt Bomer is gay. I couldn't fantasize about him AT ALL.
        Ian Sommerhalder is rather thin but I suppose he could work out a bit for the part. But I'd keep waiting for him to bite Ana.
        Ryan Reynolds is too wholesome, and so is Simon Baker.
        Ryan Gosling is too Eddie Haskell looking.
        Michael Fassbender is a bit older than Christian, he's 35. He also looses something without the British accent.
        Robert Pattinson has no swagger to his walk, and he doesn't have the muscular body type.
        That Elrod guy is interesting though.
        Alexander Skarsgard doesn't do it for me, sorry.
        Bradley Cooper? Are you kidding me? He's a clown.
        Chris Hemsworth Possibly.
        Christian Bale no - too old.

        Henry Cavill - YES all the way baby, laters

  • Jennifer

    Either Armie Hammer, Jessie Pavelka or Ryan Reynold should play Christian! the guys above are tooo old!

    • Aimee

      Ryan reynolds or Justin timberlake!!! Please please NO one from twilight!

  • Jennifer

    Either Armie Hammer, Jessie Pavelka or Ryan Reynold should play Christian! the guys above are tooo old!

  • Josie Posie

    Askars or Tatum!

  • Amy

    CHRIS HEMSWORTH! He IS Christian Grey! Come on Ladies! We need to make this happen! I'm taking my cause GLOBAL!!

    • ana

      I support you!

    • Kim D

      I so agree with you!!!! I immediately thought of him when I started reading the books!!!!! Chris Hemsworth is perfection for this part!!!!!

    • wendy

      Chris Hemsworth
      Viggo Mortensen
      Hugh Jackman

    • diana


  • Kari

    William Levy

    • Latheas

      William Levy is Christian Grey

      William Levy is a very incredibly good looking, attractive, and sexy man. He has model good looks, sultry hazel eyes, blondish-light brown hair, sensual lips, and a beautiful smile. At 6’1”, William has a towering, confident, and commanding presence along with a very muscular, broad shouldered Adonis body. Β William Levy is PERFECT.

      Many β€œDancing with the Stars” fans were so mesmerized watching William Levy bring to life the romance of ballroom and Latin flavor dances. This beautiful man captured the hearts of so many audience and television ladies who were swooning over him. Β America got a Taste of William Levy - and we want so much...MORE. Β 

      William Levy is one of People Magazine "12 Hottest Bodies of 2012" and named one of People En Espanol's "50 Most Beautiful" 2012. Β In regards to his accent, William would deliver a confident english accent performance with accent coaching for actors.

      William Levy’s huge fan base knows he is a famous international and talented actor, who would fit perfect as the unknown actor to bring a very sexy movie to life portraying a sensual, intensely dominant, sexy man of many shades that is Christian Grey. Β 

      William Levy is Christian Grey

  • Beth

    Bradley Cooper or Tony Goldwin

  • lisa

    chris hemsworth!

    • Jennifer

      Chris Hemsworth!!! Hands Down and palms twitching!!!

    • ana

      Yes! I totally agree!

  • Lorie

    Christian Bale

  • Ashleigh

    None of the above....No one is worthy of playing Christian Grey and I don't think anyone will be able to get the "Fifty Shades" of Christian JUST right. Sorry people, not to thrilled to see how the movie comes out.

    • Hathor

      No actors I've model, Lucas Garcez....exactly what was in my head reading.

  • Jill

    Colin egglesfield would be great!!!

    • Patti

      Matt Bomer, the only guy above that remotely fits a 27 year old is Ian Somerhalder!

      • Dawn

        MATT BOMER!!!!!!! He's the only Chrisitan Grey!!!!

    • CJ

      Colin Egglesfield is amazing. Has the smoldering serious look and is an amazing actor. Would fit the role pefectly!

    • Caroline

      I agree! Colin Egglesfield would be perfect as Christian. My vote for Ana is Alexandra Daddorio.

    • Colin and Jennifer Love-Hewitt from the Client List. Chemistry hot and they are both hot. She can easily play the younger part and looks great with makeup and without. Kim Cattral for Robinson! Colin can play all sides of Christian. He's hot but could pull off the scared little boy too.

    • mel

      COLIN EGGLESFIELD with Leighton Meester as Ana. Genius!

  • Lola

    Alexander Skarsgard

    • Kylie

      Alexander Skarsgaard would be a great option! But I also like Alex Pettyfer as an option πŸ™‚

  • Stacy

    Jessie Pavelka for sure. It needs to be an unknown. Definitely not Ian Somerhalder or Michael Fassbender.

  • nicole

    MAtt Bomer is perfect for the role. Watch this!

  • Helena

    NONE OF THESE SKINNY azz guys!!! He should be perfect...extrememly built and be almost Godlike Flawless!!

  • Kristi

    Alexander Skarsgard!!

  • Dee

    Colin Egglesfield!!

  • DEDE


  • Kate

    None of the above fit the roll for me. Chris Hemsworth would be perfect! If not him, then Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd.

  • Christy

    Matt Bomer OR Armie Hammer OR Liam Hemsworth AND for Anastasia, noone, but Daveigh Chase

  • Amber Straits

    Matt Bomer!! <3

  • Marnie

    Matt bomer or Alex pettyfer

  • Auntiesu

    Chris Hemsworth

  • Bree

    Matt Bomer, or, Alexander Skarsgard

  • Beemer415

    Skarsgard !!!!!

  • Jennifer

    Matt Bomer

  • Amanda

    Matt Bomer

  • andrea


  • Angie

    Colin Egglesfield

  • Cindy

    Chris Evans or Chris Pine

  • Dana Huller

    Ian Somerhalder or Chris Hemsworth or Henry Caville

  • Stef

    Matt Bomer!!!!!!

    • Misty

      Matt Bomer

  • tara

    Matthew Bomer

  • Marisol

    Colin Egglesfield

  • Tenille

    Alexander Skarsgard

  • Dessie Atkinson

    Chris Hemsworth

    • ana


  • CupcakeNade

    Cole Hauser would be PERFECT!

  • Beth

    Chris Hemsworth!!!

  • Tabitha

    Alexander Skarsgaard would be my first pick. He has the height, build, can pull off all parts of Christian's personality (all of his moods), and most importantly isn't afraid to be naked or have sex on-screen. My second choice would be Ian Somarhelder.

    • Suzanne

      I would have to go with Alexander Skarsgard. He's got the body. He knows how to play the power. He knows how to play the vulnerable. He's just perfect.

  • Renee

    Bradley Cooper...

  • Bree

    Matt Bomer and Alexandra Daddrio...she already has Ana's hair and eye color....look her up...she is Ana

    • Julie

      Matt Bomer and Alexandra Daddario! would be perfect!
      (β€’ β—‘ β€’)

  • katie

    Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephanie A.

    Chris Hemsworth!!

    • ana

      I agree!

  • Jess

    Ryan Phillippe!!! Remember the part he played in Cruel Intentions? Sounds intelligent and sexy when he talks, has an amazing body and could totally pull this off easily. He was my Fifty while reading. πŸ˜‰

  • Nikol

    Alexander Skarsgaard is perfect, is plays a vampire already, so he has the brooding possessive side. We have seen him play the innocent in love as well as shy. I have already seen pictures of him with darker hair and grey eyes. Who doesn't want to see him play this part?? He has been waiting for this character!

  • Bobby

    Henry Cavill

  • Jen

    Jessie Pavelka or Henry Cavill!

  • Rebecca

    None of the above!! Channing Tatum or Ryan Reynolds

  • Laurie

    Armie Hammer.

  • Kayla R

    Matt Bomer!

  • Amber

    Henry Cavill!!!!

  • Abbie

    HENRY CAVILL!!! No one else.

    • Linn

      YES YES YES Hell YES !!!!! lol

  • Jill

    Paul Walker. Although Ryan Gosling would be a good runner up

  • denise

    Chris hemsworth

    • Faith

      Henry Cavil (The Tudors) or Chris Helmsworth (Thor)

  • Mandi

    Channing Tatum!!!!!!!!

  • Momma

    Henry Cavill!!

    • marti

      Henry cavelii!!!!!!!!!! he is perfect none else would work...

    • Ana

      I agree! Henry Cavill

  • Kaitlyn

    Chris Hemsworth!!! or either Hemsworth brothers ....they could play Elliott and christian πŸ™‚

    • ana

      Oh man! i never thought about that! such a good idea Chris could be Christian and Liam could be Elliot πŸ˜€

      • Kim D


  • K

    Chris Hemsworth

    • Lisa

      Chris Hemsworth definately!!!

    • MdC

      Chris Hemsworth!!! He has the copper hair and everything! Perfect pick!

  • lucy

    Hayden Christensen!!!

  • Lee

    Adam Levine

  • shelly

    Matt Bomer just might be able to.pull it off

  • penzey

    Tom Hardy-Mr.Grey, Emily Browning-Ana, Kim Cattrall-Mrs.Robinson, Channing Tatum-Taylor, so far thats what i got.

    • Angie

      It has to be Tom Hardy, gorgeous, body to die for, has a dark side, and beautiful smile, if Ana Steele had seen him play Heathcliffe, she would definitely approve.......laters baby πŸ˜‰

  • Kristine

    Dev Patel from Smash. He is a little dark, but definitely has the smoldering look!

  • Marsela

    Colin Egglesfield <3

    • Erin

      Colin Egglesfield...those eyes!!!

  • Brea


    • Stefani

      Alexandar Skarsgard or Ian Somerhalder!!!

  • pamela

    Chris Pine! Chris Pine! Chris Pine! PLEASE O PLEASE O PLEASE!

    • Missy

      I agree!!!

  • Vanessa

    Alexander Skarsgard people? Have you seen true blood? He's sexy, dominaring, powerful and tender, caring, loving. He's tall and so fit! He's perfect!!

  • Melissa

    Alexander Skarsgaard gets my vote!

  • Zuelene

    Chris Hemsworth, Liam Hemsworth, or Chace Crawford!

    • Jackie

      Chase Crawford or Charlie Hunnam

  • Laura

    Henry Cavill!

  • Dee

    Matt Bomer!!!!!

  • Hope

    Chris Hemsworth or Armie Hammer!!!! None of the choices above!!!

  • Amy

    Actually, I was thinking that Alex Pettyfer would make a great Christian. His role in the movie Beastly showed great potential, and he's young enough!

  • karen

    Josh Duhamel

  • Carrie

    Robert Pattinson!!!!!

    • Julie

      NONE of the twilight cast.

  • Toni

    Henry Cavill



    • Stacey


  • Clarisse Catanzaro

    Alexander Skarsgaard!!!

  • Minou

    I too always think of Gabriel Macht as Christian Grey while reading the books, ever since he first appeared on the pages.

  • toni

    Matt Bomer

  • Laura

    Colin Egglesfield!!!

  • Taylor hoechlin!!! He is my Christian Grey!!

  • Stacey

    Henry Caville is amazing! He fits the part perfectly!

  • Patricia Landry

    I vote for Gabriel Macht

  • linda

    I think James Franco would be great!

    • Trina

      James Franco!!!!

  • michelle

    I think zac efron should be given a chance or even josh Henderson of the new show Dallas

    • Kate

      Zac Efron for sure as others have pointed out all original choices are to old the role needs to be given to someone who has not headlined major movie before no way can it be a vampire

  • lauren

    Alexander skarsgard! OMG hhhooottttttt!

  • Dina

    Bradley Cooper or Joaquin Phoenix!

  • Yesenia

    Alexander Skarsgard would be perfect!

  • Crystal

    Ian SOMERHALDER he's the PERFECT Christuan Grey

  • Allison

    Taylor Kitsch !!

    • Lisa

      Oh, I forgot about him...yummy!

  • Kaitlyn

    CHANNING TATUM!!!!!!!!!!! And all his sexiness would be perfect!!!

  • Val

    Gabriel Macht would be perfect

  • Lynn

    Matt Bomer and Lily Collins

  • Emily

    Hayden Christensen

  • Holly

    Absolutely Chris Hemsworth!

    • ana

      100% agreed!

    • Kim D

      i agree too!

  • Sarah

    Chris Pine

  • Cynthia

    I'm gonna be really pissed if Ian does the part! I can't picture him being sensitive and romantic. Ryan Gosling HAS to play the part! He's perfect!! Look at him in The Notebook; very romantic, strong and in Stupid, Crazy, Love where he's demanding and has that bad boy look.

  • Charlotte

    Michael Bomer from White Collar on USA network!

  • Savannah

    Alex Skarsgard

  • tmoore

    Chris Hemsworth!!!!!

  • jess

    Chris Hemsworth!

  • JoZ

    Matt Bomer or Alex Pettyfer

    • Definitely Matt Bomer, he has a certain style and he can do the expressions of Christian Grey. Just watch him in White Collar.

  • Amber

    Channing tatum!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Chris Pine!

  • Erin

    Jessie Pavelka!

  • Heather

    Gerard butler, David beckham hmmm shall I keep going lol

    • Snooky

      Gerald butler I agree. A David beckham who can act. I keep coming back to a leaner leonardo di caprio.

  • kimberly

    i think scott elrod all the way.......

  • Jacki

    Henry Cavill!!! He's sexy enough, he can be dark and tough, but still have that sensitive side that Christian has for Ana. Ian's hot but I don't think he has it all. Just my opinion.

  • Astrid

    Henry Cavil or Alex Pettyfer

  • Jackie

    Henry Caville Is hot, sexy and would make a great Christian Grey.

  • laradoll

    #1 Jonathon Rhys Meyers
    #2 Henry Cavill
    #3 A.Skars
    #4 but the most age appropriate, Alex Pettyfer

    • Renita

      1. Henry Cavill
      2. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

      Either way, my inner goddes would very happy!!

  • Stella

    Matt Bomer or Colin Egglesfield

  • Caroline

    Logan Marshall-Green Mmmmmm πŸ™‚

  • Carmen

    Zac Efron


    HENRY CAVILL he has the eyes the unruly hair and the damn beautiful body!

  • Rachael


  • Missy

    Paul Walker of Henry Cavill

  • Linda

    Simon Baker for sure out of the actors on offer but Chris Hemsworth would be a better CG

  • Sherri

    Alex Pettyfur!!! Perfect for the part.

  • Brie

    Jessie Pavelka!! He is GORGEOUS! And would be great for the part. He was the personal trainer on Diet Tribe. I hope you will consider him for the role of Christian Grey. Fingers crossed!

  • Paul Walker, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper!

  • Rebecca

    Alexander Skarsgard!! He's perfect

  • Angela Lemmons

    Matt Bomer and Leighton Meester

  • Nicole

    Zac efron should be Christian. He is seductive, sexy, and has the perfect skill to portray him

  • martha

    Chris Hemsworth!

  • Victoria

    Gaspard Ulliel is my 50!

  • lilayu

    Matt Bomer! He's got the body!

  • ana

    I believe Chris Hemsworth is just the guy.... He is beautiful, he has a very classy look, he has the billionaire look, he is very tall and fit, he has an amazing voice, he looks like he could be great as being controlling, he just sweeps you off your feet, he definitely is perfect to be Mr Grey

  • J

    Colin Egglesfield.

    • anna

      Colin Egglesfield

  • April


  • Laurie

    Joe Manganiello (Alcide on "True Blood") or a cleaned up Charles Hunnam (Jax on "SOA") PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    • ASfandancer

      Give me a brake, Joe M.!!!!!!!! He growls good but that's about all

  • Tara

    Christian Bale. For sure. Honestly if he could get it together, get ripped, I think he would be ideal. No offense to Ian, but I do not see him or any of those men fitting the role besides a possible Ryan G. We all want to see the sweats/pants hanging off the hips, the tall muscular man running his hands through his hair.

  • Jennifer

    Taylor Lautner as Christian Grey

  • Ginger

    James Franco

  • Crystal

    Bradley Cooper!

  • Betsy H.

    Bradley Cooper (Hangover) or Alexander Skarsgaard (True Blood)

  • Me

    Paul Walker
    Jessie Metcalfe
    Chris Hemsworth

  • Suzanne

    William Levy!!!

