First Trailer: Christopher McQuarrie's 'Jack Reacher' Starring Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise in ‘Jack Reacher’/Photo © Paramount
Tom Cruise in ‘Jack Reacher’/Photo © Paramount

Finally, the trailer so many have been waiting for with bated breath -- and skepticism -- is here: Christopher McQuarrie's adaption of Lee Child's One Shot starring Tom Cruise. Initial responses to the news that Cruise would be taking on the imposing role of Jack Reacher in the film were less than supportive. Cruise's stature inspired naysayers to voice their opinions loudly and vehemently; clearly Child's writing has earned him a passionately dedicated fanbase. Still, in the time since that news, McQuarrie has assembled an exceptional supporting cast including Robert Duvall, Rosamund Pike, and Jai Courtney. And though McQuarrie hasn't done a ton on the directing front, his writing credit on "The Usual Suspects" is reason enough to keep faith in the man.

Child's thrilling novel tells the story of ex-military investigator Jack Reacher, brought onto a job when a criminal sniper kills five -- out of an intended six -- people. The sniper is caught, but insists he's not guilty and requests the presence of Reacher. The character of Reacher is everything heroism demands: stoicism, strength, mad fighting skills, strong principles. He's also 6'5", which is what threw fans for a loop when Cruise was cast. But now, on the heels of Cruise's split from wife Katie Holmes, we think the actor has something good in the works here. We're not sure about you all, but our initial reaction to the just-released teaser trailer -- damn. What Cruise lacks in height he may just make up for in bad-ass.

  • Louise Ward

    can't wait!!!!

    • Joanna

      No. This is a Tom Cruise movie not a Jack Reacher. I will not be able to watch this as it will ruin the books for me! I always picture him as a muscley Clive Owen. Oh well, just have to watch Transporter or The Mechanic again to give me faith in casting. Jason Statham would also have been better than Cruise except for the height again, but he DOES have the attitude and aptitude for it.
      Loved the book Lee Child, have read all that I know you have written so far, how could you let your main man be portrayed by a mission impossible guy?

      • Tradish89

        Sorry, forgot to mention.......... did ANYONE associated with this film ready ANY of the books, Read ANY chapters.. Since when does Reacher, the ex army Reacher, go around with a short military style haircut and clean shaven... its set in the beginning and all throughout the series, he is out there after being a military brat, only knowing the military and now he wants to be the opposite, not doing anything he is TOLD to do, not conforming, none of that. He has the discipline that will never leave him, ability to sleep when he needs to etc, but he does NOT look like an ex army CID, he looks like a recently paroled FELON!!! Please someone keep SOMETHING true to the books....

    • josh cook

      i am so dissapointed they got little tom cruise for the part. hes probably never even read a reacher novel

      • Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher !!!!!! I won't watch the movie but will continue to read the books and keep Reacher in my mind the way I think he should be......

    • Reacher Fans my disappointment is beyond words. I speak to the casting of Tom C. as Reacher. I have no idea why Lee would allow this, my only conclusion is he does not have enough faith in his Reacher character to survive beyond one film and wanted at the very least, a current box office star to fail at the role. That being said who better than Cruise to bastardize Reacher and kill the character. I am disappointed beyond my ability to express this to true Child/Reacher fans. I will offer this comment as my own opinion and nothing more. I believe Gerald Butler could have handled this role, not without adjustment but a much more acceptable example of my minds eye version of the character of Jack R. I know this choice will sponsor criticism but if you really think about all Jack is you will see why I went there.


      • Tom

        Handywork1 I could not agree with you more. This movie may end up having entertainment value but I believe the Reacher character begins and ends here.

    • Brian

      I think that Clint Eastwood at 80 would have been a better cast than Tom Cruise, at least he would be more intimidating, many chairs are still shaking in fear!

  • Matt B

    The height thing is hard to cover in general, but a complete sell-out to make Hollywood dollars. Reacher's character by his own admission is a bad driver, having learnt in army trucks, and the main thing in the trailer is Cruise bombing around in a muscle car. I can see why they changed the name from the book title, I wish they'd go further and call it "Mission Impossible 5: Grow 10 inches".

    • Micah

      MI5:G10I - love it 🙂 Have to throw in there somewhere "gain 70 lbs of bulk/muscle".

      • terry

        i agree with both of you. HE SUX AS REACHER!!! i just am sooo disappointed!!

    • Helen

      I agree with your comment. Its all so awful.....even his voice is wrong!

      • Robyn

        The first thing I thought was ......the voice is wrong....he looks wrong....the car is wrong....he looks too young and the clothes are wrong!

    • Sharon

      Watching the shrimp play my favorite fictional hero made me feel sick. Imagine if I had to sit through an entire movie. I loved your comment! "MI-5, grows ten inches", cracked me up! Why on earth would TC think he could pull this off? Oh yeah, he's a delusional ego maniac. It's sad, the fans will be so disappointed because there will be no big franchise. We can hope that it could turn out like the Tom Clancy novels made into films. Alec Baldwin played in the first one, Hunt for Red October, and should have played in the others, but was replaced by Harrison Ford. That worked out ok. Maybe we'll get a better Reacher in the next film, if there is a next one.

      • vkd62025

        Harrison Ford would be better. Matter of fact, I have a list of people who would be better. How about Liam Neeson??

      • Judith

        Lee Child's Reacher books will always have my support. If money is what makes the entertainment business run, then using a 5'6" small man as Jack Reacher must be the big O of 2012 movies.
        TC does not even have the face let alone the size or acting ability to carry this off.

        Come on people!!!!

    • Pat

      I will go and see this movie, even if it's just so I can pick out everything thats wrong about it!
      I'm still seething that Liev Shreiber wasn't picked as Reacher - In Wolverine and Defiance he looks like a big guy, perfect for filling Reachers shoes.

      Reacher is a big guy alright, but spends his life on the road drinking coffee and eating whatever he can get. He doesn't have a high protein diet and doesn't live in a gym - so the actor needs to be big and strong, but not toned and ripped.

      My opinion is biased because I don't like Tom Cruise anyway.

