Vera Farmiga Raises Hell Yet Again in 'Psycho' Spin-Off

Vera Farmiga/Photo © Shutterstock/Terry Straehley
Vera Farmiga/Photo © Shutterstock/Terry Straehley

Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga ("Up in the Air") is about to get freaky again: She's signed on to play Norman's infamous mother in the new A&E "Psycho" spin-off, "Bates Motel." This isn't her first problem child; you may recall she played the beleaguered mother in two different creepy-kid movies. First it was "Joshua" in 2007, and then "Orphan" in 2009. All I can say is Farmiga's real-life two-year-old had better turn out to be as normal as blueberry pie, or else.

David Fincher packs more intensity into his title sequences than most directors achieve in an entire feature. Here's a critical look at the opening credits of nine different films, from "Alien 3" to "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," which allows you to see the continuity across the years as Fincher grows into the master he is today.

Tor's Jon Evans objects to people mixing magical realism in with "Fantasy" literature, and he's here to explain exactly why. Obviously there are nearly as many different kinds of fantastical books to write as there are authors to write them, but Evans provides an excellent springboard into a conversation about why Gabriel Garcia Marquez and J.K. Rowling don't belong on the same shelf.

Peter Jackson has opened up about how many of Guillermo Del Toro's designs have made it into the upcoming Hobbit movies. The answer? Not many. "I looked at his designs and I said the only person who can make a Guillermo Del Toro movie is Guillermo. It shouldn’t be me," Jackson commented. Maybe we can still see them on the special features reel? Del Toro's take on Smaug the dragon must be a sight to behold.