Surprise Photo-Op! Margaret Atwood Is the Toast of Comic Con

Margaret Atwood/Photo: CC/Mark Hill Photography/Flickr
Margaret Atwood/Photo: CC/Mark Hill Photography/Flickr

Hey, quick! If you look at Margaret Atwood's Twitpic feed, you'll see tons of pictures of the celebrated author (The Handmaid's Tale, The Year of the Flood) participating in shenanigans over at Comic Con, getting chummy with Klingons, superheroes, and everything in between. Quick, someone do some Margaret Atwood cosplay!

Girl, did you know that Feminist Ryan Gosling blog is now available in unauthorized book form, with a release party in NYC in a few weeks? Here's hoping the actual Ryan Gosling will continue to just sit back and enjoy being the subject of a silly internet meme, and won't  cause any silly legal problems for the author.

We like to think of movie sets as safe, controlled spaces, but intense special-effects and action sequences often result in odd calamities -- which of course end up being caught on film. Here's a list of five great movie scenes made possible by reckless endangerment. Thankfully these are all incidents that everyone was able to walk away from; others, such as the infamous "Twilight Zone: The Movie" accident, haunt us to this day.

Did you manage to catch any of Heath Ledger's actual lines in "Brokeback Mountain"? The AVClub's list of twenty memorably inarticulate movie performances is an entertaining guide to which film characters are in greatest need of a speech pathologist. Funny that most of them are male, though Helena Bonham Carter ("Sweeney Todd") and Jennifer Jason Leigh ("Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle") do draw honorable mention.