      I wonder if Lee Child had a say at all? Or has he sold his rights to the hollyweirds, and is just as annoyed as everyone else? Or is he money greedy thinking of the box office hit that Tom Cruise should pull in? hmmm...

      • JF

        Lee Childs actually chose TC for the role!!!

    • Judy

      I totally agree. I really can't remember when Reacher even owned a car. That is his character. He owns nothing! He certainly didnt own a nice leather coat! He wears functional clothing like Cartharts, changes when they are dirty, etc.

    • Tommy

      LOL I agree to the “Mission Impossible 5: Grow 10 inches”.

    • Tradish89

      Great Comment regarding the driving... in almost all the books, Reacher, hitches, takes buses or gets rides from strangers, people he has just me, sometime law enforcement (both front and back seat) and probably most often, hot women he hooks up with. To have him crusading around in a "Rod" is both insulting to those that have read the books and again, just an excuse for TC to boost his ego showing all his cool "Movie" skills.
      Scrap it now, save the embarrasement and do the movie to do justice to the BOOKS.. thats what people love, the books, not TC taking over a character cause that will make people, (blindly stupid TC fans that think he can play EVERY role in EVERY movie and better than anyone else) I know its not Lee Childs fault, he allowed the rights to be purchased by a production company and has no creative decision making, but if he has any control on any other projects, he needs to stand up and say NO MORE... I WILL BE WHEN I SAY NO TO THE THEATRES COME DECEMEBER>> I will wait for the next book and keep Reacher genuine in my mind when reading, not contaminated by this abomination.....

  • Andrew

    Like the article says, not many people are, and are going to be supportive of Tom playing the role as Jack due to the height difference between the book, and his actual height. But on the plus side, he HAS done a lot of past action movies which gives him a better edge when it comes to those action scenes. Yes, his physique wont match up to the book; but the scenes probably will.

    • spence

      What, like TC is the only action actor in Hollyweird.

      • Michael

        Wouldn't Steven Seagal have made a better choice? Or is he too old now?

        • andygw1961

          Steven Seagull???? Really??? How about Steve Austin at least he fits the description of Jack Reacher

    • bmerbob

      I don't think anything can make up for it. I've read all the books, and in order to maintain my affinity for this character, I won't watch this movie. It's ludicrous. Why not just call it something else-it's not Jack Reacher. Leave it to Hollywood to jack up a good thing.

  • Juliet Burk

    Well, this just confirms it. Tom Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher. Completely underwhelmed. Even his voice fails to intimidate. I hear gravelly bass and he sounds like a choir boy. Thinking falsetto: "you want a piece of me?"

    • Micah

      I thought the same thing; the voice just doesn't fit either. I will see it, but probably late and somewhat grudgingly. I had such high hopes!

    • PaulKW

      Yep - Totally agree with Julie. Cruise might be bad-ass, but he's NO Jack Reacher - not just height - the whole thing doesn't work, sorry.

    • Doug

      I couldn't believe it when I heard Cruise was cast as Reacher, I thought it had to be a joke. And then when I heard his voice in the trailer, there was no way I would ever go see this movie. He totally ruined the character.

  • Peg

    I am not Anti-Cruise at all and although I think he makes a piss poor Reacher, I had accepted it. But this looks and feels nothing like Reacher. He just does not capture the character. I am sure action lovers will enjoy the movie, but let's stop pretending that this is Reacher. It's not and 99% of Lee Child's FB fans are refusing to pay money to see this crap.

    • Karen

      I'm sure this film will pull in a bucket load of cash with people who have not even heard of Reacher. I couldn't care less about Cruise, and even though he's a douche I admit he is a good actor, even in action films. But there is no way on earth I am paying to see this! I already have in my mind what Reacher looks like from the books. And cruise isn't it! Even watching the trailor cracks me up. Check out the scene where he's taking on those guys. He's the shortest one there lol.. SO WRONG!!!

      • JF

        I disagree, if you look at TC movies of later years they really don't do well at the box office. I also think that given his recent separation he is even less popular. The only viewers of this movie will be TC fans as Reacher fans clearly think TC suks at the role!!

  • Laura

    Sorry there is still too much wrong with the actor choice, just No.

  • SDenny

    When your protagonist is the embodiment of physical menace, you expect a guy a little more... what's the word... physical, maybe. Reacher fans aren't looking for a Jackie Chan movie. They're looking for 6' 5" and 250, silent and brooding and uncaring for things like material possessions and the so-called rights of bad guys.

    However, I'm sure that Reacher fans, like myself, will still go see the movie. We might giggle a little here and there. But if you're not a Reacher fan, you won't see the disparity between the character and the casting. So all is not lost.

    Anyway, Cruise has a good history of pulling off improbable roles. I mean, Interview With The Vampire did well, didn't it? It did, right?

    • Sharon

      Now that you mention the Vampire role, I think the guy who plays Edward in Twilight would have done a better job as Reacher. At least he can brood and he tall enough. He would have to hit the gym and bulk up. Now that I think about it, almost anyone would have played a better Reacher than TC.

    • Pat

      Haha! I'd gforgotten about the interview with the vampire fiasco!

      Was never a huge anne rice fan, but I did wonder how they'd managed to mix lestat and louis's appearance up!

      I think movie makers see a story, change it so they can say they made it their own, try and sell it, and if it does well? Reap the benefits. If it sucks? They blame the book.

      I only hope that if there are any more movie adaptations of Lee Child books, they change the actor.

  • keith ellis

    "Initial responses"?????? have you looked at the official jack reacher facebook page. each time the page owners post a picture or a link they get about 2000 comments all saying the same thing. 'Tom cruise is NOT reacher' or 'I will not be spoiling my image of reacher by seeing this film'
    Unfortunatly there are some people who blindly follow cruise and will go and see the film. However Lee child the Author has come under fire as a "sell out" Reacher in the books is a blonde, 6"5" 50" chest 250lb mountain where Tom Cruise is.....well?

