'Ouija' Film Resurrected by Paramount, Budget Slashed By Ninety-Five Percent

Ouija board © Shutterstock
Ouija board © Shutterstock

First it was alive, then it was dead, now it's stirring yet again. No, it isn't a zombie or one of those pesky critters from "Prometheus" -- I'm talking about "Ouija," the film based on the Parker Brothers' spirit-conjuring board. Universal has dusted off the remains of the proposed $100M project, but they've decided it's only worth about $5M instead. It took nearly being tanked by "Battleship" earlier this summer, but it seems they finally learned that less is more. If they were really smart,  they'd just remake "Witchboard" instead.

Back in the '70s the toy company Kenner wound up killing off a line of action figures they had developed for the movie "Alien," but now the toys are finally being resurrected and will be sold exactly as originally designed. They're so delightfully plain and clunky by today's standards that nostalgic adults are sure to go nuts for them. Gotta catch 'em all!

In other news from Comic-Con (let's face it, that's where all the updates are coming from this week), "Hobbit" and "Pan's Labyrinth" director Guillermo Del Toro gave us all permission to begin hoping for "Hellboy 3." It's already been four years since the second film, and apparently graphic novelist Mike Mignola has yet to be alerted, but if Del Toro and Ron Perlman are both involved, who's going to say no? Meanwhile Perlman recently proved that he's the world's biggest (perhaps literally) sweetie pie, enduring four hours in the makeup chair so he could appear as Hellboy for a Make-A-Wish Foundation appearance. I'm willing to greenlight another film on that basis alone.

Film actress Hope Davis has recorded an audio version of Jennifer Egan's new short story "Safari." Of course, you could always just read it in The New Yorker, but wouldn't you rather also reconnect with the woman who played sublimely snotty Mrs. Forrester in the "Mildred Pierce" miniseries? Two birds, one stone.