  • stephanie tucker

    change matthew mcconaughey's hair color and he has the charisma and the looks

  • Karen

    Alexander Skarsgaard is the stand out option to play Christian !

  • Catherine
  • Kim Gosling

    Chris hemsworth

  • Tennille

    Chris Hemsworth THE perfect Christian Grey.

  • Sherrece

    Scott Elrod....Mmmmmm very nice πŸ™‚ Cannot wait for the movie πŸ™‚

  • Sara

    Henry Cavill definately

  • kyra

    Alexander Standard would be the best fit...

  • Faith

    Alex Pettyford is the perfect Christian. But I still don't know if a movie can do these books justice!!

  • Channing Tatum or Ryan Gosling for sure...oh yea! Laters Baby x

  • Minmar

    Paul Walker

  • Henry Cavill!!!!!

  • Stephy

    William Levy!!! Check the pics I have posted on Fifty Shades Wall

  • Larissa

    Alexander Skarsgard! He is Christian Grey!

  • April

    Scott Elrod!

  • Marnie

    Alexander Skarsgaard, hello???!!!!!

  • Maria E Huerta

    Colin Egglesfield!!!! He is hot!

  • Sherri

    Actually Chris Hemsworth or Alex Pettyfer!

  • Meaghan

    Chris hemsworth!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs Grey

    Remember Ladies, Christian is supposed to be 27 at the start. My vote is for Zac Effron. He has the looks, would be the right age once filming began and I'd like to see him tackle a darker role like this. πŸ™‚

  • Tin

    ALEX PETTYFER is perfect for the role! The real challenge is finding the right Ana! Madonna would be great as Mrs. R/ Elena. Richard Gere or Pierce Brosnan as Carrick Grey and Rene Russo, Julianne Moore or Michele Pfeiffer as Grace Teveylan Gray πŸ™‚

  • Jenny

    Ian Somerhalder is my ALL TIME HOTTIE!!! His character in The Vampire Dairies can easily be transformed into Christian Grey... "Sir".. He would be perfect!!!!! πŸ˜‰



  • Angela

    I believe that Chris Hemsworth or Alex Pettyfer would be fabulous as Christian Grey! Can't wait to see who gets the role!

  • Amanda C.

    Matt Bomer!!

  • Jay Soto

    When I read the book, I pictured Jared Padalecki (with a hair cut of course) ...height. Or Alexander Skarsgard.

  • bonnie

    Hayden Christiansen!!!!!!

  • WMj

    Justin Timberlake

  • jackie

    Matt Bomer!!!

  • Meghan

    Jensen ackles

    • Laurie

      Jensen Ackles would be awesome or Chris Pine!!

  • Stephy

    William Levy or Henry Cavill both are so hot!!!!!

  • Brown Libra

    William Levy! Go check out his telenovelas on YouTube...drop dead gorgeous, and sexy as hell...we can work on the accent...he needs to be universally hot!!!!!! William IS IT!!!

  • T

    David Gandy

  • Clarissa

    Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill!

  • mia david

    Henry Cavill

  • Meg

    Ian has that intense look that is needed. He is only 33 and Christian is 29 in the book not much age difference to pull off, plus he looks younger then 33. I will say I looked up who Alex Pettyfer and he has that intense look too. I would love to see Alexander Skarsgard or even that yummy Joe Mamganiello but both are too tall. Finding the female will be even harder I think. Some one plan but still beautiful and young....hmmmm?

  • Lois

    WILLIAM LEVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚ yum!

    • sherri

      Hands down - WILLIAM LEVY!!!!! Visualizing him while I read theses books brought them to life for me.. I know a few other ladies out there that agree!!!!!

  • jamie

    Ryan reynolds, channing tatum, but NOOO Twilight people!

  • Abby

    Alexander Skarsgard

  • Katherine

    Ian Somarhelder would be perfect. He has the quiet intensity that would be required to play Christian. He would make a smoking hot Mr. Grey.

    • Anne

      Ian Soerhalder is perfect choice for Mr.Grey. He has the same intensity,hair and his smile.....

  • Nursemom30

    Jane Gyllenhall! So sexy!

  • Kris

    Henry Cavil for me

  • Olga

    William Levy

  • Anna

    Matt Bomer

  • Angela

    William Levy

  • Lynn

    Chris Hemsworth!

  • katherine

    For Christian, MATT BOMER, or Henry Cavill

    For Ana, Emilia Clarke or Lily Collins

  • Melissa

    Christian Grey is 27, these guys are too old. Gosling the closest at 32 and Sommerhalder almost 34. Perhaps, Pettyfer or Pattinson - who it was written about. Just suggestions.

  • kyra

    Sorry sometimes I hate auto check. Alexander Skarsgard would be the best fit for Christian.

  • sushma

    MATT BOMER!!!!! and Alexis Bledel

  • Me


  • Lisa

    Jake Gyllenhaal

    • nic

      Jake gyllenhaal without a doubt!

  • Jenniffer Mcfall

    David Guintoli from Grimm... he could be amazing if he let himself go... And... Maybe... Bradley Cooper?? If neither, then my vote goes to Ian...

    What about Ana? If they choose poorly that could be a disaster!

  • JAL

    Watch the Vampire Diaries and you would understand why Ian Somerhalder would be perfect for Christian! TEAM IAN!!!

  • Julia

    Channing Tatum

  • Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder. How did Simon Baker get in the mix? He's like 50!!!! No on Ryan Gosling either. I don't think it should be someone super famous.

  • beca

    None of the above. Ryan Reynolds

  • melissa

    Charlie Hunnam would be fabulous!

  • Amanda C.

    How is Simon Baker even an option?! If Christian was supposed to be 40 than yes, Simon would be perfect, he could never play a 27 yr old character.

  • Melissa

    Ummm ewww, none of them. I vision Christian Grey as more of a Liam Hemsworth kind of guy. HOT. Those guys are all ugly as heck.

  • Stacey

    I think Ryan Phillipp would be perfect.

  • kyra

    Lucy Hale would be great as Ana.

  • Tania

    Colin Eggerfeld (spelling? )

  • aleyna

    Michael Fassbender! He has this dangerous, mysterious, alluring look in his eyes. You want to get to know him yet you keep your distance, very tempting!

  • Neena

    Hayden Christensen

  • Shelley

    Matt Bomer!!!

  • Kirsti leigh

    Matt boomer = perfect!

  • stephanie

    Jessie Pavelka

  • Kristy

    Matt Boomer from White Collar!!!!

  • Lynn

    Charlie Hunnam!!!!!!!

  • Kris

    Channing Tatum...;)

  • Mimi

    Matt Bomer or Colin Egglesfield!!!

  • Michelle Lisanti

    Colin Egglesfield!!

  • Shannon

    Alex Pettyfer would make the perfect Christian. He has all of his characteristics there would be no need to change his look.

  • Henry Cavill

  • Sam

    Chris Hemsworth.

  • Pam

    Armie Hammer or Henry Cavill

  • Dont ruin the 50 shades movie!!!

    Henry Cavill or Matt Bomer, noone else looks as close to Christian Grey as those to guys do, please do not put Ian Somerhalder in the film, yes hes good looking but he is not Christian Grey at all, he looks to old to play 28 now considering he is near his mid 30's if you pick him or any of the guys in your list the film will be ruined. I want this film to be as close to the book as it can possibly get or it will be ruined to easy.

  • Jill

    Henry Cavill. Why is he not listed. He is PERFECT.

  • Stephanie

    Kellan lutz

  • Jinger

    Matt Bomer!!!

  • Leslie C

    I love all of these actors, but for the body, the age, I would say Henry Cavill & Simon Baker. BUT LORD do I love myself some Ian Somerhalder!

  • Heather

    Canning Tatum

  • Dee

    Matt Bomer should play Christian.

  • Renee Booth

    MAX IRONS!!!!!! All of the guys you have up there are too old! And I dont think they have the tormented little boy look about them. Max is my pick and I think he would be perfect!

  • Blkvoyeurman

    At first I thought Matt Bomer but also agree with Marlene on Henry Caville. The ones in this poll either don't have that Fitfy sex appeal or are too old for the part. The two above would appeal to the young and older crowd.

  • Neena

    Or that model Gavin Dunne, from the York Peppermint Pattie commercial

  • Wanda

    My vote is Alex Skarsgaard b/c he exudes sexiness.

  • lindsay fowler

    Chris Hemsworth!!!!!!

  • Bec

    Matt Bomer, without a doubt.

  • Are you kidding me with Simon Baker? He's WAY too old!
    I vote Chris Hemsworth!

  • maria

    matt bomer

  • Elizabeth

    Alexander Skarsgard could easily dye his hair. I like Ian Somerhalder but I can't see him having copper colored hair. But Alex has the sex appeal and could easily be Christian Grey. Definitely not Ryan or Simon...Christian is on 27-28 in the books...he needs to look young too.

  • Tawnia

    I think Scott Elrod is perfect to play Christian.

  • Randi

    Matt Bomer

  • tlc

    Chris Hemsworth...but I do like Ryan Gosling too!!!

  • Tamara

    Henry Cavill. No other choice.

  • Janice

    I would love to see Chris Pine to play the role!

  • Sandi Hayes

    I think Channing Tatum would make a perfect as Christian he looks great in a suit,he is beautiful, and the body. I think his pants would hang off his hips in that perfect way that we all love...yummy

  • Roxanne

    Matt Bomer would be a perfect Christian Grey!

  • Bobbie

    Alex Pettyfer is the only man I can see playing Christian Grey. Lucy Hale, or Leighton Meester would be perfect for Anastasia.

  • Kw

    Wentworth miller

  • Joy

    None! I think they're all too old, read it! It should be an unknown, Ana too, there's hype and people will go without a name... imho.

  • kim

    None of the above..I think either John Stamos or George Clooney...

  • Lauren

    Tom Hiddleston...yummm

    • Anya

      OMG Imagine Tom as Christian.....I W O U L D D I E !!!!!!!1

  • Amanda

    Someone should look at William Levy!! He's a model & the books say he looks like a model & he can dance which is also something the book says he does well.

  • Michelle

    Zac Efron

  • Kris

    Chris hemsworth


    William Levy

  • marlyn

    MATT BOMER!! he has the perfect profile, the beautiful face but mysterious look..Bomer is the perfect CG..<3

  • Amy

    Scott Ellrod is Christian Grey!!!!

  • tomoka

    other!!!! Robert Pattinson!!! non of them are gorgeous!!!

  • Mindy

    Matt Bomer

  • Carrie

    Gabriel Macht

  • Stefanie

    Alex Pettyfer!

  • Betty


  • Jeana

    I think Paul Walker would be perfect he is HOT!!!

  • Tara

    Henry Cavill. Call off the dogs, the hunt is over.

  • Brynn Ellis

    Henry Caville, with longer hair...!!!!

  • Liz

    Colin Egglesfield!!!!

    • Blkvoyeurman

      Colin Egglesfield can be a contender.

      William Levy handsome/sexy guy but no CG b/c he's a model not an actor and he has an accent if antything he needs to get his feet wet by playing Dr. Flynn.

      Robert Pat, Michael Fassbender, Cam Gigandet -gag, none are sexy enough to portray CG, RP-he's creepy

      John Stamos,Collin Farrell, Matthew Fox, Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, James Scott, Kenau Reeves, Christian Bale- too old

      Justin Timberlake, Jessie Pavelka, Army Hammer- ok but just does't have the appeal

      Channing Tatum-over exposed and not believable as CG

      Jason Dohring-Who?

      Dr. Flynn -Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Chris Helmsworth

      Some of you are just calling out names and not giving any thought to the overall makeup of the character. The guy needs to appeal to all women young and older.

  • ek

    Christian Bale was born for this role

    • DEFINITELY Christian Bale or Jonathan Rhys Myers. Without a doubt. A third would be Ryan Gosling.

      • Lulu

        James Scott from Days of Our lives is an even better choice, Christian Bale is too old and they need to cast somebody who is not already famous.

  • amber

    Chris Pine!! Has the eyes, the hair and the 100 watt smile!

  • Amy

    Gabriel Aubry

  • Ashley

    I think that Matt Bomer from White Collar should play Christian. Or Alex Pettyer from Beastly. Both have stunning facial features!!!

  • Stephanie

    I think it should be Joe Manganiello or Ryan Kwanten

  • cheryl

    christan bale

  • JC

    Wow, are they the only options you could come up with?!! If it was out of any of them I wouldn't see the movie! Michael Fassbender? Ewww! Matt Bomer is my ideal Christian Grey. Lyndsy Fonseca would be just perfect for Ana.

  • summer

    Joseph Morgan from Vampire Diaries

  • Renee Smith

    Hands down, without a doubt.....Henry Cavill! He has been my Christan since day one!

  • Chris

    Gabriel Macht!!!!!

  • Meg

    I think Anastasia should be played by one of Bruce Willis' daughters, maybe on of the two younger ones.

  • Allyn

    Matt Bomer is perfect in every way. Check him out if you're not familiar with him.

  • Becky

    Look at the median age of the women reading
    This book. Christian grey doesnt need to be too
    Young .

  • Hannah Smith

    Ryan Phillipe.

  • Anna

    Matt Bomer!!!

  • Lori

    Alexander Skarsgard!!

  • SSM

    Cole Hauser!!!!

  • Julia

    Scott Elrod without a doubt!

  • maressa

    Alexander Skarsgard

  • Rae

    Henry Cavill

  • KP

    Robert Pattinson

  • Sarah

    Go with an unknown. Remember that Christian is only 27 years old in the novel. These guys are all way too old for the part.

  • Sydney

    Who came up with these guys?! No offense, but Simon Baker looks too old for the part. I picture someone looking like Matt Bomer. Possibly Henry Caville.... Or Ian Somerhalder. All these other guys I just can see....Oh, or maybe Colin Egglesfield. He's growing on me....

  • Jamie

    Alexander Scarsgaard

  • RexRedbone

    David Tennant
    and another time would say
    Sean Connery

  • Taylor

    I think Alexander Skarsgard would be a perfect 50 shades he has always struggled in True blood with all sorts of 50 shades... and to note he is very sexy.. Something to think about ;0)

  • Shadi

    Henry Cavill!!! Everything about him is Christian

  • Nikki

    Matt Bomer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DARLA

      Matt Bomer is gay and so he wouldn't be very convincing as a heterosexual Christian Gray. Dolce and Gabanna model, David Gandy is masculine and would be perfect Christian Grey.

  • Dixie

    Charlie Hunnam

  • Sherry

    Alex Pettyfer ~1st choice
    Taylor Kitsch

  • Yaya

    Bradley cooper!!!

  • AmandaH87

    Eric Winter!!!!

  • Britney

    Bradley Cooper

  • Laura

    Josh Kloss will make the best Christian Grey

  • Beth Scherer

    He'd be SO PERFECT!!!

  • I think CHRIS PINE would be perfect for the role of Christian Grey!! He's GORGEOUS!!!! Please, please, PLEASE consider him for the role. And none of the others that are above even come close to Christian Grey!! If that's all the choices we get the best of the 4 would have to be Ryan Gosling!!

  • Lisa

    Channing Tatum

  • Kim

    None of the above Channing tatum

  • Amanda

    Liam Hemsworth or Christian Bale

  • Chris Hemsworth 100000%

    • ana

      Yes he is very perfect! Chris Hemsworth is so dreamy!

    • candace

      Chris Hemsworth.

  • Nuray
  • Chris Hemsworth or Ian somerhalder, hell yes!

  • Darcy

    Neither. Either Travis Fimmel or Chris Hemsworth or even Josh Holloway from Lost. Yummy.

  • Carrie

    Alexander Skarsgard!

  • Darci

    Chris Pine

  • Jackie

    NONE of those choices...except maybe Ian

    You need to pick someone sexy, and YOUNGER!!!!!

    Chris Hemsworth, Alex Skarsgaard or Tom Hiddleston

    Definetly NOT Ryan Gosling

  • Wendy

    Armie Hammer and Emily Browning. No nominees for Christian who don't have chest hair since it's a big deal in the books. That leaves out Ian Somerholder and Taylor Lautner.