    Whats next?
    Will Smith playing Winston Churchill?
    Betty White playing Stevie Wonder?
    or maybe
    Sylvester Stallone playing Mother Theresa?

    Shame, a real Shame! Holyw$$d strikes again.

    • brian lee

      Micky Rooney as Tarzan.

    • Tom Finear

      The only way casting could have been worse is if they cast Peter Dinklage to play Reacher

      • andygw1961

        Peter Dinklage least he is a better actor than TC.

  • Marie Bourque-Namer

    How disappointing.

  • Malinda

    Since when did Jack Reacher become a vigilante cop?? He's always been "roped" into helping on his way to nothingness, not guided by a course at all. This blows...

  • Brian Lee

    No fan of Lee Child or the character Jack Reacher, will watch this. The casting of Tom Cruise is so so wrong.

    • Lori Nicholes

      So NOT Jack Reacher! No!

    • stella

      So much agree with brian! No Reacher fan will get there head round tom ever being Jack

  • Robert

    The only person that thinks Tom Cruise is really bad-ass is Tom himself. The trailer is awful and tries to hide Cruise except for the one scene at the start of a fight which is just ridiculous. Jackie Chan would have made a better Reacher than Cruise. Nice try hyping up a terrible movie.

  • mason

    Jack Reacher has a chest so big a bullet did not penetrate it. Jack Reacher is a former smoker, rough around the edges, changes his clothes once a weak, brake a neck with one blow, 6'5 250lb behemoth that can act humble and still be bad because of how physically imposing he is. Tom Cruise has a pipsqueek of a voice, gel's his hair, has to stand on his tip toes to 'reacher' the guys he's fighting. This is an absolute disgrace. BOYCOTT this movie.

  • LesleyS

    Reacher fans are almost universally aghast at this poor casting choice.

  • Nope...doesn't fly. The thought occured to me as well, about his voice.....NOT Reacher, in any way, shape, or form. I'll go see "Ted" instead.

  • Gareth

    Sorry, but that is the worst casting of a role I can think off. Tom Cruise could not play a worse Jack Reacher, totally inappropriate. I cant believe Lee Child didn't have a vito on who played lead.

    • JF

      He did...he was the one that always wanted TC to play Reacher

  • Rich

    I don't want to sound like one of those Reacher fans clamoring for Cruise's head.

    I really don't. And while I agree at face value that they've horribly miscast the role in hiring Cruise to be Reacher, I also understand the realities of the movie biz and that there probably wouldn't be a Reacher movie at all if not for having Tom Cruise's name attached to the proceedings.

    So I get that it's a necessary evil, and I was mostly willing to approach this with an open mind.

    I just watched the trailer, though, and size disparity notwithstanding, it's Cruise's voice and the way that he delivers the lines that are REALLY killing it for me.

    They're showing us Jack Reacher, but all I see is Jerry Maguire, or Lt. Daniel Kaffee or Ethan Hunt/Roy Miller/David Aames/MitchMcDeere.

    Instead of Jack Reacher, it's TOM CRUISE AS JACK REACHER!!, and it's distracting as hell.

    I'm willing to suspend my judgment a little longer pending a real trailer showing more than about 15 seconds of Reacher, and even then I'll see the movie sooner or later just to satisfy my own curiosity after having read all the books, but they have an uphill battle ahead of them, especially with the divorce proceedings that are just now getting underway that'll no doubt remind many of what a whack job many perceive Tom to be.

    All that said, this will probably do well in the theaters. Online, it looks like everyone and their brother absolutely hates this and will not pay to see it (check out the comment's on Lee Child's FB page), but in reality those are the fans of the books, and even if everyone of them who says they won't see it actually don't go see it, they're a small minority compared to the general movie-going public...

    • lee regan

      i'm a big LEE CHILD fan and also fanatical about movies.
      even though tom cruise has totally killed the image of JACK.
      Wrong hight wrong build and the voice is comical.
      the thing that really bugs me is doesnt LEE CHILD have a say in anything 'couse he must see that his book is being butchered by having tom cruise play REACHER.

      • Sharon

        No. No say at all.

    • Micah

      I think you read my mind with this post. TONS of people will see this movie, but the vast majority will not have read the books. It will just be another Tom Cruise action movie - possibly spurred on by having heard the name Reacher mentioned with awe and reverence by a friend who read the books. I love Child's writing, and I hope that the movie manages to pull at least some of that off. I will see this movie, but it will not be getting big money from me. Perchance we shall meet on satellite someday...

    • Mickie

      I totally agree, very well said. How disappointing since other big name actors would have been a better Reacher

    • JF

      I disagree, I think Lee Childs Reacher has a massive following around the world hence the reason the books have been so successful.

      • ReacherCreature

        Best writer ever. Worst casting ever. While the books work fantastically well, TC never will. As everybody is saying, he is just all wrong.

      • Kimberly Joseph

        JF- Stop with the misinformation. Lee Child DID NOT choose Tom Cruise for the part. Tom Cruise did. He bought the rights to the book and cast himself. Want some worse news? He bought the rights to several Reacher novels.

        Lee Child has endorsed the casting of Tom Cruise, since he was thrilled to finally have one of his books make it to the screen.

        I, like most of the others on this thread, will not go to see the film, as Cruise's portrayal of Reacher will not resemble the real Reacher in any way, and I am not just talking about size. I am talking about every aspect of his behavior.

        This movie is a real shame, and there is no one to blame but Cruise. His ego is so big that he didn't care that he was thumbing his nose at Child's fans. I hope the film totally flops.

  • Micah

    Huge Child/Reacher fan, and couldn't be more excited for a movie!
    With that said, and that I think Cruise is a good (sometimes great) actor, it just seems like a stretch to have him filling Reacher's massive shoes. I can see him portraying the cunning and agile mind of Reacher, but the staggering physical impression is lacking.
    In short... looking forward to a Reacher movie, but not as much as I had been after finishing each book.

