Casting News: Emma Watson Won't Go 'Grey'; Viola Davis Champions Barbara Jordan Biopic

Emma Watson/Photo © Featureflash/Shutterstock
Emma Watson/Photo © Featureflash/Shutterstock

Everyone relax, Emma Watson is NOT going to star in "Fifty Shades of Grey." She just isn't! Anyhow, surely one of the Fanning girls will be called in to elevate the material to art so that the film goes hard R instead of NC-17 (or even more disastrous for studios, "Unrated"). Or how about Dominique Swain, who played Lolita opposite Jeremy Irons back in 1997 and who's more than due for a serious career comeback?

Kaitlyn Leeb, the actress who plays the three-breasted mutant prostitute in the "Total Recall" remake wants you to know that there's nothing unusual about her true anatomy. Leeb felt the need to speak out after a recent Comic-Con appearance, for which she wore the full custom prosthesis from the film; it seems the illusion was a little too convincing, and now everyone's treating her like an actual freak of nature.

Embedded somewhere in this new trailer for the Sundance darling "Bachelorette" is a theatrical script by Leslye Headland, which first came to bristling life on stage in NYC. Headland adapted and directed the film herself, and the rest is history -- literally, since she's since already moved on to a new play called "Assistance," which itself sounds like a promising film venture.

Meanwhile, the spectacular Viola Davis (who garnered an Oscar nomination for "The Help) has announced her next big role: She'll star in a biopic about American political pioneer Barbara Jordan, based on the biography written by Mary Beth Rogers back in 2000. Quoth the director, Paris Barclay: "We're hoping this becomes a movie that shows the world everything that Viola can do. People haven't seen everything that she's capable of, and this role is so powerful." Sounds like Viola's hellbent on another crack at that Oscar gold.