  • Anna

    It absolutely has to be Alexander Skarsgard!!!!

  • Kim

    Channing tatum is who I would want to play Christian grey

  • Maria Granados

    Chris Hemsworth

  • Chris Hemsworth!!!! 10000%

  • Ashley

    Alexander Skarsgaard..yummy.

  • Leah

    Henry Cavill would be perfect!!! However, I've only seen him in the Tudors so I'm not sure about the range of his acting ability but he was definitely a sexy and likable character on that show.

  • chris

    Johnathan Rhys

  • Maria

    Colin Egglesfield!!! Look at Him! He totally looks like as Grey was described in the movie: dark hair, blue-gray eyes and he is sexy as hell!

  • Alexander Skarsgaard!!!

  • Debbie

    Allan Hawco. Aka Jake Doyle on Republic of Doyle!!

  • BMarie

    I'd like to agree on the Henry Cavill comment... seriously, he is the guy that was in my head while reading. Simply perfect - I would ask the producer and director to at least consider him.

  • Beth Scherer

    And Amanda Seyfried as Ana!!!!!!
    Pick Chris HEMSWORTH! <3

  • Alex

    James deen!

  • Brooke

    Tom Hardy or Alexander Skarsgaard:)

  • valentina

    Alexander Skarsgaard , Christian Bale or Ian Somarhelder for certian. They have that way about them that can carry out this role. They all are good actors but these are my top 3 choices guaranteed a box office hit with one of them. =)

  • Sarah

    Colin Egglesfield has my vote!

  • Emmy

    Alexander Skarsgard for Christian and Bella Heathcote for Ana

    • lala

      Alexander Skarsgard IS Christian!.. and Bella Heathcote would be the perfect Ana.

  • Adele

    Channing Tatum. Perfect!!!!

  • alice

    Jensen Ackles!!! or Henry Cavill...Taylor Kitsch would do a decent job too...

  • Ricki

    Paul Bettany would make a good Christian.

  • Stephanie

    Tom Welling! Or Henry Cavill ( apparently a SUPERman!) πŸ˜‰

  • Robin

    Colin Egglesfield

  • Justine Hyslop

    Matthew bomer! Is exactly who I picture as , also I really dislike Ian somerhalder!

  • ina

    Matt Boomer, Eric Bana or Johnny Depp !!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Armie Hammer!

  • Stacie

    Alexander Skarsgard

  • Kelsey

    Chris Hemsworth all the way!

  • PamS

    Bradley Cooper, he has the hair, body and eyes. Christian is like 29 and Bradley could play that. As far as Annastasia, I think Jennifer Love Hewitt, she has that innocense about her but also sexy, her friend Katie, Scarlett Johaneson, she fits her perfectly, Mrs Robinson (Elana), angelina Jolie.

  • deby

    Chris Hemsworth or collen farrel

  • Shelly

    Alexander Skarsgard should play Christian Grey!
    He has experience playing a bad ass character on
    True Blood and is a sadist on the show who chains
    Up victims in his sex dungeon!!!! Plus he's got that
    Sexy smoldering look 2 him!

  • Sandra

    Henry Cavill!!

  • Philboy

    Matt Bomer

  • Eva

    Christian bale!!!!

  • Donnalynn

    Chris Hemsworth by far!

  • Bree P

    Colin Egglesfield, Christian Bale (older mr. Grey),
    Sam Witwer, Paul Wesley & if Zac Efron (can play a dark character? He NOW has the body) AND Alexis is perfect as Ana

  • Jami

    Alexander Skarsgard -- is THE Christian Grey, of course !

  • Krystin

    ERIC DANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katrina

    Chris Hemsworth!!!! He would be perfect!!!!!!

  • Jennie

    Henry Cavill for Christian Grey...hands down!

    • Dre

      Henry Cavill! Henry Cavill! Did I say, Henry Cavill!

  • Debslogan

    Colin Egglesfield

  • Mariah

    Chris Hemsworth or his brother Liam.

  • Amber

    Christian Bale!!!

  • Ana


  • Katherine


  • Colin Egglesfield! He is hot! He's got the eyes the body,
    Only downfall he is older but you'd never guess it by looking
    At him and you could look at him all day long!

  • Katie

    You all realize that the book describes him as a Golden haired boy with curls. To me Simon Baker or Henry Caville is an excellent choice...although contacts would be needed (for Simon) to make the piercing gray stare that Mr. Christian Grey has. I hate it when people pick actors because they are good looking but fail to overlook the basic characteristics that the author creates.

  • Michike


  • ChaCha

    Bradley Cooper! He furs the character perfectly.

  • Devon

    Eric Winter! The hottie from GCB!

  • .Megan


  • Carolyn

    Only Ian Somerhalder!!!!!

  • Dani

    Please not the main stars from Twilight! Lets see some new faces!!!

  • Marisa


  • cortney

    Gerard Butler, George Clooney!!!!!

  • Alexis

    It should be CHRIS HEMSWORTH!!!!!! He would be the best Christian Grey he fits the description of Christian perfectly..

  • M.stone

    SomeOne NEW and YOUNG!

  • Yvonne

    Hugh Laurie ot James VanDerbeek Smmmooookkkkiiiiiinnnnnnn

  • Barbie

    My personal opinion for Christian Grey: Colin Egglesfield

    and for Anastasia: Allison Williams

  • Vicki

    Are ya kidding me?? Channing Tatum allllll the wAy! I can't believe
    he's not even a choice! Ugh!

  • Wentworth Miller!!! or Henry Cavill!!!

  • Maggie

    Garret Hedlund

  • Amanda

    The only Christian I can picture from the becoming is Jessie Pavelka. He 's very fit and clean cut. Has that jaw dropping gorgeous face that every woman could dream of. Any other Guy would just disappoint

    • Amanda

      I would also like to put a very good word in for Emilia Clarke as Anastasia. She's git that sex appeal. Slim petite figure soft face I think she could pull it off nicely

  • I think it should be other for sure and it should be Chaning Tatum!!!! He is one hot YOUNGER number whose not in his 30-40s

  • Lori

    Alexander Skarsgard....there is no other choice!!! He IS Christian!!!!

  • Brooke Freeman

    Colin Egglesfield

  • Patti

    Bradley Cooper. Even though he is not the age of Christian in the book, he is still who I pictured the whole time I was reading and at that time I didn't even know a movie was in the works.

  • Nina

    Henry Cavill for sure.

  • Heidi

    alex pettyfer!

  • Patz

    Henry Cavill with his hair longer is who I see when I think of Christian Grey. No one else would fit the bill . . .

  • Amanda

    Alexander Skarsgaard for sure!!!!!

  • beachbunny2448

    I've already been slammed for this, but the site is asking for MY OPINION. MY OPINION is that CHRISTIAN KANE would make an AWESOME Christian Grey.

  • Jennifer

    Alex Pettyfer

  • Lily

    The best man for the role is David Boreanaz. He is Christian Grey!

  • Melissa

    Jessie Pavelka

  • Becca

    Jessie Metcalf....

  • Isael Vizcarra

    Alex Pettyfer!! The choices above are to much of pretty boys!! Pettyfer has that rugged feel that is so characteristic of christian!!

  • AmandaH87

    Ashley rickerson for Ana

  • Dana

    I think Jesse Pavelka would make a great Christian. Alex Pettyfer would be a good choice as well. Go with an unknown or not so well known actor.

  • Sheena

    Chris Hemsworth!!!!!

  • Renee

    alexander skarsgΓ₯rd

  • mary

    Rob Lowe

  • AnnMarie

    Perhaps Josh Hartnett or even Josh Duhmel because they are both painfully gorgeous. I LOVE the books and am very much looking forward to a screen adaptation... But there is NO WAY I will watch it if Simon Baker is cast as Christian Grey!! Same goes for if Kristen Stewart is cast as Ana (one of Bret Easton Ellis's ideas...)!

  • Elizabeth

    Gabriel Macht!!!

  • Anna M.

    None of the above....

  • Bre

    ARMY HAMMER. PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    Chris Hemsworth!!

  • Jenn

    Chris Hemsworth

  • Barbara Flores

    Colin Egglesworth!

  • Annick

    I believe in order to be a movie that is as good as the book, they should age a little bit the main character. In my opinion Henry Calvill would be the best actor to portray Christian Grey!

  • Laura

    Tyler Hoechlin, gorgeous!!!!

  • Definitely Alexander Skarsgard! Hot, sexy and mysterious!!! πŸ™‚

  • Jenny

    William Levy!!!! He is my Christian Grey!!!

  • EVV

    Gabriel Macht! Laters!

  • anastasia( real name)

    Henry Cavill!!

  • LaRell S

    Kellen Lutz!!!

  • Maryanne

    I would say definetly Alexander Skarsgard!!! Or Ian Somerhalder!!! When reading the books those were the only 2 i thought of!!! Alexander is already used to doing the sex!!! So it shouldn't be an issue!! πŸ˜‰ lol

  • Nicole

    Alexander Skarsgard!!!!

  • stephanie

    ZAC EFRON!!!!!!!!

  • Lynn

    Patrick Dempsey!!!

  • april

    Colin Egglesfield!!!!! can u say hot hot HOTTTT!!!!! total bad boy thing going on and when i look at him all i see is Christian Grey πŸ™‚

  • Shawna

    Paul Walker people! He is drop dead gorgeous with a smile that would make us all blush!!

  • Spavalica

    Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd !!!

  • margaret

    Alexander Skarsgard, Jesse Metcalfe

  • Sary

    Matt Bomer was born to play Christian Grey! His looks, enough said. His acting, check out White Collar!

  • Angie

    Chris Hemsworth!!!!!!!!!

  • Tina

    My vote would be for Henry Cavill!

  • Alisha

    Matt Boomer or Gilles Marini. Both are very yummy in my opinion.

  • Sylvanna

    Alexander SkarsgΓ€rd !!!

  • Angela

    Alexander Skarsgard

  • Stacie

    Matthew Bomer should play Christian Grey. No doubt about it!!!

    • Sharon


  • Amanda

    Ryan Reynolds would be so perfect as Christian.

  • Diana

    David Beckham!It's like the description is of him!

  • Mandy

    Kellan Lutz

  • misslexgs

    Cam Gigandet for Christian

  • Violet

    Matt Bomer or Chris Pine.

  • Jessica

    Colin Egglesfield

    Look him up. You will totally see it...... he is PERFECT for the roll!

  • Chris Hemsworth

  • misslexgs

    Cam Gigandet

  • I think Scott Elrod would be a great Christian Grey!!!

  • Stevie

    Alex Pettyfer!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    Chris Hemsworth!!!! He is the right age and hot!!!! No offense but Simon Baker is too old for this particular role.

  • Crystal

    Eric Dane !!!!

  • Denise

    I absolutely agree with Dani. Alex Pettyfer would be the perfect Christian Grey. He's gorgeous. Has those grey eyes. Looks like he can be a real control freak :-). But all in all I say he would be GREAT!!!!

  • Christian Bale is the best choice. He is diffentily....fifty shades

  • Blair

    Alex Pettyfer, would be amazing for christian grey's role!!

  • Nadege georges

    James franco would be the perfect Christian Grey, check out his model picture for gucci on the back cover of intouch magazine, you will agree

  • Irene

    Matt Bomer!!!

  • lorrie

    Paul Walker

  • Becki M

    Sarah Shahi
    from fairly the Anatasia!

  • Emily

    Chris hemsworth is perfect!

  • Jeaninne Hines

    Alexandar Skarsgard and Lucy Hale πŸ˜‰

  • Taryn

    Chace Crawford?

  • Gina

    Peter Facinelli!

  • Rita

    Chase Crawford or Ed Westwick .....for Christian Grey!!

  • jessica

    Robert downey Jr.!

  • April

    The only man who could justice to the role would be Matt Bomer.

  • Steph

    Matt Bomer would be perfect

  • Yvonne

    James Scott

  • cat

    HENRY CAVILL and why is he not on this list!!!

  • Crissy

    Colin Egglesfield

  • Theresa

    I think Alexander Skarsgaard or yeah David Beckham but can he act?

  • Paul Walker his pants hang in that way!!!!

    • Aj



    Gotta have the body to go with the pretty face.....Christopher Hemsworth, or Ian Somerhalter....

  • Renee Minor

    None of the above!I vote Robert Pattinson!!He'd be perfect because he's hot,mature and could totally make this role his own while staying in the bounderies of how he is written!!

  • marlen

    Alex Pettyfer!!!

  • Carole

    Matt Bomer !

  • azure

    None of them somebody unknown should play to make a name for there selfs

  • Angela Cardenas

    CHRIS HEMSWORTH!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathleen

    Henry Cavill or Chris Hemsworth would be perfect choices. Henry is closer to Christian Grey's age and description, and Chris Hemsworth is drop dead gorgeous.

  • PJ

    Matt Bomer

  • Alicia

    Colin egglesfield by far!!!

  • Lisa

    Matt Bomer would be the perfect Christian.

  • Kristen

    Chris Evans would be perfect!

  • Melissa

    Alexander Skarsguard.... Have you seen him act?! He is Christian Grey. All fifty shades πŸ˜‰

  • Brenda

    Channing Tatum, the others are way too old (Grey is only 27 and although Tatum is 32, he can definitely pull off 27). I also see Leighton Meester as Anna... not Gossip Girl, but Monte Carlo.

  • Rita Patel

    Christian Hemsworth would make the best christian grey!!

  • Jen

    Max Irons!!!! All those other actors are too old! Max Irons is quiet and gorgeous like Christian Grey and is in his late 20's. He has grey eyes and copper hair.

  • Lisa

    Alex Pettyer! He is the perfect man to play Mr. Grey. He definitely has the "look" yummy!

  • Gina

    Alexander skarsgard

  • ashley


  • Dana

    Gabriel Macht!

  • mimi

    Jessie Pavelka.. Ian what's his name is not cute enough to be Christian Grey! And Chyler Leigh should be Ana!!

  • Kelgar

    James Scott from Days of Our Lives! He is exactly who I imagined when I read the books. He's hot! And his character on days is dark but oh so charming!

  • LMcK

    Ian Smolderhalder......he has that slightly dangerous feel to him and.....ewould be the one to turn all heads when he walks into a rrestaurant. He has a wicked way about him. The eyes have it;

    Mr Smolder=halder hands down. or tied down.

  • sabrina

    Alexander Skarsgaard, 100% he is tall, grey(-ish) eyes, copper hair, strong and slender, Alex embodies everything Christian Grey is suppose to be.

  • kara

    Patrick Dempsey , then my second choice would be Ian Somarhelder.

  • ashley

    jared leto πŸ™‚

  • Laurie

    And Mila Kunis as Anastasia

  • tp

    Oliver Jackson Cohen

  • Missy

    Alexander Skarsgaard!!

  • elena

    Matt bomber!!!!!!

  • Roxanna

    Ok, so while I like Ian Somerhalder, Henry Cavill and Michael Fassbender (they have the acting chops for this role), I also would like you to consider: Colin Egglesfield and Matt Bomer. They are all delicious. Ryan Gosling, Simon Baker - nah.

  • Kaydee

    Henry Cavill or Colin Egglesfield.. MOST DEFINITELY! Both are beautiful men and very VERY sexy!

  • lululemon

    Alexander Skargaard for Christian

  • Amelia

    Matt Bomer!!!!

  • laura

    MATT BOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brandi

    Henry Cavill. I read all three books with his image in mind. He would be perfect.

  • Eva

    Kellan Lutz!!!!!

  • Sandie

    But I Also like Matt Bomer!!!! The Sexiest man alive!!!! He's a great actor and also looks great in jeans and suits!!!!

  • Cortnie

    Jacob Young!!!!

  • JCR

    Paul Walker
    Bradley Cooper
    Matt bomer

  • Rita Patel

    I meant Chris hemsworth

  • Kristi B

    Matt Bomer!!!!! Ian is my second choose but Matt Bomer is perfect!!!!

  • best

    Either Channing Tatum or Armie Hammer...seriously, think about the book and the details of how he looks, both those boys fit my idea of Christian Grey perfectly.