  • lee regan

    fantastic book.
    i cant wait to see the film its a shame the dwarf was chosen for the part.
    please please please scrape what u have and get somebody full size to play reacher.
    tom cruise has totally ruined the part,

  • Pete

    I'm a huge Lee Child fan and I've read all the Reacher books from cover to cover . . . . but this just isn't working. I agree with most of those who commented in disgust. I'm not a fan of Cruise, and this just solidifies it. He's not nearly as intimidating as Reacher - and doesn't have the grit and swagger either. He's just a sawed-off punk who annoys the crap out of me.

  • Abby Fick

    Honestly, it looks great if you've never read a Reacher novel. As someone who has read every novel, short story, etc. it still looked good until Cruise spoke and you could measure him up against the other actors. He also isn't scruffy enough. Reacher does clean up a bit from time-to-time but is always rough around the edges. Others commenting about his driving skills are spot on. Plus, why title the movie "Jack Reacher" - no one uses his full name, not even his parents. Now, does anyone know who Robert Duvall is playing? I'm hoping its Gunny.

    • Micah

      Agree with everything you said! Movie will probably be good, but it will not be Reacher - not to the many fans who have come to admire him through Child's books.

    • Pat

      Maybe everyone does this, or maybe its just me...

      When I read a book, I see things using a degree of my own imagination, and I see it how i want to see it - so if it says 'the door was on the right and the counter dead ahead' , I might actually picture it with the door on the left instead.

      (It's what I like about reading books - To an extent, I can see things the way I want to)

      But I do see Reacher as he's supposed to be. He's basically a big, almost ugly brute. He scares more people than he attracts, and the attraction is almost always down to awe, fear, animal attraction, lust, etc.

      It's a while since I read One shot, so I'm a bit unfamiliar with the story, but I know that they've made a huge fundamental flaw! They've got the main character wrong! Doesn't matter how well the rest of the story fits, they'd have done just as well putting Peewee Herman as the leading role!

      Dare I say it, but I'm actually tempted to boycott Lee Child from now on, I'm disgusted and disappointed.

  • Keena

    Beyond disappointed!! It is wrong on so many different levels. Might watch it when it comes on the TV but that is a BIG might. Rather not ruin the image of Reacher with this crap!!!

  • Yaya

    That was horrible and horrific at the same time! I dont care how many media people Crews pays to say he is good in this role, he is not! Hes not tall enough and im not buying his toughness in these shots. He is not worthy enough on any scale to play Jack Reacher. period! I hated watching this trailer showing him from the ground up, thats not Reacher at all. And the way his voice sounds uugghh! So not Reacher! This is horrible! i am not a die hard Tom fan and dont see a need to pay good money to see him totally ruin this character. I hope all the true Lee Child/ Jack none Reacher fans will boycott this movie!!! fyi director....Jack hardly never drives a car and thats the trailrer you thought would make true fans want to wait anxiously for to see the movie? In my book it is already an epic FAIL!!!!

  • Belle Vue

    Initial response. How obliviously optimistic. Once again, for the absolute clarity this article lacks: Child has created a character for many books, where his single most valuable attribute has been his sheer size. Fans are decrying Cruise playing this part because it negates the entire character from Day 1 and forces us to believe that any actor with a large enough wallet can step into a role simply because they want it. We're here to tell you we don't. And we'll continue to be vocal, because Lee Child has sold out. Shame on you, Mr. Child. Shame on you.

  • sue

    Nicholas Cage, Clint (years ago), but NOT tiny Tom, he's just not right.

  • Bob

    Reacher is 6'5" whats cruise 5'6" ummm I don't think so. Tom is a good actor but you could do better than this.

  • deborah welch

    I have been opposed to Tom Cruise for the portrayal of Jack Reacher since I first heard. Come on, really? Tom Cruise is a far from Jack Reacher as I am from Angelina Jolie. I watched the trailer just to confirm my opinion and guess what? I found even more to be disapointed addition to all the obvious differences in Reacher and Cruise, even his hands are SMALL could Never begin to fit Reachers' and his voice??? Cruise sounds more like a person to read children's stories than the commanding, somewhat gravelly voice I attribute to Reacher. NOPE I am NOT going to watch this movie, guess I'll just reread the book!

    • JF

      On the topic of Angelina Jollie...she would have been a better choice to play the role as her swagger and "distant" demeanor especially as Lara Croft was far more impressive!!!

  • 3butts

    Does not work! Too small, voice too high and too soft mannered. Epic fail! If you have read the books you know what I mean. If you haven't read them, it may be a good film, just not a Reacher film, so my advice would be watch before you read....

  • Staci

    Tom Cruise is not and will never be Jack Reacher. However, I am surprisingly impressed with the trailer. I love action movies and I am quite capable of separating my love for the Jack Reacher of the books from the 'so-called' Jack Reacher of the movie. I probably will go see it... once it hits the dollar theater. lol

  • Chris

    Piece of CRAP. Appears unwatchable.

  • Largemike

    this is a sad day....and Reacher never really owned a car, he either stole one or "borrowed" it. wonder if the old gay boy is just going to carry around a comb and toothbrush? (don't mean to insult the gays)

  • Stanalee

    Cruise doesn't fit....especially in the trailer where he is surrounded by baddies....totally short....too bad, too. Reacher is a cool character by Child that deserves someone of shall I say, greater stature to play him.....wake up film company and Mr. ain't got what it takes to play and especially look the part. I will continue to read the Reacher books as long as Mr. Child writes them, but won't go see this movie. At least not in the theater, maybe when WalMart has it in the discount bin.

  • Give me a break. This just confirms.... he's no Jack Reacher. Not even close. I do like the fact that it was filmed here in Pittsburgh. Just so disapointed.

  • fannielou2

    Tom Cruise just not match up to the Jack Reacher that I have come to know.

  • eileen

    Tom Cruise is slick, a very good actor but slick. Reacher is all rough edges. Clint Eastwood from thirty years ago would have been the best,imo.Tom Selleck from the 80's Dennis McQuaid from the 90's. I can't imagine any actor of the right age from present times. Cruise is about the best of the lot. All mho.

