Batman Forever: 'Justice League' Will Kick Off Yet Another Reboot

Christian Bale in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’/Image © 2012 Warner Bros.
Christian Bale in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’/Image © 2012 Warner Bros.

So, you've enjoyed this recent spate of "Batman" films, have you? Good thing, because they're not really abating any time soon. Not only will Batman be featured in the "Justice League" film, but an entirely new Caped Crusader series reboot will follow. Batman will still be young when all the rest of us are old, and we'll spend our retirement center days bickering over whether Miley Cyrus' daughter has what it takes to be the forty-third Catwoman.

The Canadian Random House blog Hazlitt has rounded up four reigning advice gurus for a chat about the ups and downs of being opinionated for a living. Included are Cary Tennis, Lynn Coady, Emily Yoffe, and Cheryl Strayed (whose "Dear Sugar" column was recently compiled into the book Tiny Beautiful Things). I hope they weren't physically all in the same place -- if there was an accident of some kind, who would solve all our problems for us?

Typically we're above celebrity gossip, but occasionally stories come up that are so multidimensional that they simply must be relayed. According to recent reports, Lindsay Lohan is either a jewel thief, or a really bad party guest. Maybe both! Could this terribly confusing story be a publicity stunt to draw attention to her upcoming Elizabeth Taylor TV movie, "Dick and Liz"? Everyone better check and see if any white diamonds are missing.

Natalie Portman simply doesn't have these kinds of problems, but her characters fare much worse. She's the star of the next Lynne Ramsey film, "Jane Got a Gun," about a woman who must turn to her ex to save her husband from being murdered. Surely the fact that Ramsey scored big this year with "We Need to Talk About Kevin" helped to sweeten the deal. Meanwhile, Portman's still the toast of Hollywood; you'll see her next in the new Terence Malick film, "Knight of Cups."