  • windy stonebraker

    Henry Cavill!!!!

  • Ammeyer

    None of the above! Chris Pine

  • Dio


  • Tiffani

    I would have to say Ian or the guy from White Collar... I think the main character, that plays Alana, would be awesome as Ana.

  • April

    MATT BOMER from the tv show White Collar on USA

  • Amy

    Chris Hemsworth

  • Diana

    Hands down, Channing or Jeffrey Donovan!!
    David Beckham would be awesome too!

  • AJC

    Find a new upcoming actor

  • Jamie Brown

    Neal Caffrey from White Collar 100%

  • Jennifer

    Henry Cavill!!!!!!!!!

  • Melissa

    Matt Boomer

  • Suzweex

    Alex Pettyfer. Perfect for the role.

  • lindsay

    MATT BOMER!!!!! (or Ian S.) If they even think about Rob Pattinson or Ryan Gosling, I won't see it. I LOVE them both, but they will forever be Edward and Noah in my world.

  • Monica Cooper

    Charlie Hunnam! YUMMY!

  • Jennifer

    Chris Evans!!

  • Meg

    Gerard Butler or Bradley Cooper!!!!! I love Gosling but he's not as "dominant" as Grey needs to be.

  • Julie

    Bradley Cooper!

  • kellyjo49456

    William Levy from dancing with the stars. He's 31, has a sophisticated, charming, sexy appeal to him. And did I mention he's hot, and full of swagger.

  • Daisymae

    The actor needs to fit Christians description in the book! Possibly Matthew MacCaugnehy but not sure.

  • Kate

    Another vote for Henry Cavill!

  • Teresa

    David Giuntoli.....

  • Brittany

    Ian Somerhalder would be perfect! He's already expressed interest in the part. I also think that Emma Watson would be a good choice for Ana. I read somewhere that someone thought Amanda Seyfried would be a good choice, but I disagree! Team Ian!! πŸ™‚

  • Jewels

    Chace Crawford

  • IM


  • Ana Wannabe

    Ryan Reynolds

  • Karla

    Chris Hemsworth!!!!

  • Brittanni

    Matt Bomer!!! He is the best fit!!!

  • kelly

    Chris Hemsworth!!!

  • Robin

    Channing Tatum...he's beautiful!!

  • Krista

    Tyler Hoechlin

  • peggy

    None of the above. You need to go to a model agent to find Christian Gray. Every lady pictured Christian different. I picture him as mix not full white.

  • Kimberli spence

    Christian Bale

  • Josie

    Alexander Skarsgaard for sure. He could def play 'fifty shades of effed up" the best, and clearly isn't afraid to do kinky scenes (true blood)

  • Erin

    Jesse Pavelka...omg...EL James said she wants an soon as I saw his pic I was hooked!

  • Colleen

    My first thought was Ryan Gosling. He fits the profile of being handsome and being good at playing the good/sweet role and the bad boy role.

  • Rebecca

    Henry Cavill

  • Jennifet

    Well my first would be Alexander Skarsgaard or Ian. But when i was reading the series i was picturing alexander the entire time

  • Cheryl

    Colin Egglesfield!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shelley

    None of them. . Jonathon Rhys Meyers all the way!

  • Michelle

    Jonathon Rhys Meyers and Ellen Page for Anastasia.

    • linda

      Jonathon is a good idea and I like James Franco too!

  • heidi

    Alexander scarsgard,Chris helmsworth


  • Kiri

    Alexander Skarsgaard! how did you come up with the other names? seriously Simon Baker and Michael Fassbender! NO WAY!!

  • Christian bale!!

  • Jodie

    let america pick a new face. Christian Grey's character is not someone we know- a breakout actor is needed an unkknown. I don't understand why a tv reality show does not pick it up and let women everywhere choose who will play Christian Grey.

  • Malinda

    Matt Le Nevez - Aussie actor who is broodingly handsome!

  • Alisha

    Ian somerhalder is perfect and can pull off being 27. Simon Baker is old, ugly and not sexy at all, Ryan gosling looks like a little kid, and that tru blood guy looks too old he's not hot. Ian all the way he's hot and he suits the personality of Christian to a T. Very similar to his personality as Damon on Vampire Diaries

  • Melissa

    Ian Somerhalder FOR SURE! but I dont really care, I read the books, thought they were great but do not believe I could actually watch it! When Im watching a movie and a sex scene comes on, I usually go get popcorn, something to drink etc... Just not into watching sex but didnt bother me reading about it although I must say some parts were extremly shocking!

  • Margo

    Alexander Pettyfer or Christian Bale. Becks was an awesome suggestion but his voice is higher than Posh's...not too sexy...

  • Kristi

    Chris Hemsworth! Eric Winter! Or my FAVE Ivan Sergei!!!! & I totally picture Emmy Rossum as Ana! Can't wait to see who they pick!!

  • Vicki

    Henry Cavill.

  • Roschel

    No Matt Bomer from White Collar!!! Super sexy!!!!

  • TheMeg

    Henry Cavill and Emily Browning.

  • Amber


  • Christine

    Jason-Shane Scott is perfect to be Christian Grey!!!

  • Haley

    I agree with Henry Cavill!!!

  • Reese

    I say Chris Hemsworth!!!!

  • Patty

    Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Olsen would be great together.

  • kelly


  • Coral

    Sam Whitwer

  • Ella

    Henry Cavill is perfect! Sexy, sexy, sexy!!!

  • Steph


  • cindy

    matt bomer for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa Vega

    Alexander Skarsgaard!!!!

  • Valene

    Colin Egglesfield would be a perfect "50"

  • Mandy

    Matt bomer!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    Matt Bomer

  • Amber

    Henry Cavill!!!! Perfect look for all of Christian's fifty shades!

  • Haley

    Who for Anna? What about Nina Dobrev
    From vampire diaries??

  • Christina

    Chance Crawford

    • Christina

      I meant Chace Crawford

  • Drea

    Matthew Boomer All The Way......



  • Vanessa

    Chris hemsworth

  • Cheryl


  • Stephanie

    Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Just watch the movie Faster, his character is who I pictured as Christian from the first time I read to books.

  • dana

    Chris Hemsworth, he got the look, the eyes, the copper hair, the voice, he has that almsot sinister look!


  • Jessica

    Jessie Pavelka - He is hot. All Ana talks about is Christians Greek god like appearance , muscles, model perfect teeth, etc. the actor has to be perfect.

  • Shannon

    Charlie Hunnam PLEASE!!!!

  • Amy

    Chris pine or Jessie Pavelka

  • Michelle

    Armie Hammer

  • debi

    Alexander Skarsgard Yummy !!!

  • Julie

    Christian Bale... just watch the into to American Psycho... besides the blood thirsty killer, doesn't that sound like Christian Grey?

  • Robyn

    Liam McIntyre, he is from the series Spartacus Vengance on Starz. He's the right age, stunning gorgeous, great body and incredibly sexy. HOT!

    • Melissa

      Liam McIntyre for sure, he's perfect for it. So sexy!

  • Kara

    Julian McMahon!!!

  • Courts

    Colin Egglesfield!

  • Chris

    Matt Bomer, he had AMAZING eyes!!

  • Kikkie

    While I choose channing tatum I'd like to see a fresh face someone new not in the spot light ya know

  • Michelle

    Scott Elrod!!

  • Alicia

    MATT BOMER!!!!!

  • Catherine

    Matthew Bomer!!!! He will do an excellent job!!

  • Robert

    MATT BOMER!!!!! Those gorgeous eyes, hot body. He's just perfect for the role!!!! He's my Christian Grey when I read the books.

  • Ian Somerhadler was the first guy that came to mind when I started reading the books.

  • Would someone please ask David Gandy to play Christian Grey!

  • tracy

    If I had to choose between those four it would be Ian because he's the only one gorgeous enough, but he's Damon to me. Christian and Ana need to be nobody's so we don't see them as anyone else! Please please please don't use any famous actors for those roles!!!!

  • Katie

    Matt bomer!!!!!!

  • Morgan

    Alex Pettyfer!!!!!""

  • Jessica

    Chris Hemsworth!!!

  • Fifty50

    Eric Winter is my vote for Christian Grey!!!

  • Nancy

    PLEASE MAKE THIS INTO A CABLE SERIES SO NON OF THE STORY GETS CUT OUT!!!!! This way we get our Fifty in our homes EVERY WEEK!!!!!!!!

  • Laura

    Joe Mangianello

  • Sharlene

    Cam Gigandet and Leighton Meester...
    The mans the most important! Please don't screw this up!!!!!

  • paulette

    Matt Bomer..Matt Bomer..Matt Bomer

  • Lily

    The list is getting longer....Paul Walker, Steve Burton, Colin Egglesfield, Daniel Goodard, or Brandon Beemer.

  • Monica

    Ian Somerhalder!

  • Timeschange279

    Chris Pine! Just needs grey contacts πŸ˜‰

  • Sharlene

    another good possibility who's hot on the scene now is Chris Hemsworth πŸ˜‰

  • Alex

    HUGH DANCY!!!!

  • Julie

    Colin Egglesfield HANDS DOWN!!!!!

  • jennifer

    zac effron

  • Caity

    Eric dane.. Aka mark sloan greys anatomy

  • Christine Smith

    Alex Pettyfer!!!!!

  • ASfandancer

    All the time I was reading the Fifty Shades trilogy all I saw as Christian was Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd. While a big share of the public always votes for Ian, and he does broody and kinda bad-ass in vampire diaries and his eyes are a pretty color, I could never go to the movie if he were to play Christian. He is just too much of a pretty boy for him to ever be believeable the roll. Ryan Gosling not really, gorgeous guy, but there is just something about him that just doesn't say Christian. Michael Fassbender, Please, good actor but hardly a good looking man definitely not drop dead gorgeous just like Simon Baker is cute but that's all. In my humble opinion Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd is the only one with the looks and acting chops to pull it off, and his eyes, while not contacts blue, are the most expressive ever. He touches my soul with those eyes. He simply becomes whatever character he takes on, the others are just acting.

  • Laura

    JASON SHANE SCOTT!!!!!! Or Armie Hammer!

  • Christina

    Henry Cavill or Matt Bomer... Both have seductive looks! I was hoping for a HBO or Showtime series so more detail from the books could be added:/ Still hopeful that the movie will meet our expectations!!! I<3FiftyShades

  • kyna

    Have you seen Kellan Lutz!?! He could be the perfect Christian!

  • Becky

    jason lewis!!!!

  • debbie

    Matt Bomber!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angie

    Eric Winter!!!!!!!

  • Amanda

    Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds or Matthew Bomer

  • Lynn abroms

    Hands down Jessie Pavelka !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kristin


  • Tatiana

    Chris Pine is our Christian Grey πŸ™‚

  • Pam Kowall

    Definitely Jessie Pavelka!!!!

  • rachel

    Matt Bomer!!!! And Rachel Bilson!!!!

  • Denise

    Chris Hemsworth!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Matthew Goode will also be perfect and Hugh DANCY ...

  • Isabella Cullen

    Robert. Pattinson considering the books based off Edward Cullen

  • Beth

    The guy that plays Jason Stackhouse on True Blood.. yummy (=

  • Carrie

    Henry Cavill!!!!

  • Diana Joa

    Matt Bomer !

  • nikki

    jake freaking gyllenhal..... yum yum!!! =]

    • nikki

      justin timberlake would also be good, the hair... the eyes.... the body... yeah he has all that. also a really good actor. and let's face it, he is use to doing sex scenes (friends with benefits).

      channing tatum would be good, but he is too muscular. oh so yummy, who wouldn't want to see that, but he is too big for christian.

      so yeah basically, I am between jake gyllenhal or justin timberlake. both would be a good choice and the ladies would be super happy!!! <3

  • Jeramie

    Wentworth Miller!!!

  • Sara

    Zach Gilford πŸ™‚ he'd be perfect!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Channing Tatum or Scott Speedman

  • Diana Joa

    Matt Bomer

  • Heather

    Matt Bomer!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    Ian somerhalder is the best!!!!

  • SD

    Cam Gigandet !!!!!

  • Hannah

    Alex Pettyfer! He's the perfect Christian Grey.

  • Jenn

    Kellen lutz!

  • Christina

    Matt Bomer hands down!!!!! No Contest!

  • Nicole

    Alex Pettyfer....I mean hello? The perfect wavy curled hair to let Ana get her fingers into? Have you seen some of his photos on IMDb? Photo number 54 out of 74 on that site in a black button down and tie? Just dye his hair and you got Christian Grey. He's young and captivatingly beautiful. I hope they don't chose someone too old, because Christian's character isn't. I would rather they try to keep the age for once. I do not want Scarlett being Ana. She is beautiful, but too sexy for the Scarlett just did an interview saying she didn't want people to know her for her body, but as an actor. I would be shocked if she did this movie because there will be A LOT of skin...not sure yet on who I would want Ana to be, but definitely not in her late 20s or 30s. She has to look younger than Christian's character, but not too much.

  • Renee

    Matt Bomer, exactly who I pictured while reading.

  • Christine

    None of the people listed in your poll would make a perfect Christian.. Has no one from this website seen Matt Bomer? Perfect jaw structure, perfect hair, perfect eyes and his looks just scream Christian..

    No offense, but please don't kill this role with an actor who plays a vampire, lets leave them to play vampires..

    • Renee

      Couldn't have said it any better, Christine!

    • catherine

      I love it how the big majority is voting on Matthew Bomer πŸ™‚ He is the perfect selection to play Christian Grey!! No one else!

  • Katie

    Leonardo DiCaprio!!!! I think this character is right up his alley! You got the sexy, the Fifty Shades of F**ked up, and deep rooted passion... I think that's all wrapped up in Leo! πŸ™‚

  • Chelle

    Chris Evans!
    _sexy alluring look (hasnt anyone seen the new cologne ads and commercials?!)
    _looks good with copper colored hair
    _perfect body

  • Feefe

    Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd.

  • Jen

    Jessie Pavelka hands down

    • April

      Jessie Pavleka!

    • Elise

      I agree wholeheartedly....yum

  • ana

    I personally would love Chris Hemsworth!

    Vote here!

  • Alena

    Matt Bomer, Chris Hemsworth, or Colin Egglesfield.

  • Ana

    Matt Bomer

  • DC

    Christian Bales

  • abby

    Matt Bomer

  • Bri

    Matt Bomer!!

  • Patti

    I personally think that it should be someone new, unknown but yet perfect to play Christian. They would have to fit all the characteristics portrayed in the books.....tall, muscular, burnished hair, gray eyes....and most of all PERFECT!

  • tataTara

    Collin Eggsfield hands down

  • monica

    I think my top three men for the role of Christian Grey are
    1. Orlando Bloom
    2. Chris Pine
    3. Taye Diggs - that's right I thought our main character was African American throughout the entire book series. Where did I get that? But it works!!!!!!!

    • Verg

      @ Monica, I too envisioned an African American and would definitely add Michael Ealy to that list even Terrence Howard. I also thought at the beginning Christian had Locks...... Can you dig it! My first choice is MICHAEL EALY *smiles*......Wow!!

  • Debbie

    Matthew McConaughhey

  • Melinda

    I could see Chris Pine, Gabriel Macht or Chris Hemsworth playing Christian! I think any of the three could be a believable Christian Grey! And they are all easy on the eyes!! πŸ™‚

  • Julie Cortes

    It has to be Alexander Skarsgard! He is so perfect to play Christian!

  • Shay

    Matt Bomer!

  • Erin

    Eric Mabius

  • Ericka

    The one and only sexy Michael Ealy!

  • Ally Parks

    I agree with William Levy only cause he's hot, but all these other ppl what the hell is wrong with all of yall?

  • court

    Matt Bomer even thought hes gay he could so pull off Christian Grey!

  • Danielle

    Chris Pine!

  • cori

    channing tatum
    Or Ryan Gosling

    Chyler Leigh. For Ana

  • Renee

    I am seriously shocked at some of the names I'm reading. Maybe I read a different trilogy...