    • Robyn

      TC is a good actor in certain roles. However he is definitely not going to do it for Reacher fans in this movie. But he bought the movie rights years ago and his ego has put himself in the role. Lee Child said in an interview that in his opinion it is the right choice as the role needs a 'big name' and he thinks Tom Cruise is the only 'male big name' around at this time. I don't know what planet he was on when he made that statement but it's ridiculous. There are many many present time actors of the right age and 'look' who would be superb as Reacher and in some comments on here and on FB etc etc they have all been named at some stage! Lets hope they learn after this debacle!

    • If Beth had not said it first, I would have thrown these names out to the many fans of Lee Child who are disappointed, no, disallusioned with the choice of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher -- Hugh Jackman or Gerard Butler. We know both are tall and physically imposing, both have deep voices, and both can actually grow facial hair. Why, why, why, would you choose Tom Pipsqueak Cruise to play this fictional hero we have come to love and admire, when there are other actors out there so much better suited for the part. You sold us out, Jim, and as much of a fan as I am of your books, I'm just not sure I want to read anymore of them.

  • Susie

    just sad 🙁 will not ruin the mental image I have of Reacher by watching this film. I'll just keep buying Mr. Child's books and let my imaginary Reacher remain as he is rather than replace him with a sorry, short substitute such as Tom Cruise!

    • Trisha

      Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is an epic fail. Cruise's ego in thinking he could pull this off is disgusting. Hey studio people, I'm not spending my money on this film. If you are idiotic enough to release this film, let it go straight to video to die a decent death. Then you can go find someone who really can do the character justice. Looking for a good Reacher? Look at Lee Child's web site where the ones that have actually read the book have made suggestions. Any one of those easily would have done a better job.

  • Tanya

    Am currently re reading the book this is based on & am trying in my head to put Cruise in the role - it's just not working. I can't picture him at all as Reacher. (Yes, it's Reacher, so often it's commented on the fact that his brother was Joe & he was just Reacher). The voice is wrong, the stature is wrong, Reacher looking so comfortable driving is also wrong. This might impress action movie fans, but anyone who knows the books will not be happy

  • Doc Parker

    I wonder if they considered Duane Johnson (The Rock). He is 6'5" and has been in several action movies.

    However, the trailer looked pretty good...

  • Barry

    Tom is an excellent actor....but, as Jack Reacher, Morgan Freeman would be more believable.

  • Barry

    The first actor I thought of when I heard they were making a Reacher movie was Lee Marvin...unfortunately he's no longer available.....

    • Mike

      I totally agree with Lee Marvin. Maybe in 10 years they can remake the movie with Lee Marvin. Even a special effects replacement of Marvin would be better than a real Cruise.

  • Dene

    Well thats a sure way to water down a great novel by using a weird gnome with a squeaky voice to play a goodguy hardman. I won't be watching it.

  • Clem

    WOW...Ron Perlman....Ok only 6ft 2....rough around the edges ...yes... impossing ...yes...scary deep voice...yes...looks like he could break your neck...yes....has a soft side...yes....better choice than Tom "the baby face" Cruise....yes

  • reacherfann

    Watching the trailer (comic and highly disappointing) has completely proven the fears of all the Reacher followers out there about TC for this role. I will say I'm highly disappointed as I would have loved to see Reacher on the big screen with the right actor. I will NOT go see this movie because it might ruin the books for me, but I'm certain it will be popular for those who have never heard of Jack Reacher.

  • ryan

    I have read all the reacher books, many more than once. Lets be honest, this movie looks like it will be great, if you have no idea who the hell Jack Reacher is. Tom playing reacher would be like Channing Tatum playing Harry Potter. Just look at Janet Evanovich's one for the money movie....Casting is everything if you are going to play to the readers. My props go out to Micheal Connelly's Lincoln Lawyer Movie..Very well done!! I will watch the Jack Reacher movie but I don't have to be happy about the cast!!

  • Michael Clarke Duncan. Yeah, he's black, but so what.

  • Christine

    Just cannot bring myself to see this movie, and now the trailer has confirmed it.

    TC has his place...but his place is NOT as Jack Reacher. He already has a franchise with MI movies. Leave Jack to someone who fits the part. My choice has always been Tom Sizemore....right age, size, and personality to pull this off.


    • brad

      I think Christine may be onto something - Sizemore would make a good Reacher. For some reason though whenever I picture him he looks a lot like Bruce Willis.

  • Suanne

    No no no .... Not the right actor. An unknown would have been better.

  • brad

    Yeah sorry, I was prepared to give Cruise the benefit of the doubt here, I think he is an OK actor; but the muscle car, the lack of presence Reacher fans expect from their hero and the action, action,action (I appreciate it is a trailer - but Reacher is a THINKING bad-ass)...will wait until it's on DVD, won't be spending top dollar on this at the cinema.

  • Bill

    totally wrong casting. Will not see the movie.

  • What a pity there's no one like Chuck Connors or James Arness around anymore. Could you picture Chuck (Old Ironjaw) Connors as Jack Reacher?
    Is it really that difficult to find a 6'5" actor in Hollywood today??? This may be a great action movie but, lets get real and give the main character another name.

  • Not Reacher

    Just not right for the role, if you are a Reacher reader this is bodering on an insult.
    One question was this movie shot at the Scientology Movie Studio in Calafornia.
    No I won't be seeing this movie, I couldn't really enjoy another book thinking that Tomcat was chosen for the part of Jack Reacher.

  • Karl

    Kevin Durand or Adam Baldwin would have been good choices in my opinion.

  • Bear1630

    No! No! No! .....It's so wrong to have Cruise in the title role. This has totally shattered the happy illusion I had of Jack Reacher. I will not be rushing to see the movie. Notwithstanding the bad casting I do think it will do well after all Cruise is "box office" but no self respecting Child/Reacher fan will bother..I do however feel somewhat guilty as being one of the legion of fans to have pestered Mr Child to get Jack on screen.....

  • beth

    Worst casting choice ever. Reacher's size is a plot point in the books, so they have totally ruined it. I will boycott for sure. I think Hugh Jackman or Gerard Butler would have been better choices. Both are 6'2" and capable of impressive bulk...and both are actually capable of growing facial hair.

