Alan Rickman Makes an Emotionally Compelling Cup of Tea

Alan Rickman/Photo © Miro Vrlik Photography/Shutterstock
Alan Rickman/Photo © Miro Vrlik Photography/Shutterstock

Filed under "Too Big to Fail": Here's a photo series revealing how special-effects guru Stan Winston created the giant Queen Alien puppet for "Aliens," which required two entire humans encased within it to operate the arms. H. R. Giger wasn't involved, so it was a case of art imitating art.

Then there are the moments that are so beautiful onscreen we have to re-create them in real life. National Geographic re-created the balloon house in "Up," so inspired were they by its heroic flight. That's 300 eight-foot weather balloons!

Everyone loves a remix! The "alternate history" website Changing the Times has re-imagined J. R. R. Tolkien's masterwork as the product of several other famous writers, including P. G. Wodehouse, Oscar Wilde ... and rock star Meat Loaf.

Alan Rickman can do a lot with a little. In one of his recent roles, all that was required of the "Harry Potter" actor was to spend about fifteen seconds making a cup of tea. Thanks to the magic of time elapsed film (and a little mood music), this snippet becomes a dramatic portrait of a character actor in motion.