  • Alison

    MATTHEW BOMER!!!!! seriously, every single person I've shown his picture to has been like, "THAT'S CHRISTIAN!!"

  • stacy

    Alex pettyfer

  • Margie

    I am torn between Ian Somerhalder and Jessie Pavelka....either would make a sexy Mr. Grey

  • Natalie

    Matt Bomer all the way!!!

  • Nicole

    Alexander Skarsgaard!!!!!!!!!! I cannot express enough how perfect he is for this role!!!!

  • Nicole McRee

    Chris Hemsworth, Paul Walker, Michael Weatherly, or Chris Pine

  • Kristin

    I think Wentworth Miller would be perfect, just look at him and you know he would be a great Christian

  • SC

    Chris Evans!. IMDB his profile, he's perfect. The other guys look to old. Christian is only in his 20s.

    Ashley Greene, I never thought of her but she would be a great choice got Ana.

  • Heidi

    Alexander Skarsgard!!

  • Vandi

    Alexander Skarsgard is the essence of everything I would look for in the role as Christian!! It just seems a perfect fit!!

  • Mandy

    Jesse Spencer!

    (Chase from House MD)

  • Angela

    Henry Cavill

  • Lisa

    Alex O'Loughlin from Hawaii 5-0! He was my Christian...

    • Gail Becker

      Alex O'Loughlin from Hawaii Five O get's my vote. He's not to big and not to small and skinny . He is the perfect Christian! If you watch Five O I am sure you will agree, if you don't then try to tune into an episode and you will.

  • SillaBear


  • angela

    Colin Egglefield....

  • Patty

    Keanu Reeves. although, he may be too old but tall, dark and handsome. he can take me to his red room of pain anytime πŸ™‚

  • sara roberts

    Henry cavill!!!!

  • Claudia

    Ian somerhalder would be the perfect Chriatian Grey. . He is sexy and good looking just like Christian is described in the book. He already acts like him in the show the Vampire Diaries he smiles just like Mr.Grey and he has the eye also. I will be very desapointed if they get someone else then ian.

  • Ariel

    Brandon Stoughton!!!!!

  • Albiibabeyy

    Matt Bomer or Wentworth Miller !!!!!!

  • Barb

    Alexander skarsgard is perfect for the role

  • alexia

    Though I think Ian Somerhandler would be able to play him well; I think Alexander Skarsgard fits the role perfectly.

  • stevie

    Reminder that he is 27-28 yrs old....NOT AN MIDDLE AGED MAN OR OLDER....NOT Ian Somerhalder YUCK!!!!!! Robert Pattinson is my Christian Gray. FITS PROFILE 100% .He was great in "Water for Elephants".

  • Guardado

    None..... Charlie Hunnam or Chris Hemsworth

  • K H

    Jesse Pavelka or Chris Hemsworth

  • jus

    Alex Pettyfer and Emily Browning!

  • Deb

    I have to say that Justin Timberlake would make a fantastic Christian. I see him potraying the character perfectly!

  • Selina


  • Joann

    Chris Pine or Eric Winter. And Bella Heathcote for ana

  • Cat

    Matt Bomer!!!!!

  • Dionne Olson

    Matt Bomer or Alex Pettyfer!!

  • Camille

    I vote for Dexter... Michael C. Hall! He's the perfect hunk with a dark side personality. Would be the perfect Christian Grey!

  • heather

    Justin Beiber!!

  • Ruth

    Robert Pattinson!!!! All the way!!Yummy!<3

  • Gina


    He has the captivating eyes.. the hair..


  • Rickie

    I have a newcomer to the field. And I believe he would be the best one. Marc Trottier. Check this out. He played in 300 and he is perfect!!!!!!
    Also we have a group started on FB to get him the part!!!!!/groups/315921755157943/316036081813177/?notif_t=group_comment_reply

    HE IS HOT!!!!!

  • amy

    Matt Bomer! Sexy sexy!

  • stephy

    Mathew bomer he would be perfect as Christian grey

  • cynthia

    I would love to play Anastasia!

  • Patricia Romo


  • Wilma

    Matt Bomer

  • Jean

    Alex Pettyfer def to play christen he just matches
    The description in the book

  • Hillary

    Alex Pettyfer!! Super hot! Perfect Mr. Grey!!

  • April

    I think James Scott (EJ Dimera) from Days of Our Lives should play Christian Grey.

  • Allison

    Without a doubt Taylor Kitsch....he's on a roll with his increcible talent and the guy can play "the shades"!!!

  • Aria

    I think Tyler Hoechlin or Collin Egglesfield or Ian somerhalder

  • onemo

    Chris Pine!! Please not Ian - I won't see it if he's cast.

  • latrice

    Chris Hemsworth!!!!!!!!!

  • Marie

    Matthew Bomer!

  • Vic

    Matt Bomer

  • Henry cavil

  • chrissy

    Henry Cavil!!

  • Allison

    I"m gonna say it again...:) The bang bang club, battleship, john carter....Taylor Kitsch all the way. He's 30, he's absolutly gorgeous, and is sexy as hell!
    He is Grey!

  • Amanda

    I had a vague idea in my mind of what Christian looked like while I was reading the books. Then I saw a picture of Matt Bomer. And....I can't picture anyone else now! He is my Christian Grey.

  • Jennifer

    Wentworth Miller is who I put in the role as Christian Grey.

  • Jennifer

    None of the above! Cam Gigandet would be perfect. He's young enough to play the part as it is written in the book, definitly sexy enough, and has the body. He is amazingly handsome!

  • Angie

    Alex Pettyfer

  • Brittany

    Ian and Alexis Bledel from gilmore girls! I think those two would be perfect! Ian is so Christian Grey! He has that look and can be playful/serious. I hope he gets the part. I'll be very disappointed if he doesn't!

  • BabyBoo


  • Jen

    Julian McMahon!!!!

  • Jenniferh

    CAM GIGANDET HANDS DOWN....sorry for the shouting...he's just two cute!!! πŸ™‚

  • diana

    Matt Bomer, Paul Walker or Henry Cavill

  • Mia

    ALEX PETTYFER! (Why is he not on this list already???)

  • Jen

    I think it should be someone we have never seen before too!

  • Julie

    General Hopital's Nathin Butler

  • Jessica

    Henry Cavill... He's beautiful and the studios wouldn't have to change a thing except putting in burnished copper highlights. He's stunning!
    Matt Bomer, Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth are Christian Grey worthy as well.

  • natalie

    Tatum Channing would be awesome, but of the ones above Ryan Gosling

  • Amparo

    Matt Bomer or Christian Bale!

  • Coach Miri B

    Henry Cavil!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jules

    Paul Walker and Alexis Bledel as Ana Steele =)

  • Paul

    Cam Gigandet!!

  • Leidy

    Henry Cavill or Colin Egglesfield would be perfect. They are both absolutely beautiful just like Christian!!

  • meagan

    He may not be. An actor from what I know but Michael Bluble he has the swag to pull it off I think.

  • donna m

    Johnathan Rhys Meyers or Alexander Skarsgard.-- both of these men are completely sexy and capable of playing the part. Sorry-== those men above, no way.

  • ak

    None of them Chris hemsworth!!! Please

  • sarah t.

    Colin Egglesfield please, but if I had to chose from the guys above it would be Ian Somerhalder.

  • Jen

    MATT BOMER!!!!!!!!

    He is the PERFECT fit of how I visualized Christian Grey would look like. He has that jawline line & face structure that makes me melt, just like how the book was portrayed of Mr. Grey to me.

    I believe he can make THEE Christian Grey come alive.

    plus, he looks VERY SEXY wearing a business suit! ;]

  • Mec

    Chris he is perfect!! Visually and physically!!!!!!!

  • Missy

    It has to be Henry Cavill. He just turned 29 so he is closer in age then most of these guys and he's drop your drawers gorgeous. The role calls for this person to be so handsome that he can stop traffic. Ian is too short, and only has one look, the same sultry look in everything he does. His eyebrows kinda freak me out. Chris Hemsworth is not really that attractive at all, and Matt Bommer is attractive and looks good in a suit, but I can't get past the idea of a gay man playing this role and it being believable. I watch Skarsgard on true Blood and I find him somewhat attractive on there, he just isn't that good looking. Remember in the story, this has to be someone that is so incredibly good looking. Of all the choices I've seen thrown out there, Henry Cavill is the perfect Henry Cavill.

    • karina

      I AGREE!!

  • Janet

    Gerard Butler will make a better christian Grey then any of the guys from the poll.

  • natalie

    Chris Pine! πŸ™‚

  • shell

    Jensen Ackles!

  • Elise

    I think Jessie Pavelka to play Christian, brooding, sexy, naughty and sensitive!

  • Angela

    Alex scarsguard
    James scott

    • Terri

      Agree James Scott for Christian but I like both your choices.

  • Sally

    He won't even be considered because he's not famous enough, but I think Ben Foster would be perfect to play Christian. He's sexy, has a bad-boy edge and, most importantly, he's a brilliant actor!
    Ben Foster, Ben Foster, Ben Foster!!!!!

  • Maddylicious

    None other than WILLIAM LEVY!!!

  • SG1

    Armie Hammer or Bradley Cooper. NO VAMPIRES please. They already have their trilogy. You need someone around 30, smart, good voice, handsome but not too pretty.

  • Simona

    My ideal Christian Grey is Jessie Pavelka!! The 2nd option would be Colin Egglesfield.

  • Chelsea

    I think a hott and sexy Mathew McConaughay...

  • maddy


  • Nic

    Matt Bomer or Michael Trucco!!! All the ones in the poll are just not right for the part!!

  • 50 fan

    Chris Hemsworth if he'd be interested in the role. Christian Bale and Alexander Skarsgard are too old to pull off 27 and Christian's age is referenced often in the book! Zac Efron and Ian Somerhalder have the age but seem too petite. I think an unknown might be the way to go too.

  • Tiffany

    Alexander Skarsgard!

  • Kelley

    William levy!!!!

  • ASH

    Kris Hoden-Ried, Ryan Reynolds or Luke Evans

  • Kirsten


  • Krys

    Jesse Pavlka or David Beckham

  • ASH

    * Kris Holden-Ried

  • Alica

    I agree that it should be someone relatively new, but not so new that he has no acting skills!! Ladies... you all have to check out Scott Elrod!!! He IS Christian Grey!!! Perfect in every way!!!!

  • Donna

    I think Alex Pettyfer would probably be the best choice right now. He's young enough, and he has the looks as to were he can play the cold and hard type and also the caring and sensitive type.

  • Kelso

    I think Ian is a great match. I also like Matt Dallas, super cute, not too known and has those gray sexy eyes and dark hair πŸ™‚

    Ana should be Emilia Clarke.

  • Holl

    Matt Bomer for Christian and Nina Dobrev for Ana πŸ™‚

  • tra

    Charlie Hunnam... he is dominant and has the insecure side but also has not problem showing his naked body or have any issue with a sex scene.

  • Lana

    Alexander Skarsgaard

  • Jessica

    Alexander!!!! <3
    He already plays an awesome role in true blood.

  • Nicci

    Definately Chris Hemsworth!!

  • Jodymw4

    Jessie Pavelka would be an amazing 50!!!

  • Eva

    Christian Bale...

  • Isela Borja

    Scott Elrod!!!! No question about it! He is Hott! He is Sexy!!! He is the face of Christian Grey every time I read any of my 3 FSOG!!!! He's perfect!!!

  • melisa

    Colin Egglesfield. For Sure.

  • Michela

    Kellan Lutz...........strong and brooding

  • Christina

    Armie Hammer is ThE Christian Grey

  • necole

    johnny depp

  • Britt

    chris Evans

  • ASH

    Kris Holden-Ried, Luke Evans or Ryan Reynolds

  • JoyB

    Only Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd could possibly do Cheistian perfectly.

  • hjk

    cam gigandet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stephanie

    Alex pettyfer! Or Ian somerfield. Christian grey is 28, they need to pick someone in that age range to stay true to the books. Channing Tatum is absolutely gorgeous, but I can't seem him playing the mysterious, dominant type character.

  • Jenny

    SCOTT ELROD!!! Yes please

  • Mandy

    Henry Cavill!!!

  • rose


  • stephanie

    Ian somerhalder* sorry, spelt his name wrong in my previous post. But i also wouldn't mind a new unknown actor to play Mr. Grey!

  • JenniferVitale

    Chance Crawford 110,000%!!!! And I'll play Ana in a heartbeat!

  • Kate

    Alexander Skarsgaard would be perfect.

  • Alex Pettyfer. He is everything I see in Christian. I will cry so hard if he gets the part. Cry of happiness. But if Ian gets the part, I will probably not even watch the movie. The book is too good for him, I say Alex Pettyfer 100%

  • Amirah

    Arnie Hammer

  • Shell

    Ryan Kwanten

  • Kimmy

    Henry Cavill

  • Kate S

    Paul Sculfor! He is hot and would be great as Mr Grey!

  • Luci

    Colin Egglesfield or Henry Cavill!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rebecca

    William Levy...I know he would have the right amount of sexuality and sensuality to be Christian Grey. He's tall, has a gorgeous eyes, and a ripped God!

  • Angel

    Well I love Ryan Gosling, Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder, but I think you should choose a fresh face. Someone who can exude Christian Grey's traits and great acting skills. Someone whose 25 to 28 years old. That would be awesome!

    • Pau

      And his name is JAMES SCOTT

  • Rachel

    Matt Bomer!!!

  • Lindsey

    HENRY CAVILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! None of the other guys even match the description!!!

  • Tammy

    ***MATT BOMER*** is the perfect Christian Grey! How is this not obvious to everyone??? Not only does he look EXACTLY as Christian is described, (straight nose, defined jaw, gray eyes, unruly hair, sexy as hell!) he is also the only one who can pull off such a complex role and all of Christian's mercurial "fifty-shades! Anyone who has seen him on White Collar as Neal Caffrey would agree. (Something I found interesting was that Neal also has that habit of running both his hands through his hair in exasperation as does Christian.) Not to mention... MATT is an amazing singer!!! And wouldn't we all want to hear Christian sing like he does in the book? That's one part I definitely wouldn't want to see left out of the movie! πŸ˜‰

  • debbie

    Matthew McConaughey

  • Varonte

    What is wrong with everyone! Simon Baker looks like a prankster, Ryan Gosling looks like he is 12 years old for crissakes, and Fassbender and Somerhalder just don't have that gentleness about them! As for the other nominees - Christian Bale is just plain ugly, and Jonathon Rhys-Myers handsome though he is, is too evil looking. Henry Cavill is divine, but just doesn't have that charisma CG has in spades!

    The one actor who is worthy of this role is the dreamy, ARNIE HAMMER!!!

    Remember CG is very tall, has those baby blue eyes, that hair, the pants that sit 'just so' ... Arnie oozes CG!!!

  • Andrea

    Ian Somerhalder, I can't imagine anyone else.

  • Rachel

    Eric Winter, Alexander Skarsgard, or Matt Bomer

  • Siggles

    None of the above............


  • LeenieB

    CHRIS EVANS!!!! Why has no one said this??? Have you seen that mans eyes???? He IS Christian Grey!

  • Ann

    Alex Pettyfer!

  • adrienne

    so many suggestion sound good as christian grey! but here's another one to suggest...christian kane from leverage?

  • Rebecca

    For me I can easily see Jessie Pavelka as Christian Grey πŸ™‚

  • catherine

    I love the fact that the big majority agrees that it should be Matthew Bomer who plays Christian Grey!! He's as perfect as it will get!!

  • Laura

    CHRIS PINE!!!!!!

  • Colin Egglesfield

  • DD

    Henry Caville!!!

    • DD

      Heny Cavill !!!

  • Laurie dePass

    Matt Bomer hands down!

  • liz

    Chris Hemsworth

  • Ana

    I think Jared Leto would do well. Hot, right age group, contacts can make the eyes Grey and highlights can do their job. He's one sexy man.

  • kWl

    William Levy.. no one else!

  • Natasha

    Robert Pattinson yuuuuuummmmmmy!

  • Tula

    None of the above. Tom Ford.

