For Your Post-Holiday Hangover: Kristen Stewart Explains Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July hangover! In case you were too busy gorging yourself on grilled bratwurst and cheap beer to adequately contemplate the day's significance, allow Kristen Stewart ("Twilight," "Snow White and the Huntsman") to explain it all to you. True, that's just a pretty convincing K-Stew impostor ... but you have to admit that it really sucked when the British took away all our fireworks.

The real cause for celebration yesterday was the 150th anniversary of that fateful day when mathematician Lewis Carroll began telling the stories that would eventually become Alice in Wonderland, at a river party with ten-year-old Alice Liddell. In this Brain Pickings article you can read all about the events set into motion on July 4, 1862.

Meanwhile, certain contrarians were out celebrating imperial totalitarianism instead, marring the clear blue sky with their Darth Vader hot air balloon. Fortunately it would take far less than a well-aimed missile to bring down that monstrosity.

How many times have you watched the trailer for the upcoming "Steel Magnolias" remake? Some people are tut-tutting on Queen Latifah for hewing a little too closely to the trail blazed by Sally Field, but there are certainly worse people to crib from (Field won a Golden Globe for her performance as M'Lynn). Anyhow, those surprised by the scene-by-scene resemblance to the original 1989 film should remember that both stem directly back to the stage play by Robert Harling.