  • Taryn

    Oh hell No!!! Who on earth thought of TC to play Reacher?? I am a die hard Reacher fan and this just takes everything away from my images of Reacher. Daniel Craig would have been better! They have not stuck to the character at all!
    Reacher is blonde, huge and generally quiet, with a deep voice. Reacher doesnt drive well either!! Hollywood-you really know how to bugger up a book!!!

  • Derek

    What a lot of rubbish. Cruise will always be a lightweight and I will also NOT be going to see this. Surely Lee Child should have had some input into the choice of actor. But I guess it's only a Hollywood money making machine again.

  • Alleyne

    Sorry Tom cruise? is not who I think should be playing Jack Reacher his too short. I think the actor who plays Richard Castle in the T.V show castle would be a good choice

  • andygw1961

    Ok guys it seems we all agree TC is not the man for the job and we can all see a sell out from a great distance. 'A' list actor equals box office takings. What we needed was someone with balls to say 'no let's stick to the main character'.
    My vote was Stone Cold Steve Austin....he has the looks and the voice. He may not have the acting pedigree but can you think of anyone else who fits the bill? Answers please.

    • I agree with just about all the comments on "Tiny Tom" playing "JACK REACHER" . I enjoy most action movies/ thrillers even the comics that turned movie are good and they most certianly cast them better than they cast this very poor excuse for a "Reacher" movie. What about the guy that played "Thor"!!! might be a bit young but has the height and the bulk or what about one of the back up cast that played terminators in the "back ground" of the terminator movies. Ar hell I've got a cranky old gelding that could play Reacher better than "Tiny Tom" at least he'd be the right height and he's already got the bent out of shape face.

  • Bubblytra

    so so wrong Love the Reacher stories they should have had a look elsewhere for reacher i mean what about Chris Hemsworth maybe not old enough even hugh jackman would have been a better casting option tom cruise just doesnt suit the role....


  • Carole

    Will probably watch it on DVD as a Tom Cruise action movie but clearly NOT as a Lee Child Jack Reacher movie. No stretch of the imagination could make this work. It will probably be a good action movie but it is obviously not a remake of the book....might as well give the character a totally different name to go with his totally different personality, physique and job!

  • Rick

    I've read all the books and eagerly await each new one. I've just watched the trailer and I can sum it up in a single word: crap.Sorry Lee but you've allowed our favourite anti-hero to jump the shark completely.

  • Mark Gabriel Solomon

    Doesn't anybody care about art anymore? Jack Reacher is so much more than just another action hero. It's not just a case of any guy will do. Reacher is an icon of the thriller novel. I don't think there's ever been an anti-hero who is so cool. The producers and the director could've spent more time thinking through who would play lead in this movie. For goodness sake, sometimes you have to take a chance. They just wanted Cruise there, because they recon his name means money in the bank. Jack Reacher I firmly believe has the potential to be as big as James Bond. You don't just take anybody to play Bond. It requires careful thought, but even more than that it requires vision. Unlike Bond, not only is Jack Reacher larger than life, he has the potential to be painfully true to life. This guy is America's James Bond. But if you screw up the casting you destroy the potential. This could've been a turning point in action cinema, but they blew it. IF THE POWERS THAT BE WANT TO REDEEM THEMSELVES THEY'D BETTER CAST SOMEONE ELSE FOR THE SECOND MOVIE. Think Ray Stevenson.

  • J.C. Towler

    I am now even less enthused to see this film. Even his voice is all wrong. Not even going to be a Red Box rental at this point.

  • Lady Di

    Rich, your comments were concise and to the point. I was trying to give shorty a chance but he not only lacks height but lacks the voice, demeanor, character, and bulk. Cruise cannot seem to give a look that kills or the voice to deliver a proper threat. It takes a man to admit and correct a mistake but I guess it is not Hollywood's way. My first though was the Rock, also like the Steve Segal suggestion but he may be too old. I will have no problem with reading future books as I doubt Lee Child had any say and can not give his opinion on their choice. I will see the movie after a week when it has gone to the $1 theater as he is so NOT Reacher so to me it will just be another movie with a guy who seems to have a similiar name.

  • DaveC

    After watching the trailer it appears it has as much in common with Reacher, as the re-make of the Italian Job had with the original, i.e. a name only.

    It may be a good enough movie but it's not a Reacher movie.

    Adam Baldwin would have been a much better choice as he is almost the right height, and he can do the broody menace of Reacher.

  • Sigh

    Sigh, nope, not Jack Reacher by any stretch. I figured I'd give the trailer a chance but it's confirmed what I thought when I read the initial casting reports - not my cup of tea. Cruise isn't Jack Reacher. Anybody who has never read the books will probably be okay with it, but if they go read the book, they'll discover a lot (height, weight, looks, etc.) are totally different. Not getting my $8 at the theater, that's for sure!

  • Frank Ochoa

    I agree, Tom Cruise shouldn't be playing Jack Reacher. I would like to see Jason Strathom (might have spelled his name wrong) play Reacher. I think Dwayne Johnson would have been good as well. I saw WWE mention that he is 6'4, just one inch below Reacher's height, and he's a good actor, as well as Jason S. The actor, and the movie both look terrible in my opinion, but the book series is so good.

  • John cox

    I think that the casting should have gone to the six year old boy who played one of the sheep in my sons school nativity play last year. Ok he's a relative unknown in the acting world and may well grow up to be a dentist or florist but he would make a more convincing Jack Reacher than the famous Mr C.