  • Alec

    Cavill is good but Gosling All the way.....gr8 choice for Ana maybe Katherine McPhee shes perfect

  • Jay

    Sorry, I don't think a film should be published, this book really is for all women and their imaginations. None of the actors mentioned would fit as C.Grey, as he is too perfect in ones eyes. Come on ladies some women out there actually have gross tendencies (hence the facebook group, the photo on there is of a fugley and not very appetitising at all) Christian Bale is definately a turn off and would spoil the book, why can't people leave it alone and let us women fantasise about a perfect man(which truelly does not exist). No ones C.Grey is the same, so a lot of women would be extremely dissatisfied with the film. I know plenty of women that surely would not go and see this film out of honour for our Mr.Perfect...................basically NO ONE will ever fit the bill!!!

  • Alec

    Cavill and Matt Bomer are both good but Gosling All the way.....gr8 choice for Ana maybe Katherine McPhee shes perfect

  • Mec

    Chris Hemsworth is perfect!! Visually and physically!!!!!!!

  • wentworth miller! ...yummmmmm........;)

  • Sylvia

    I only had one actor come to mind.....Alex O'Loughlin. He may be a tad older, but acting wise he'd be perfect!

  • Hanah

    Zac Efron or Chris Hemsworth!!!!!

  • ann

    None of the above.
    Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!

  • Coco

    Chace Crawford!

  • Paul Walker for Christian Grey :o) x

  • Tobi W.

    Waldemar Torenstra of Bride Flight. This is who I imagined when I was reading the book. Oh MY!

  • Caroline

    Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd

  • Rachel

    Matt Bomer!! He IS Christian Grey period!

  • Phan48

    Keep in mind that Christian Grey is only 27 yrs old!!!! Chris Hemsworth or Zac Effron. Both beautiful men that would be perfect fits to play the role!!! Although it's is a challenging role....

  • Teresa

    I picture Colin Egglesfield from "the client list."

  • kara

    matt bomer!!!! <3

  • jaime

    Chris Pine or Robin Thicke

  • Hanne

    Ryan Reynolds of cause !

  • Cheree

    Henry Cavill or Colin Egglesfield!!!


    William Levy is who I picture...he would have to work on bettering an American accent. I do not like any of the options in the poll. Whoever plays him has to be scrappy yet refined. He had a rough childhood and would get in fights. The guys listed are to clean cut. He also needs to look older then 27 but have the ability to look 27 at times. Tall and very muscular is a MUST!

  • Nancy


  • Jen

    Colin Egglesfield is who I can picture playing Christian.

  • Faye

    Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd (Eric from True Blood)

  • Sarah

    Colin Egglesfield,would be perfect,or Zac Efron

  • Marie

    Matt Bomer!!!

  • Wenuko

    Matt Bomer from "White Collar."

  • Tanya

    I would really like to see either Ian somerhalder, Paul Wesley or Robert pattinson playing Mr Grey.

    As for Ana it needs to be someone young so could be Kirsten Stewart, nina dobrev!

  • Kay

    tom hiddleston he will be able to pull off the emotional core of the character better than anyone.

  • My vote is for David James Gandy,he is perfect!!! I think they need to pick someone that is not associated with another big character. He has the body,the look and the ambition.

  • C

    Eric Winters with darker hair perfect for Christian he has the God like looks, strong jaw bone, muscular and most of all the droooollllling factor! This is who i pictured whislt reading the books over and over again, the 4 named in the poll don't have the panty dropping good looks so, ERIC WINTERSFOR CHRISTIAN!!!! Pretty please XXX

  • Sarah

    Colin Egglesfield - is described to a tee, though he is a good 10 years older that Christian - does that really matter. But NOT Robert Pattison OR Ian Somerhalder!!!

  • sara

    ALEXANDER SKARSGARD,CHRIS HEMSWORTH,IAN Somerholder should be the third choice!

  • Louise Broadbent

    Henry Cavill!!! Have you not seen his Dunhill London adverts????????? They scream Fifty!!!!

  • sadie

    Rober patterson he is lush xx

  • Tanya

    Also just a quick thought I always wonder if the writer based the book on someone!
    I read all the comments and I'm starting to think that fresh a fresh actor and actress is needed for the part, the way that Mr Grey is described I couldn't actually pin point one actor to him, he is described as young which many wouldn't fit, and simply dying their hair wouldn't work!

  • Lucy

    Alexander Skarsgard was born to play Christian Grey.

  • Jen

    None of the above....Kellan Lutz he's got the looks and eyes and the body!!!

  • KW

    Gerard Butler from the movie 300
    Kellan Lutz- he looks great in the CK ads...
    Tom Welling
    Ryan Reynolds
    Jensen Ackles

  • Sherrie

    None of the above. My vote is for James Scott!!!

  • Kelly

    I had to google most of the names and did not know them but on first opinion I would say both Chris Hemsworth or Matt Bomer could capture the character & provoke the necessary feelings of lust & passion!!!!

  • Amelia B

    Non of the above it simply has to be Alexander Skarsgaard!!!!! He is 100% Grey!!!!!

  • Kate

    Matt Bomer! He's hot! I definitely agree no vampires! They're all til & creepy!

  • Britt

    Justin. Hartley.

  • Susan Thomas

    The part was made for Robert Pattinson!

  • ayu

    robert pattinson it's perfect christian grey...

  • Emma

    Most definitely Chris Hemsworth. I couldn't and wouldn't want to see anyone else play this role. Scarlett for my girl:)..or me..:)

  • The Client List's Jennifer and Colin. Both are hot and age fan pull off her character tron all 3 books. Kim Catrall for Mrs. Robinson.

  • Claire M

    I think chris hemsworth would be a perfect christian grey! he has the look, looks awesome in a suit and think he could do the controlling part very well.

  • lucy

    Henry Cavill IS christian Grey, there is no shred of doubt..he is beyond good looking, sexy, severe, dangerous, commanding, amazing body, has to evoke a sense of desire from every woman alive.( he does that in the book...its obligatory after all).

    I personally dont think ANY of the four you have chosen cut the part at women have to be able to drool all over him too...

  • mom2threeB

    colin egglesfield

  • tag

    Theo James

  • chels

    Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pine... Yummy!

  • Tiff

    A lot of the guys that people want just look to old. Ian Somerhalder is the best choice and would be an amazing Fifty.

  • jj

    I have to say Stuart Townsend. When read the first book his face and just images of him portraying Christian Grey fit him. He 's got the eyes, smoldering look and the body. No doubt.

  • karen

    i love drew fuller for the part. he looks young enough but also can pull off the dominant, confident CEO look in suits. he also has depth in his eyes and a great smile...i say drew fuller all the way!!!

  • Georgina

    Matt Bomer! He's exactly who I pictured while I read the books.

  • julie

    Bradley James ( prince Arthur out of merlin)

  • Jenina

    Max Irons!!!

  • Jayjay

    Milo Ventimiglia!!!!!!!! There is no one better! Looks the age and the part. Look at pics of him in a suit with a stern look on his face! Pure Christian!

  • kat

    patrick swayzee and the way he looked in dirty dancing

  • Kash

    Oliver Goodwill!!!!!!

  • sarah

    Christian bale has got the full package he would be perfect to play christian grey he has the smirk the swagger the looks the talent hes got it all

  • Taylor

    ALEXANDER SKARSGARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! duh.

  • Julie

    Matt Bomer. (White Collar style)

    as much as I love chris hemsworth, he is too ... stocky for the christian role. remember he as the V torso... chris would just be too... πŸ˜‰

  • Charlie

    Robert Pattinson... it was written with him in mind!

  • Shahm

    Gabriel Mann from Revenge...Perfect

    • Jodie

      Gabriel Mann, yes please!

  • Maree320

    Henry Cavill without a doubt... He's so perfect for the part... Stubble face, chest hair, gray eyes, perfect body and everything else in between!!!

  • aluska

    Alexander Skarsgaard !!!

  • Sha

    Alexander Skarsgard...YES.

  • Mrs Grey

    Alex Pettyfer, Ben Barnes, Taylor Kitsch

  • Jill

    Hayden Christiansen

  • Christine Pardee

    Taylor Kitsch or Jenson Ackles, or Ian Somerhalder. But I am really interested in Taylor right now. Did you see him in Battleship? OMG YUM!!!

  • chantelle

    ryan reynolds or alexander skarsgard πŸ™‚ x

  • susan


  • gemma

    chris hemsworth is the perfect christian grey

  • Sarah Brady

    Alexander Skarsgard is perfect for the role of Christian Grey! Not only does he completely match the description of CG he is very like him in real life, his hobbies, education etc. He is who I envisaged whilst reading the whole trilogy. !! VOTE ALEXANDER SKARSGARD !!

  • Judy H

    Benedict Cumberbatch....

    • EmilyDexter

      I agree about Benedict Cumberbatch... I've had him playing the role of Christian the entire time I was readying 50 Shades. I can just hear Anastasia (or Miss Steele) rolling of his lips #ijustfainted

      • Charlie

        Totally agree! In my mind he's prefect for it

        • Charlie

          Plus Benedict Cumberpatch is one of the best actors around at the moment... swoon

  • Jodie

    I reckon it should be Don Diamont. The famous Bill Spencer out of Bold & the Beautiful. Definately can see the fifty shades of grey in him!!! πŸ™‚

  • Char

    Eric Winter

  • Jo

    Jackson Rathbone

  • Foxydee

    Its got to be someone stunningly good looking - my choice is Matt Bomer!

  • Debs

    DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY Matt Bromer ................... Gorgeous πŸ™‚

  • Sepid

    Matthew Bomer or Alex Pettyfer or chris hemsworth .. i think ian is not the good case. he is not in the shape of Christian's body (he's shorter and not so powerful in liftings and ..)
    who ever play the role, should be in william levy's shape, to afford the physical part. ian is much more sweet than bossy.

  • sue lawson

    i think matt bonner he is just the right person for the roll, but for both parts someone new would be much better make it more realistic !

  • Bridgett

    Johnny Depp, Christian Slater or Hugh Jackman

  • Kerry

    Matt bomer from white collar
    Would be the perfect Christian

  • amanda

    I think chase crawford... he has that all american look about him but only if he could pull of the sadistic side of christian. If not then someone completely new... definately dont think any of the people the media are saying should do it other than christian bale but he is too old.

  • Lolls

    Matt Lanter, perfect!

  • aliexiis

    Herny Cavill πŸ™‚

  • jessica

    JESSE PAVELKA.... No one else compares

  • Jemma

    Alex Pettyfer !! πŸ™‚

  • Opinion

    None of the above: E.L. James describes Christian Grey as being gorgeous - none of the choices fit the description. The character also is unrealistic - a 26-year-old-billionaire. Come on! I think Christian Grey should be Robert Downey, Jr. or Rob Lowe. As for Anastasia, well the young age is appropriate. There are not many 30-year-old virgins in the real world. Christian should be late 30s or late 40s, no younger or no older... and again gorgeous.

  • Patsy

    Ryan Reynolds πŸ˜›

  • Tracey

    Dermot Mulroney from the wedding date he was the first one I thought of

  • Dillys

    Henry Cavill!

  • Veee

    To read these comments makes me feel like everyone of you just want to see their personal favorite actor as Christian πŸ™‚
    I think it's not just the question about the look or the ability to play the role, but to be willing to play the sexual explicit way thats needed to stay close to the books!

    In my opinion Michael Fassbender and Simon Baker are way too old to play a 27/28-year-old guy.
    Channing Tatum I absolutely don't see as Christian, he is much too stoutly built. I could imagine him as Taylor, but no way Christian... same is Chris Hemsworth.

    I've seen many Ryan Gosling movies and I think he'd be able to play Christian perfectly.... whoever doubts that should watch "Crazy, Stupid, Love" or "The Notebook".
    Though he wouldn't be my first choice...

    My first choice would be Ian. When I saw so many people asking for him as Christian I watched all 3 seasons of Vampire Diaries and now I agree! There are sooo many similarities between Damon and Christian... It feels like E.L.James watched Vampire Diaries while she was writing the books.

    By the way, my choice for Ana would be Ashley Greene or Emma Stone.

  • Team ASkarsgard

    ALEXANDER SKARSGARD is Chritian Grey. He ticks all (and we mean ALL the boxes). This won't be a young adult film. There's some pretty heavy duty stuff that goes on.. And he has all the grunt for it. He is an exemplary actor who can play light, shade (and dark) exceptionally well. In one instance you'll drool and get all hot, in another you'll fall in love with him and in another instance he has the ability to command the power for submission.

    There's even a fast emerging Facebook page that demonstrates this. It's called, 'ALEXANDER SKARSGARD TO PLAY CHRISTIAN GREY IN FIFTY SHADES OF GREY'

  • Jozie

    It's just got to be Chris Hemsworth or somebody unknown but stunningly gorgeous with an air of danger!

  • Iulia Lesley

    Henry Cavill all the way πŸ™‚

  • Jo

    Jessie Pavelka all day long!

  • Ann

    None of the above. Paul Walker has it all in my humble opinion or someone brand new. Have to have it all to be believable!! Tough call!! Wish I was casting it!!! Would have to be a brilliant actor & be perfect in every way!!

  • val

    matt bomer !!

  • Laura

    Ian has the steely eyes and that's about it. Alexander Skarsgard has the full package who will, with such experience, play the role naturally and execute the part with such exquisite expertise. I, too, have joined that Facebook group. It's awesome.

    Let's face it, he will sell tickets. Many hearts (and loins) will be extremely happy if he gets the part!

  • Mara G

    Christian = Matt Bomer !!!!!
    Ana=Leighton Meester

  • Vicky s

    Cam gigandet, he is beautiful as described in the books! He would make women stop in their tracks and bat their eyes and blush! He was in burlesque the oc and twilight. Google images.... Have a look

  • Lara

    I think the actor that plays Christian Grey should definitely be an unknown actor! Someone new...!

  • AnaT

    Matt Bomer! He is perfect and he can rock a suit!

  • Jo

    Matt Bomer! just looks like a perfect christian gray

  • Hayley

    I think it cud by chanum Tatum or Zachary effron x

  • Siff

    David Lyons.
    Or Alex O'Loughlin.
    THey are both really really hot. Even with clothes on. πŸ˜€

  • Angie

    Tom Hardy is my Christian Grey, he is gorgeous, got a body to die for, has a dark side to him & a beautiful smile. Plus, if Ana Steele had seen him as Bronte's Heathcliffe, she would definitelybe impressed! Laters baby πŸ˜‰

  • Luiza

    Definitely Jared Leto...

  • Kylie

    Alexander Skarsgaard, that is all!

  • Sianie08

    Alex pettyfer or Ryan Philippe!! X

  • Chrissy

    I would love to see Charlie Hunnam play the role of Christian.

  • Kim

    Matt Bomer has *the* perfect look, but I have a feeling he will not be chosen. πŸ™ I like Jessie Pavelka, he's a hottie - don't know about his acting skills though. If Christian Bale was still 27, he would have been the BEST choice hands down. I voted Ian, why? He's a looker and has the acting experience. He's going to be picked anyway, just watch. I agree with the people who think a new actor would also be exciting, btw!

  • Sarah

    Chris Hemsworth.

  • Ed Westwick should definitely play Christian Grey!

  • Julia Light

    Please no cookie-cutter actors for Ana, or Christian.....I heard I Entertainment Tonight that they were thinking of Scarlett Johansson for Ana...Please no....I think Scarlett is great but SHE'S IN EVERYTHING!!! But I do like the idea of Ian Somerhalder even though he's pretty well known. I just hope that this flim isn't butchered...because the book is great

    • Kristen

      Scarlett johanson is to seasoned for Ana. They need someone new and inocent looking, someone you can believe is a virgin and coming into womanhood. The actor who players Daniel Grayson in Revenge would be a good Christin

  • Kirsty

    Mitch Ryan who plays Alexander Coyne in One Tree Hill. The ripped jeans and long scruffy hair would look perfect on him. That's who i imagine when i'm reading the book.

