Bold Move: Lars Von Trier Recruits Shia LaBeouf for 'Nymphomaniac'

Shia LaBeouf/Photo © Featureflash/Shutterstock
Shia LaBeouf/Photo © Featureflash/Shutterstock

The thing about being a diehard Lars von Trier fan is that you trust him implicitly when it comes to casting. Therefore, I have surprisingly few qualms about Shia LaBeouf being cast in the director's next film, "Nymphomania," which will chronicle the sex life of one woman (played by Charlotte Gainsbourg) from conception to age fifty. The article also claims that Nicole Kidman will resurface in a minor role, her first work with von Trier since the exquisite, controversial 2003 film "Dogville."

Aww, someone went to all the trouble of championing a "Bloodsport" remake, but no one thought to ask Jean-Claude Van Damme if he wanted  to get involved? They'll regret it even more profoundly when they see the six-pack the fifty-one-year-old actor showed off at this week's "The Expendables 2" photo call.

It's been nice to see 1988 Olympic gold medal-winner Greg Louganis popping up in the recent London sports coverage. Producer Will Sweeney is currently working on a documentary about the diver (which he's using Kickstarter to fund). If you think Louganis deserves a better film than the 1997 Showtime biopic starring Mario Lopez, then toss a coin in the jar.

Speaking of Kickstarter, it looks like actor-cum-director Matthew Lillard's adaptation of Fat Kid Rules the World has surpassed its $150K goal! There are some fun video production updates on the film's YouTube channel -- that first video is a thorough exhibition of the vomit special effects that everyone helped pay for!