Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' to Span Three Films, Courtesy of Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson on the set of 'The Hobbit'/Image © 2011 New Line Cinema
Peter Jackson on the set of 'The Hobbit'/Image © 2011 New Line Cinema

There's still lots of summer left -- plenty of time to buy a swimsuit that matches your favorite book cover. Nothing says "beach read" like a bikini that matches your copy of Crime and Punishment.

If you haven't already heard, Peter Jackson has announced via Facebook that his "The Hobbit" is going to stretch across three entire films. No idea how on earth (middle or otherwise) he can wring three features' worth of thrills out of a 144-page book, but I'm willing to check out part one and see where it goes. I'd hate for this sort of thing to catch on -- the last thing we need is Tarantino deciding to do  "Kill Bill vol. 3" in three parts.

Disney's latest animated fairy tale sort of sneaked up on me! "The Snow Queen" comes out just a few short months, and new synopsis details reveal that it's a very loose adaptation indeed, a la "Tangled." Hans Christian Andersen's elegant tale will now include animal sidekicks and a living snowman. Thank goodness the Queen herself is played by Idina Menzel, who starred in the original productions of both "Wicked" and "Rent" on Broadway. My anticipation for this film relies entirely on her having plenty of songs to sing at full (icy) blast.

Finally, congratulations to Lana Wachowski for completing the transition from her former identity, Larry. Lana made her first public appearance in a video promoting the Wachowski's upcoming "Cloud Atlas," the final step in a process that spanned most of the last decade. I like to think of her new life a sequel ...  shall we say "Reloaded"?