  • Kimberly

    Wentworth Miller and Lucy Hale
    Ian Somerhalder
    Paul Walker
    Channing Tatum
    Kellan Lutz!!

  • Andrea

    None of them.

  • Ine

    excuse me, where is Christian Bale's name? He'd be perfect!

  • jackie

    ?possibly ian somerhalder but my prefer chris hemsworth. he has the build to portray christian grey.

  • Julie

    Alexander Skarsgaard

  • kali

    Colin Egglesfield,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1366&bih=653&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=YlTcT5K6CMaOiAf17o2OCg

  • nikki g
  • Jennifer

    None of the above... I think Daniel Gillies or Joseph Morgan are perfect for this part.

  • jo

    Robert pattinson

  • Leanne

    CAM GIGANDET would make a fantastic Christian. Take a look ...

    Check out the rest of his pic's on google image he's pefect for the role!!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    Ryan Reynolds or Channing Tatum every time!

  • rosie

    Henry Cavill!

  • julka

    alexander skarsgard πŸ™‚

  • Charlene

    Alexander Skarsgard.... More sex scenes with him is welcomed by me!!! yummy!!

  • Carina

    I think Henry Cavill will be good. πŸ˜€

  • Belinda

    Chris Hemsworth is the one

  • Yeah seriously, Everyone check out Matt Bomer. Grey should have brown hair and look older! At LEAST 27 but a little older because he is a powerful businessman. for gods saker alex pettyfyer looks like a little boy!!! definately not β€˜manly’ enough. Grey = matt bomer
    EVERYONE, HOW IS THIS NOT CHRISTIAN GREY????????? look at this pic :

  • Ariana

    Henry Cavill!!!!!!!!!

  • Gemma

    It's got to be Henry Cavill... the hair, the eyes and most of all those sculpted lips! He's my Christian for sure!

  • Marylou Caraballo

    Matt Bomer! Matt Bomer! Matt Bomer! Is the right man to play Christian Grey!

  • Jonell

    Colin egglesfield is perfect, a lot of the other guys are too old and Ian somerhalder is a poor choice because hes mostly popular from a teenager show

  • Matthew Fox would be hot!!

  • karin

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

  • Gina Fry

    Chris Hemsworth



  • Linda

    Alexander Skarsgard!

  • Gina

    Alexander Skarsgaard would be over the top!

  • Angelina

    Matt bomer all the way or Alexander skarsgard, both are extremely hot, hot, hot!!!!!

  • MrsC

    Henry cavill has it all, those seductive eyes, the impressive body, the floppy hair. Anyone who has seen the Tudors can see he more than meets all those requirements. Let's face it we would all agree and no why ana keeps drawing attention to the fact he is so beautiful because Henry is heavenly!

  • Leah

    None Alexander Skarsgard should play Christian and Ashly Greene should play Ana !!

  • Kristina

    Chris Pine

  • KK

    Scott Elrod!!!

  • Leah

    The yummy Gerard Butler would be perfect if slightly older for this role but I just know they'll end up casting Zac Effron or the twilight dude for it, which will make me stay away from seeing the movie.
    I think they'll have to use older actors anyway as is they use the up n coming actors it will appeal to a younger teenage generation becoming more twilight saga than the 50 shades that fans of the books are expecting.

  • Jackie

    Chris Pine

  • Deb

    James Scott - EJ Dimera on Days of Our Lives!!!!!!!

  • anna


  • Kate


  • Amanda

    Colin Egglesfield!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jenn

    My top picks were always Cam Gigandet or Alex Pettyfer!

  • Kat

    Matt Bomer, William Levy.

  • Joely

    Cam Giganet would make a great Christian

  • Becki

    Josh duhamel! Just perfect x

  • Danielle

    Tyler Hoechlin should play him! He's on teen wolf and he's not very well known but he is beyond hot but also still has that dark side!

  • Rai

    Matt Bomer for me!

  • TINA87

    Matt Bomer would be perfect for the role.

  • Lizzie

    David Gandy is my Christian Grey!

  • Wilma

    If he was a little younger, Matthew McConaughey

  • Ann

    Kyle Schmid would be perfect. He is the right age, has the requisite beautiful blue/grey eyes, fabulous body and that essential mix of virility and vulnerability.

  • Victoria Hastie

    Colin Farrell as Christian Grey.

  • Maria

    Ian Somerhalder

  • Michelle

    William Levy or Alexander Skarsgard please. William could work on losing the accent and be perfect.

  • Jackie

    Alexander Skarsgaard!!

  • Micele

    I think Cillian Murphy should be strongly considered, he has the sexiest eyes & I so see him as Christian Grey, check out the film Inception to knw who he is!!

  • Anne

    Sebastian Stan. Saw him as The Mad Hatter on Once Upon a Time, and immediately could picture him as Christian Grey. Gorgeous, but has a brooding, menacing edge.

  • Crystal

    James Scott would make an excellent Christian Grey.

  • Sofie

    James Scott ( he plays ej dimera on days of out lives) he character on day describes Christian to the tee. Powerful moody control freak and super sexy

  • Chrissy

    Ryan Phillipe!!!!

  • Kelly menzies

    Channing tatum or alexander skarsgard

  • Lisa

    None of the above-I vote for Jessie Pavelka.

  • Kari

    Henry Cavil would be great!

  • Elizabeth

    henry cavill

  • Diane

    I think Jessie Pavelka would make the best Christian Grey. My runner up choice is Alexander Skarsgard.

  • Marlene

    Gabriel Aubry (Halle Berry's Ex) would be the perfect "Christian Grey" !!! ; )

  • SLM

    Christian Bale!

  • Sharon

    I picture Henry Cavill with Alexandra Daddario-hotness! Remember how old the characters are-a lot of you picked sexy men, but too old to play a 29 year old!

  • raiz

    Ed Westwick!

  • Eileen

    BRADLEY COOPER!!! How come no body can see that!! He should be Christen Grey!!! Without a doubt!

  • xoxoxo

    none of the above

  • Nikki

    Alexander Skaarsgaard or JasonStatham!!!!

  • Trish

    Tyler Hoechlin

  • Steph

    None of the above!

    Henry Cavil or James Marsden HANDS DOWN!

  • Mary

    Chris Pine. He has the eyes and looks. He can look like a billionaire with a troubled past. Check him wont be disappointed.

  • I can only picture Jason Lewis. He is so beyond handsome!!! He is not all that well known and I agree that we need a new face, a young face (granted this man is 40ish but totally could play a man in his late 20's). And I don't really picture a younger man in his 20's in this role. Young men IMHO don't have the experience behind them to be the ultimate sexiness of Christian Grey...Jason Lewis mmmmmm

  • Dusty

    Alex Pettyfer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Christopher Pine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shirley

    Jessie Pavelka

  • Laura

    I picture christian looking like this
    either Armie Hammer or jenson ackles.

  • CP

    Maybe Zac Effron, but he's a bit young. I don't see anyone that really fits the bill for Christian.

  • Chris Evans would be absolutely perfect! He got a hot body and beautiful eyes. He's also great actor that serious and playful Christen.

  • TJ

    JAMES SCOTT...perfect!

  • Lima

    Armie Hammer, please.

  • Monica

    Matt Bomer!!!!!!!! So perfect its not even funny

  • deb

    Trent Ford

  • Kristen

    Jonathan Reece ryes would be awesome. Could also see Henry cavil. Ashley green would b a good Ana

  • Jessie

    Chris Pine

  • Maria

    Steven Gannt or William Levy

  • Daria

    Matt Bomer or Matt Lanter. I think Alex Pettyfer would be better for Ethan or Elliott.

  • Britt

    Wentworth Miller would be perfect!!

  • Michelle

    I agree with Chris Hemsworth... he could totally be Christian!!

  • Connie

    Chis Hemsworth as Christian Grey please !!!hes just perfect. There are so many but when I read the books without reading anything online this is who I pictured when I read. Chris Hemsworth please.

  • Stephanie Jo

    Jon Kortajarena~game over!

  • Danielle Fraser

    Josh Duhamel without a doubt

  • He's probably too old but I love Stephen Moyer. Definitely not Robert Pattinson! Need someone with a great body! Someone new probably would be best.

  • Christina

    Jesse Pavalka !! He's who I see when I read the books. Enough said.
    None of the above in my opinion

  • miaa

    Chris hemsworth

  • Samantha

    Alex Pettyfer

  • cassey

    ALEXANDER SKARSGAARD!!!!!!! NO one Does KINKY SEX like ALexander, and he's tall, brooding and plays emotionally f**cked up better than anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yall have mentioned plenty of pretty faces, but i guarantee that the movie will be entirely lacking if they just stick a pretty face/body in as Mr. Gray......Its the depth of him that makes the books worth reading and ALEXANDER SKARSGARD is the KEY!

  • Samantha

    Kalon McMahon from Bachelorette Season 8 (Emily Maynard's Season) and upcoming Bachelor Pad 3!! He is young, tall, well dressed, comes from money. Has a helicopter and jet among other things. He IS Christian Grey in real life! (Minus the BDSM)

  • Deb

    When I read Fifty Shades and then saw Chris Pine he has been for me Christian Grey. Who can deny those eyes?? Ian would be great as well.

  • CGFan22

    1: Ryan Reynolds
    2: Mark Wahlberg (can still play/look young)
    3: Bradley Cooper
    4: Chris Evans
    5: Ryan Gosling

    They can all play the role of someone 27 years old or older. They look sexy and I think the top 3 could do the best with the darker side of Grey.

  • Brittania Thompson

    MATT BOMER. Dear Lord, how you could leave HIM out?

  • dolly mclaughlin

    Henry Cavill is goood, id also be happy with ryan gosling or Alexander Skarsgaard bc they r sooo hot & sexy.

  • TT

    Colin Egglesfield!!!!!!

  • Ffyona

    Alexander Skarsgard. Definitely. He's gorgeous, intimidating, powerful and can also be incredibly vulnerable and cute-the perfect Christian Grey!

  • Jen

    Gabriel Macht!!!

  • Melanie

    I am not sure if he acts or not but one look at Jessie Pavelka had me at "Laters, baby!"Google him if you haven't seen him.

  • colleen

    None of the above.. I think they should cast a nobody for Christian so we don't already have a visual image of that actor...

  • Pffft, Please... this voting list is full of mediocre men. Christian Grey must be played by somone who has that fire and mystery in their gorgeous eyes and that phenomenal perfect look. Somone who deserves to be on the 'sexiest man alive' list.

    There are only TWO men in this planet that can perfect that roll and its between...

    JONATHAN REECE MYERS!! (King Henry VIII in The Tudors)
    HENRY CAVILL!!! (Immortals and The Tudors)

    As a huge Christian Grey fan... I'd be very dissapointed if it wasn't one of them.

  • Star

    Jessie Pavelka!...Perfect in one else will due!...if you don't know who he is, google him...HE IS CHRISTIAN GREY!!!

  • stephanie

    Matt Bomer or Ryan Renolds

  • Tiffany

    Jonathan RHYS Meyers is only one year older than Ian Somerhalder but still doesn't look the part. Watch Ian on the Vampire Diaries and see how he (as Damon) goes from sadistic to romantic for Elena and will do ANYTHING to protect her. The role was made for Ian Somerhalder. He has intense eyes and maddening good looks. As for Ana...Lucy Hale for sure!

  • Tyler Hoechlin

  • Bethanne394

    Anyone who knows the history of this trilogy knowss that is was first written as a Twilight FanFic and Christian was origionally Edward Cullen but only renamed AFTER the entire story was pulled from the site when the author decided to publish the work and could not risk legal ramifications. Therefore the character was created with Edward specifically in mind. The part should go to Robert Pattinson as he was the origional ispiration for this character and story. The thousands plus who read this story before it went mainstream (and there was a HUGE following) will never think of Christian as anyone other than Edward in our minds.

  • Risa

    Chris Hemsworth or Ian Somerhalder.. They cud give the eyes and the love scenes πŸ™‚

  • Sophia

    Matt Bomer is the Christian Grey, hands down.

  • Holly

    Alexander Skarsgard for the win. The above choices are horrific.

  • Molly

    Chris Pine!

  • Rhi

    I know he's too old, but CHRISTIAN BALE would be perfect if they could make him look young enough....he is EXACTLY who I picture when reading the books!

  • missy


  • Stacy

    Okay, can E.L. James find someone new and fresh who viewers have never seen before. Lets make Christian the star he, fresh, gorgeous, dark, with beautiful grey eyes. Why use old faces who don't belong to the book. If you want to make the movie a hit..find someone for the part. Don't let hollywood decide. They have beautiful men in this world..find Christian and Ana.

  • Liz

    Henry Cavill. Like many have said, he has the physique, the eyes, the age, height, and that just *8Β°&#@ hair..... Please cast Henry

  • Myra

    MATT BOMER is the perfect Christian Grey!! All the other suggestions are too old and are not how E L James describes Mr. Grey in the trilogy....his jawline, straight nose, and lets not forget the hair! Second up for me is definitely Ian Somerhander - a little thin but still very hot and again, he has the look!!

  • ginny

    Matt Bomer would make a prefect Christian .. He's is simply PERFECT...

  • Lauren

    OMG! How could you not include Chris Hemsworth, a/k/a THOR?????? He's my vote πŸ™‚

  • Melissa

    Robert Buckley!

  • Mari

    Kellan Lutz would be the perfect Christian Grey!!

  • Lisa

    I think Christian Grey should be played by Henry Cavill....look him up

  • Mandee


  • SueB

    None of the above!! Please consider *Henry Cavill

  • carrie

    Alexander Skarsgard is the right person for sure but it wont matter who you have if you put Kristen Stewart as Anna or Scarlett johanson so the girl makes a big difference too I think it needs to a no name actress.

  • flo

    Colin Egglesfield for CG

  • Mary

    Ian Harding or Matt Bomer!!!! If you haven't them-- look them up!!!!!

  • Irene

    I love Chris Hemsworth for Christian but I have to agree with some other ladies that he should be played by some new actor!! Someone we don't have in our heads already having played some other role..

  • Arl

    Eric Bana

  • Sonia

    I think we need someone new to play Christian Grey none of these actors fit the part to me I just can't imagine any of them being that intense.As for Ana i think Emilia Clarke would be perfect.

  • Rebecca

    Jessie Pavelka must be cast as Christian Grey... Yummy πŸ™‚

  • None of the above -- Matt Bomer

  • Mandy

    Henry Cavill. Hands down.

  • Lily

    None of the choices in the Poll are suitable for CG. I love Ian Somerhalder. Ur let face it he's totally Damon Salvatore even off screen. His face looks more evil than troubled. His smirk isn't sexy it looks like he up to something. And not for nothing all his begging, flaunting, & bragging about wanting to play CG is a total turn off to me!!! In my opinion MATT BOMER would be the perfect CG.. Anyone who has seen White Collar will agree. Also I can vouch for HENRY CAVILL... He's my 2nd choice! But MATT BOMER is the PERFECT Christian Grey!!

  • Samantha

    I think Matt bomer would be a great Christian , but the thing is I don't want a little boy playing him and not your typical actor like Bradley cooper or Johnny depp. These books are my favorite so all I am asking is pick Matt bomer

  • Lorna

    NONE of the above......Simon Clark (Mont Blanc cologne) British model.......PERFECT Christian

  • Star


  • April

    Chris Pine or Tyler Hoechlin. They are the right age, dark hair, amazing eyes, they're not in everything. I love Ian Somerhalder but I think he's too small.

  • sudi

    None of the above. I like Jason Lewis or Matt Bomer. John Hamm might be a tad too old, but he has the looks and the character.

  • hauhd

    tom hiddleston, he could be really good he is all ready mysterious and he is very charming, but I also agree that it could be some unknown actor.

  • Melissa

    Someone we do not know!!!

  • michelle

    channing tatum or matt bomer

  • Johnna

    Kellon Lutz, Chirs Helmsworth, William Levy, Jesse Pavelka

    For the girl I think Emmy Rossum, Camilla Belle, Emily Browning, Nina Dobrev

    Good luck to those casting directors!

