Joseph Gordon-Levitt Falls out of Favor for Three Full Minutes

Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Photo © Debby Wong/Shutterstock
Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Photo © Debby Wong/Shutterstock

"The Dark Knight Rises" co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt may look fancy in a three-piece suit, but the actor disappointed a lot of people when he made a clumsy comment during a panel discussion that implied that pretty girls were incapable of being funny. Fortunately he circled back around yesterday to apologize for the gaffe and elaborate on what he truly meant by the remark, proving himself to be the class act and sweetie-pie we count on him to be.

Happy "The Dark Knight Rises" opinion day! The internet is flooded with opinions, mostly positive so far, though I agree very strongly with this one. Plus, I could barely understand what anyone was saying half the time thanks to the parade of silly accents, hoarse growls, and speech filters. Hopefully Henry Cavill will be allowed to talk in his regular voice in Nolan's 2013 Superman film, "Man of Steel."

Meanwhile Ivan Brandon over at The Awl explains what comic books achieve that their adaptations can't (so far) live up to. Mostly what it seems to boil down to is room to experiment, room for writers' and special effects designers'  imaginations to run totally wild, the way X-Men and Spider-Man pioneer Jack Kirby's did: "(Kirby) had the agility to tell a story past the scale of any movie in a week. And if he didn’t stick the landing, he slept it off and did it all again in the morning. The agility to tell stories fast, and on the fly, not over a year, but every single day. To tell the biggest story he’d ever told. Until the next one."

If you're sick of the entire topic by now (in which case, it's going to be a looooong day for you, my friend!) then I do have a lovely parting gift for you: a six-year-old's best guesses at the storylines of certain literary classics, based purely on their cover illustrations. For example, her take on Jane Eyre: "This is about a girl that goes mining. I don’t know why, but she looks like she would go mining, mining for gold. "