  • Sylvia

    I was aghast and appalled when I heard this. I stood in line for 3 hours in Decatur 2 years ago to get my books signed, and I had them all. Unfortunately, they all died in a recent housefire. Had I known TinyTom was going to be portraying GiantJack, I don't know if I would have waited that long. I mean, come on now, let's look at the the Hollywood Heavyweights that could actually pull off this role. 1. Liam Neeson 2. Liev Shrieber 3. Hugh Jackman 4. John Cena 5. Clive Owen. 6. The Undertaker (my son's choice) 7. Kane (my son's second choice.) Anybody would have been better. Why not get Archie Bunker to play Barak Obama, or Samuel L. Jackson to play George Washington, and not Carver. This is ridiculous, and as a HUGE fan, I am severly disappointed. I will wait until this comes on Comcast (2 days after it premieres at the movies), get me a beer and LMAO at TinyTom and the mistake that is his collossal ego. Hey, Tom's ego could play Jack Reacher. And Reacher got his name from his Lee's wife when she said he could be a professional reacher of high things. What is Tom reaching for...kneecaps. That's so funny to me.

    • beth

      How about the TALL, rugged, handsome, intense James Caviezel??

  • Judith

    This makes me want to barf. I love Lee Child's books and Jack Reacher is one of my fictional heros. Why not pull McCauley Culkin out of retirement? He would be as appropriate as Tom C. If a REAL muscleman was needed, Hugh Jackman would have my vote---at least he wouldn't have to look up to look his enemies in the eye!!!

  • Mike

    Have you read even one of the books? I doubt it.

  • Lee

    I will of course continue to read all the Lee Child books, but will not go to the movie. Cannot imagine Jack Reacher as a short scientologist.

  • I can only judge this movie by the 1 minute and 55 seconds the video gives, but I think this is going to be really good.
    I have not read the books, not even sure if I will, but just because I do not understand his way of living ( and no matter what is about to happen in his personal life ) -- Tom Cruise can be a good actor. Can't wait to see a longer trailer.

  • Kiwidiver

    Love the books Lee and also will continue to read as many as you can write... Like everyone else was gutted when I heard TC was going to be Jack. Sorry even with clever camera angles 5'5 is NEVER going to be 6'5. My pick would have been Jim Caviezel ( Person of Interest),Thats Jack right there.

    • JF

      Totally agree, Jim in "Person of Interest" is the perfect Jack Reacher so much so I wonder if the TV series character was loosely made around the Reacher character?


  • Sally

    SO DISAPPOINTED!!!! I have read all the Jack Reacher books and I cannot see this movie especially after watching the trailer. Tom Cruise is a good actor. But...He is not Jack Reacher. If I see this movie it will destroy my image of who Jack Reacher is. He does not wear leather jackets and hot rod through town in a fast car. Sometimes he doesn't even drive! This movie is so out-of-touch with who Jack Reacher is.

  • Shaggie

    Its absolutly a disgrace..............Lee Child not for all the money ion the world should you have allowed this.......your books, your caracters................Tom Cruise does not fit the bill, thousands if not millions of people have said the same.

    I have not read one positive comment anywhere.....
    So please Lee Child throw a press conference and explaiun how this could have happend.....!

    Check the NEW TV SERIES LONGMIRE, Now thats more of a Reacher Caracter right there!!!!!

    Sorry Tom stick to MISSION IMPOSIBLE or do a remake of Risky Bussiness

  • tom cannot come across as Reacher because Reacher has a calculativae mind as with guns and fists, also an appreciation of women.

  • JF

    I totally agree with all comments, it is clear Hollywood and Lee Childs have failed Reacher fans. This 15 sec trailer alone is soooo hard to watch there is no way I could sit through a 2 hour movie of Tiny Tom playing Jack Reacher!!

    Everything about TC in this roll is so wrong and NOTHING about him is remotely Reacher.

    Hollywood, on what planet do you think TC could pull off this roll? PLEASE, PLEASE wake up to yourselves before it is too late and dump TC as Reacher. Speaking for JR female fans I am certain I can speak for most...TC is not the sexy, mysterious, "bad boy" that many women "fantasize" about...if you want to sell JR to female audiences DUMP TC NOW!!!

  • OldSchoolGuy

    Haven't read the books and definitley won't watch be watching the movie. I'm afraid Tom Cruise is just not believable as an intimidating ex military guy who can kick ass. To see mighty midget Tom, sitting on his cushion, menacingly glaring, behind the wheel of that gaudy attention grabbing red muscle car and towards the end fighting a handful of mouthy nerds, is truly laughable.
    It really does seem as though he's taken his massive self indulgent ego trip, a step to far this time.

    Haven't read the books but from the description i've read about Jack Reacher i immediatley had a vision of what or who this character would really look and be like.
    That guy is the late great actor - 6' 6" tall Sterling Hayden, as he was in 'The Ashpalt Jungle.' Someone that's unkempt, unshaven, physically imposing with a powerful deep bellowing voice that instantly commands respect and grabs everyones attention.

    If i ever read the books in the future, it most definitley won't be Tom's face i see, whilst seriously kicking ass.

  • SeriousSam

    Jack Reacher?

    A definite NO NO!!

    A biopic on the amazing life of Medal of honour war veteran and movie star Audy Murphy?

    Tom's most definitley your man!

  • SeriousSam

    Correction, Audie Murphy

  • Only one person to play that part. Triple H off the American wrestling.

  • Steve

    Everyone who has read Child's books, without exception, knows with 100% certainty, that as long as Tom 'Scientologist Hobbit' Cruise plays the lead, they will stay at home and pray that a director with even the smallest shred of ethical and moral decency will do it again, but this time with an unknown actor who actually matches the Reacher profile. TC = too small, too short, too girly in voice, too preened in appearance, & totally unconvincing as JR. I and everyone else I know who has seen the trailer will not be even viewing a give-away DVD of One Shot. Gutted!

  • bmerbob

    Ridiculous. Little Tommy Cruise is the furthest actor from Jack Reacher. I've read all the books so far, but I won't go see this so I don't ruin the new ones when they come out. Like casting Pee Wee Herman as the Terminator. Ludicrous. Highly disppointing.

  • Nola Johnson

    No No No No NO!
    This is WRONG!
    Seriously? Tom Cruise?
    Seriously? you're not kidding?
    oh no.
    you won't get my money.

  • Cush

    Just re-read One Shot...SPOILER ALERT!

    At the end Reacher says something like 'Aim for my belt, I'm going to count to 3...' with cruise as Reacher the bad guy would say, "Uh, dude, I can see the guy with the rifle because you're short and skinny. I know he's back there!"