  • Holly

    Matt Bomer and Chris Hemsworth are my top choices! Funny that someone mentioned Jason Statham, who I feel would be very wrong for the role, but he is one of two, who I always picture as Taylor, if he's able to drop his accent, or John Cena, who I guess is a wrestler, but I just remember him from an ep of Psych.

  • Jen

    Liam Hemsworth...he is young, fit, and has Christian's smoldering eyes!

  • Diana


  • Andi

    Reading the trilogy Gabriel Macht was the Christian I kept picturing, so I would love to see him in the film.

  • Lisa

    Chris Pine.....for sure!

  • Amanda

    Henry Cavill for sure! He is the perfect Christian!

  • Rosalie

    Christian Grey should be played by Matt Bomer or Josh Duhamel!

  • Kelly

    Matt Bomer!!!!!

  • Lacey

    Jessie Pavelka for sure! He's perfect!

  • Adri

    Christian needs to be played by someone who is breathtaking. Ian, Ryan, Michael & Simon are Good looking, but not quite IT!!!! They need to find someone at the level of David Gandy (even though he's not an actor, his looks inspire desire an lust) Henry Cavill could be another good choice. Now, the actor needs to incorporate a similar demeanor like Christian Bale did in American Psycho.... It wont be an easy task to find the right actor, and it's impossible to always please everyone, but at the end of the day I do hope the author who created the character and puctured him before any of us did, voices her choices and helps them pick the right person πŸ™‚

  • Meghann

    Eric Dane would make the best Christian Grey πŸ™‚

  • MC

    Henry Cavill!!! Hmmmmm.....

  • Tiffany

    I think Zac Efron could play the part very well!!

  • Courtney

    Kellan Lutz!!!!

  • Melissa

    I have to say that Chris Hemmsworth would fit the role of Christian to a tee!!

  • Penny

    I can only see Patrick Wilson with Anna Kendrick as Ana.

  • Tanya

    Ian Somerhalder as Christian for sure. No doubt about that. Then you need someone that can act naive. Like Alexis Bledel. I think that would be great on screen. Can not wait to see it..

  • chris

    Henry Cavill. No contest.

  • Kate

    Definitely Henry Cavill. Just watch this commercial and you'll see that he IS Christian Grey!

    I really hope Ian Somerhalder doesn't get the part. Sorry, but watching him bug out his eyes for two hours because that's how he acts "intense" is going to ruin the movie for me...

  • Copper

    PAUL MARRON. !!!!!!!!!! Model

  • Ramona

    HENRY CAVILL!!!!!! Google his images.... You'll see that he was born to play Christian!

  • Alex Pettyfer

  • Alana

    Hands down for me it would be Henry Cavill as my C.G!!! For Ana, it would be Elsa Pataky. Both of them would steam it up on the set.....HOT!!

  • Kristi

    Colin Egglesfield!!!!!!! Soooooo hotttttt!!!!

  • Michelle

    I think that Charlie Hunnam should be Christian Grey! He just needs to dye his hair brown. He plays Jax on Sons of Anarchy.

  • Dawn

    MATT BOMER!!! The only person I can see in my head as Christian as I'm reading the books. He is perfect in looks, acting & singing. A triple threat!!!!

  • KK

    The actors and actresses for this movie really need to be people who are not extremely famous movie actors. I believe that Christian Grey should be played by Michael Muhney from the Y&R!

  • Kristy

    Tatum Channing for sure!!

  • Lia


  • Bethany

    Matt Lanter

  • Jennak

    Henry Cavill!!!!!

  • Carol

    Matthew McConaughey !!!

  • Katy

    Henry Cavill, not well known but is stunning and fabulous actor...him all the way for me!

  • Patti

    Channing Tatum....the rest are tooo old. Christian is young, 27 and he is very muscular and tall.

  • NatNat

    As Fifty shades was originally based on Twilight and evolved into what it is now... Basically DIRTY TWILIGHT there is only one FIFTY ..... Rob Pattinson but that aint gonna happen so won't bother. Christian is EDWARD and Ana is BELLA ... so if Rob and Kristen won't do it ... i won't be watching and to be honest i don't think it will be a good film anyway. A lil bit of fun to read but a film nah ............

    • TaraUSA

      I will be appalled if Kristin Stewart plays Ana.... She's Bella, there is that looming over her. I would not like to see her in this role. This is a mature film, and she, to me, seems too branded from Twilight to be effective in this role.

  • Courtney

    Henry Cavill

  • Layla

    Henry Cavill!!
    Everything about him is Christian Grey AND he's an amazing actor!

  • Layla
  • michelle

    To play Christian, I think Michael out of prison break, or his brother linc. WOW They are Gorgeous xxxxxxxx

  • rocii

    Pleasee Robert Pattinson!!! He will be the perfect boy for the role!! πŸ˜‰ HeΒ΄s HOTT

    • Sue

      Pattinson is to young

  • Paula

    Jason Lewis!

    • Robin S.

      I agree 100% percent! And from his character in Sex In The City, he definitely has the part down πŸ˜‰

  • Longstreet24


  • didi

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.The best couple!!

  • Laura

    Matt Bomer. He has it all...the strong jawline, the sexy hair, & the body. He's the total package.

  • Ara

    Channing Tatum..........and as for Ana it needs to be someone young and innocent looking, they better not get an older actress.

  • 50-Shades

    Robert Pattinson!! Come on itΒ΄s so obiously

  • Kim C

    Why isn't Bradley Cooper in the lineup? He can clean up pretty good, tall, complex and his smirks are to die for πŸ™‚ I vote Bradley Cooper!!!

  • Joanna

    Alexander Skarsgard!

  • Andrea

    Although some are worried about some being too "old" the camera's and technology can fix all that. My vote, is someone who already knows that type of character from his role in nip/tuck, Julian Mcmahon!!!!

  • KABlair

    Most of the choices are too old...good looking, but too old. Christian Gret is 27 at the beginning of the trilogy but it even mentions that Ana can see his true age at times (like gliding). It seems as though an actor close to the age of 27 should be selected. Someone, possibly unknown, who is tall, masculine yet manicured, strong face (not just a pretty boy), and a full head of hair. He also needs to have a commanding presence, otherwise women are going to be highly disappointed and upset.

  • Meg

    Alexander Skarsgard

  • Danica

    Bradley Cooper!!!!

  • Carolyn

    Armie Hammer

  • Nicole


  • Cforea

    James Scott from Days of Our Lives. Or Alexander Skarsgaard.

  • florence takacs

    henry cavill is the perfect choice to play christian grey, when i read the books and the description of christian comes up he fits it to a tee.

  • Veronica

    Bradley Cooper

  • michelle j.

    that guy that played the wolf on true blood....... Joe Mananiello... She is that Kinda sexy and I picture him not only is he tall and sexy as hell but he has the hair and the whole look. Can't wait to see this movie.

  • Simon, Ryan and Michael are too old! The perfect choice is ARMIE HAMMER!!!!

  • Lynn

    Chris Pine

  • desertgator

    Colin Egglesfield

  • Tasha

    Alexander SkarsgΓ₯rd -the only choice

  • Angela

    MATT BOMER!!!!

  • Anastasia

    Henry Cavill is the ONLY one who fits the description of CG!!

  • Allyson

    Alexander Skarsgaard for sure!

  • Holly


  • MJ

    Alex Pettyfer, Alex Pettyfer, Alex Pettyfer <3

  • val

    jessie pavelka

  • kmacke

    Jonathon Rhys Meyers from the Tudors

  • JARED LETO ALL THE WAY FOR CHRISTIAN ...however if he couldn't / wouldn't do it, then Ryan Gosling is the only other one I'd pick

  • jess

    Chris Hemsworth would be great. He has the capacity to be layered. Plus, he's. Yummy.

  • Angela

    Jessie Pavelka πŸ™‚

  • Ellen

    Colin Egglesfield would be perfect - he has those steely eyes and that look of cool confidence.

  • K.S.

    Scott Elrod!!!

  • Jennifer

    This will be one of the most difficult casts to create in my opinion. I almost think Christian should be a brand new actor. Most of the guys I love and who have been mentioned above are so gorgeous, but frankly, too old to play Christian Grey. I am not sure if he could pull it off acting-wise (I hope I am wrong,) but I kind of like Chace Crawford as Christian in terms of looks.

  • Christine

    I totally disagree with your choices, I highly recommend reading the thousands of post of E.L.’s website, an see what the devoted fans are hoping or, and is sure isn’t a β€œstar” not an actor that is a household name, look at the success of Twilight (which 50 was inspired from) they took actor who had experience, but weren’t so famous that they over showed the character. Look at Matt Bomer, or even less known suggestions on the site where all the fans go. Don’t disappoint the readers there are 10 million of them!

  • Jessica

    I would love to see Matt Lanter in the role

  • joan s

    Matt Bomer!

  • Mo


  • Lindsay

    Colin Egglesfield or Matt Bomer

  • 7shades

    None of this actors can't compare to the georgeous Scott Elrod. Check Scott is the perfect Mr. Gray!!

  • Tina manning

    Its gotta be Ryan Reynolds!!!!

  • Whitney

    Chris Hemsworth!!!!! He's so distinguished and gorgeous but he can be playful. Perfect πŸ™‚

  • Amy

    Joshua Bowman! From Revenge as Daniel. Don't get me wrong I love Robert Pattinson lol but I feel Joshua Bowman would be the Perfect Christian Grey! =D

  • Chantallou71
  • Rae

    I vote Ian Harding for Christian Grey. He's young enough, tall enough, and jeepers is he sexy enough!
    And for Ana, I vote Alexis Bledel. She is exactly what I pictured while reading!

  • P Hilton

    Matthew Bomer or Scott Elrod!! Simply no other will do!!!

  • Wishfulthkn

    Chris Hemsworth would make a good Christian Grey!

  • Rae

    @Michelle, Wentworth Miller would be perfect too!! So sexy.

  • jess

    Henry Cavill !!!!!!!!!

  • Dominique

    Alexander Skarsgaard

  • caroline

    Henry Cavill or Tyler Hoechlin would be perfect as Mr Grey,

  • Angie

    Christian Bale should play Christian. Anastasia could be Emma Roberts. My only concern is their actual age difference but on the screen it might work.

  • Henry Cavill, hands down!! I <3 Ian Sommerhalder but Henry Cavill is IT.

  • Mach5555

    Matthew McConaughey !!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Walker has the look to be all fifty shades of f'd up and loveable. And he looks great in jeans.

  • Sharon

    Neal Caffrey from White Collar

  • April

    Alexander Skarsgard

  • Renee

    Cam Gigandet.

  • Vconatser

    GABRIEL MACHT! He already knows how to play a tough, but young business enterpreneaur on USA's Suits. He's got the "lost boy" look, he's got the serious "hard grey eye" look, I must start a petition!

  • TC

    Chris Pine!

  • Catelynn Brooks

    john cena

  • rachel witt

    jenson ackles! He fits the whole picture

  • Alison

    Henry Cavill. Def Henry Cavill

  • LisainNJ

    Jessie Pavelka!

  • Armie Hammer is the perfect choice! He's very tall, has the eyes and the gorgeousness that Ana is always talking about! He's also about the right age - some of the other actors discussed here are too old!!

    Check out my Fifty Shades, "Fifty Shades of Nutella" Yummy!

  • Melissa

    Henry Cavill all the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angela


  • DAVID GANDY......the only one to play Christian Grey

  • GiGi

    Alexander Scarsgard!!!

  • Holly


  • JMD

    Matt Bomer!

  • Christina

    Matt Bomer!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    Who says he has to be white? Michael Ealy or Jesse Williams are both beautiful men of color who can also act!!!!

    • Paige

      I am so with you. No where in the book does it decribe him as white! My imagined Christian Grey from the beginning of reading this novel was Terrence Howard - young, copped tipped hair and those sexy grey eyes! His Mom' hair is blong, but Christian is adopted!!!

      Terrence Howard is and will always be the only Christian Grey for me

  • stacy

    alexander skarsgaurd has to be christian as I read the books he was right there he is so beautiful and can do bad and good beautifully

  • Joey

    Chris Hemsworth

  • Pattimg

    without a doubt. . . .Channing Tatum

  • Nicole


  • Laura


  • Michelle

    Charlie Hunnam without a doubt. He is the total package for such a good boy/bad boy image.....

    • Shannon

      TOTALLY CHARLIE!!!! This is going to be so hard because we all pictured him in our head....but when I saw Charlie's eyes while watching Sons of Anarchy this week, I immediately did actually think...WOW, those eyes and his hard eyes when he is mad, but then playful grin - would indeed be a perfect Christian...and he would totally meet the expectations πŸ™‚
      Channing Tatum is the only other one I can possibly think can pull off the age, the body, the expressions that are REQUIRED in the eyes and then the expressions of anger and emotion....Yep...these two are the only option ladies πŸ™‚

  • NLO

    Hrithik Roshan

  • Leeannne3

    i know hes a bit older but josh lucas i think he could definitely pass for 28 and his acting style screams christian grey lol

  • sarah hughes

    chris hemsworth! and kristen stwert for ana! when i seen the premier of snow white and the huntsman i thought they looked as i imagined christan and ana!

  • Tina

    James Scott from Days of Our Lives!!!!

  • Charmaine

    I vote Joe Manganiello!! What a bod!!

  • sandi

    Johnny Depp



  • Jodi

    Adam Lavine....

  • Polly

    Robert pattinson or Ian

  • 50ShadesLover

    Bradley Cooper or Colin Egglesfield for sure!!! If it's Robert Pattinson I will NEVER see this movie!!!

  • lalulu

    Chris.Hemsworth all the way perfect to play Christian Grey

  • Misty

    I think it needs to be a new face.. Someone unknown and fresh

  • Kimberly

    Kellen Lutz. That's who I feel would make the perfect Christian Grey.

  • I vote Chris Pine!!

  • selene

    Henry Cavill - hands down the best choice!!!!!

  • Julie

    Chris Evans - check out Captain America and the Gucci Guilty ads. Oh yeah.

  • Melanie

    Alexander Skarsgard πŸ™‚ yummy!

  • Kelly

    MATT BOMER!!!!!!! Perfect Christian Grey!!!!!!!

  • n

    guys, please look up Chris Hemsworth
    he plays Thor, and now Huntsman in "Snow white & the huntsman" or is it Huntsmen?

    He is perfect! HE IS JUST WHAT I PICTURED FOR CHRISTIAN. down to the dot!

  • Karen

    Alex Skarsgard hands down!! The way he dominates the women on True Blood 'nough said!! He has the look smoldering, sexy, tall, lean, devilish grin. Alex is your man!!

  • Brandi

    Robert Pattinson!!!

  • Destinie

    HENRY CAVILL!!! Like, I might die if he is not Christian.. he IS Christian to a T!

  • Maureen

    Matt Bomer is the perfect Christian Grey!

  • Lyndsey

    Bradley Cooper or Jensen Ackles

  • lana

    jensen ackles, hes got the build and the christian look in his eye πŸ™‚

  • TaraUSA

    Chris Hemsworth..... the spot on "Christian" features.... eyes.. hair...physique..... You can see the mystery in his eyes! Perfect guy to play the role!!!

  • Robin S.

    Jason Lewis...he was Samantha's sexy young boyfriend, Smith, in Sex In The City πŸ˜‰ He would totally fit the part πŸ˜‰

  • Amy

    Chris Pine!

  • Melissa

    Gale Harold who played Brian Kinney on Queer as Folk or Jessie Williams who plays Jackson on Grey's.

  • Lindsay

    Chris Hemsworth easily

    Ana should be someone like Ashley Greene

  • Susana Morrison

    MATT BOMER--100%!!!!!!!!!!!

  • teresa smith

    Alex Pettyfer

  • Tammy S

    Colin Egglesfield or Jessie Pavelka for Christian both totally hot for ana mayba Emmy Rossum. Can't wait for the movie !!!

  • Meka

    Obviously Chris Hemsworth is the better choice. He would be the best Christian Grey.

  • Anniebkny

    Jensen Ackles or Alexander Skarsgard

  • Channing Tatum!!!