PBS Celebrates Julia Child's 100th Birthday With An Auto-Tuned Video Tribute

Julia Child video still via <a href=PBS Digital Studios" />
Julia Child video still via PBS Digital Studios

Happy 100th birthday, Julia Child! To celebrate, PBS auto-tuned some classic Julia moments into a charming music video, below (this should wash down easily alongside that spoof trailer that mashes up "Julie & Julia" with "The Iron Lady"). Child's cookbooks and memoir cover more ground than most would-be chefs could span in 100 years, so here's to a life well spent, and well fed!

Fans of "Mallrats" and people old enough to remember the good old days (and nights, and entire weekends) spent down at the local shopping mall will flip for this collection of photos -- soon to be a book -- showing what malls and their denizens looked like back in 1989. Once a bastion of youth culture, now most malls go to great lengths to drive off teenagers, such as piping in classical music. Remember though, that even the gang leader in "A Clockwork Orange" had a taste for Beethoven.

Speaking of antisocial types, the new trailer for "Seven Psychopaths" looks as promising as anything you'd expect from Martin McDonagh, the writer/director of the sublime 2008 comedy thriller "In Bruges." Is it possible for seven actors to simultaneously steal a scene? In such cases, the tie will always be broken by Christopher Walken.

If you were still holding out hope for an "Eastern Promises" sequel, apparently that ship has sailed. Indiewire has reported that director David Cronenberg's declared the project "dead" due to a sudden shift in focus over at Focus Features. Fortunately this sad news breaks just as "Cosmopolis" is sweeping into theaters, and Cronenberg himself claims that his next major task will be finishing a novel, so don't write him off just yet!