Michael Shannon's Star Finally Rises in Chilling 'The Iceman' Trailer

If you had any doubts whether "The Iceman" (based on the true crime sensation by Anthony Bruno) was going to be a big deal this fall, just watch the trailer. Michael Shannon finally gets the leading role he deserves in Richard Kuklinksi, the mafia hitman who was believed to have murdered over a hundred people -- though anyone who's seen the vastly underrated "Bug" knew that it was only a matter of time before Shannon made the big time.

Kirsten Dunst's been in a dramatic mood lately. First, she starred in the stage-to-screen adaptation "Bachelorette," and now she's set to star in "Red Light Winter," adapted from the play by Adam Rapp, which was a Pulitzer candidate in 2006. It really makes one wonder how Kiki missed the boat on "August: Osage County."

Kurt Vonnegut wasn't just a prolific pioneer in fiction, he also braved the grunge under the bathtub and behind the toilet, often without his wife's nudging. Or at least, so says this contract composed by the author, in which he attempts to resolve household tensions invoked by everything from his swearing to his smoking indoors.

In this SomethingAwful thread you'll learn all about a day in the life of a Disney princess-for-hire. The author's stories of birthday party madness are peppered with brilliant illustrations that show her best and worst moments as a part-time Cinderella who must literally smile at all times while on the job.