    Not a TC hater, he's not Reacher. What about whats his name that played Thor? Big, dirty blonde, can look tough with the beard.

  • Joy Piepenhagen

    Nothing about Cruise says Jack Reacher! Was Vin Diesel busy? Other than being famous,TC brings nothing to the table. Obviously, no one who has ever read even one of these dynamic books will ever watch this pitiful excuse of a movie. I could just cry,if it wasn't that the image of pretty boy Tom with his little soft velvet voice playing Jack makes me laugh!!. It is pathetic and hysterical at the same time.

  • Melissa

    No, no, no, a million times no!!!!! Whoever did the casting did not read even ONE of the books!!! T. Cruise is wrong, wrong, wrong for this part!! I will NOT be seeing the movie because I do not want Cruise's miniature self imposing itself on my mind as I read the books!!!!!

  • Patricia

    Read the books! Tom Cruise can't play anyone BUT Tom Cruise. He is not now nor will he ever be JACK REACHER. Reacher can't drive, hates to drive, in fact; he's not pretty; he's HUGE, and he's NOT Tom Cruise. I'm sorry Lee, you blew it with this one. I can't see the movie and have that image in my head replacing the Jack Reacher I know with little Tommy. Blech.
    A very, very disappointed fan.

  • Mary

    Where is Jason Statham? You dont have to be 6'4" or 250 lbs to act this role but you have to have the intimidating presence and the charisma. You might as well cast an asian guy maybe Jet Lee as Lee Child, I might watch him because even if he's small at least he has Reacher's presence. Shame on you Lee Child!!! Tom Cruise, money cannot buy aeverything especially a role that is and never will be suited for you. You may be a good actor but in this you sound like a little boy trying very hard to act like a tough man. You have the voice of a little boy, the look of a little boy, the skin of a pampered rich spoiled boy and you are not intimidating at all. I cannot imagine running away from you, your voice in the trailer is very annoying. This makes me sick.

  • Mary


  • Mary

    Oh, and Lee Child, I might've gorgiven you if you had starred Hulk Hogan as JAck Reacher but for TC??? Nope, the damage is done. Good luck with your next novels.

  • Heartland

    I'm getting MY Reacher fix by doing some re-reading and waiting patiently for September, which is no hardship in that I continue to marvel at the clean-edged, vivid imagery Child's narratives give. I can almost see Reacher in a greasy spoon diner slamming down eggs and coffee.

    An enjoyable image completely ruined by TC's lame, reedy "I am not a hero" voiceover. Course, TC COULD HAVE gone the George Clooney route, staying behind the camera, spending his billions to search out the perfect unknown, could have taken the part of the DA which would have been perfect. COULD HAVE got back some of the respect he's lost, at least professionally.

    Instead the public gets force-fed someone's midlife crisis acting-out fantasy. Like a genuine TALL badass (Eastwood) said, a "man has got to know his limits". The Coke company was smart enough to back off fast enough after a stupid decision, guess (insultingly) TC and Paramount can afford to write off thousands of dollars from outraged Reacher fans.

  • Keith Lawson

    OMG! (but not in a good way). This owes more to Bourne than Reacher. How could they >:-((

  • Hollywood-1 Loyal fans- ZIP.

  • Kitty Christensen

    I was absolutely appalled when I found out Tom Cruise was playing the part of Reacher - he is SO NOT REACHER!!!! Don't get me wrong, I like Tom Cruise, but there are so many other actors who would fit the part..Tom's probably never went anywhere carrying "just a comb and a toothbrush". Sorry, someone dropped the ball on this movie. It will ruin the book.

  • jojosee

    It's just too sad for words. I just finished reading "A Wanted Man" and am sick that Tom Cruise has been chosen. Shame on you Lee Child for letting them do that. He is NOT Reacher and will NEVER be! I will not go see this movie.

  • Pam

    The guy kneeling down was almost as tall as Cruise. This is just lame. Jack Reacher in the books was a force of nature. Tom Cruise is too small and doesn't project the power and menace that Jack does. He was, is and always will be wrong for the part. Lee, buddy, you sold out.

  • Iam the child of an English mummy, so I know that the Brit's standards are very high! So what happened to Mr. Childs? Tiny Tom Cruise really? It saddens me to no end that Mr. Child has sold out instead of hold out for the right actor! There are others who could play this role! Tom Cruise plays Tom in every movie he makes ! Well Mr. Child I hope you made a bucket load of money! We can only hope this is a flop and the loyal fans of Mr. Child and Jack Reacher get to see someone else play this part the way it is meant to be!

  • Randy

    ...Pee Wee Herman must have been booked!

    Jumpin' Jeezus on a Palomino! Tom Cruise!!

    Lee Child's gotta be cringing. Those of us who've read a single Reacher novel (and I've read them all) know beyond any doubt, that although Cruise has the skills, this character demands a physical persona doesn't even put Tom in the stadium!
    We're talkin' at least a Dolph Lundgren presence when he was Ivan Drago who can actually ACT.

    Major Bummer. I refuse to see it, period.

  • Sharon

    Sorry, I'm just laughing now. I really was going to try to watch with an open mind but then, there's Cruise in the car chase. I'm still giggling - it's just so very wrong. Whatever this movie is, it's not Jack Reacher...
    I do wish Mr. Child much success and lots of money with this venture, so that he can keep writing lots more Jack Reacher novels. I'll buy and read them all, I promise, cause that's the character I've grown so fond of.

  • Matt H

    You know the end of the world must be coming because they have Tom Cruise playing my most beloved character, the uncastable Jack Reacher, coming out on 12-21-12. I will admit the trailer looks good, but not as a Lee Child book. If it was called something else, and the character was someone else then I would probably see this movie, but guess I won't cause I am a die hard Reacher fan. Jack owns nothing but a folding toothbrush and a ATM card, doesn't drive and definitely doesn't wear designer clothing. And from what I have seen in the trailer he is a different person. So obviously they don't know JACK!!!