Police Composite Software Creates Sketch of Count Dracula

This isn’t actually Count Dracula/Image © Shutterstock
This isn’t actually Count Dracula/Image © Shutterstock

The film school rejects over at Film School Rejects have decided to celebrate the forty-fifth anniversary of Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" a bit early by giving it a slick, modern-style theatrical trailer (for comparison, here's the film's original trailer). Excellent work, folks. Now please do the exact same thing with "Barry Lyndon."

As someone who thought "X-Men: First Class" was delivered a little more like Parcel Post, I can't say I have high hopes for the sequel, which has been officially named "X-Men: Days of Future Past." The casting is still anyone's guess, but since the actors will be buried under layers of latex, blue Muppet fur, and bargain-basement CGI, it barely makes a difference who they hire.

How do you know we're living in the future? Because we can feed Bram Stoker's character descriptions of Count Dracula into police composite software and wind up with a chilling portrait of what he might have really looked like. As for life imitating art, did they ever catch that real life "Catwoman" who was committing robberies in New York back in 2010? Unfortunately her police sketch wasn't nearly as detailed.

Ever desperate to cash in on the continuing heat of the "Hunger Games" book and movie franchise, The CW network is working on a TV series based on its creative ancestor, "Battle Royale" (itself based on a novel by Koushun Takami). Presumably, the weekly series would lack any of the ultra-violence or distinctive cultural cache of the 2000 cult hit. If you find yourself wondering "So ... what's the point of doing it at all?", well,  that's probably one of the reasons why you're not a high-rolling television executive.