Alec Baldwin and Patrick Wilson 'Caught Stealing' in Charlie Huston Adaptation

Alec Baldwin/Photo © Helga Esteb/Shutterstock
Alec Baldwin/Photo © Helga Esteb/Shutterstock

The exciting news pouring forth from the Toronto Film Festival continues. The extraordinarily talented contemporary crime noir writer Charlie Huston will see his novel Caught Stealing (book one in Huston's Henry Thompson trilogy) adapted for the silver screen. The story that David Hayter will pen the screenplay for the book with Patrick Wilson and Alec Baldwin to star broke during the festival.

Caught Stealing centers around Henry "Hank" Thompson, a former high school superstar athlete turned alcoholic bartender, who gets more than he bargains for after agreeing to watch his neighbor's cat. Hank soon finds himself in the center of a bloody treasure hunt through Manhattan, being chased by a dirty cop, Russian gangsters, and a cast of equally colorful characters, all vying for a piece of the hidden fortune. Patrick Wilson is tapped to play Hank, while Baldwin has been perfectly cast as sadistic Detective Roman.

Charlie Huston's writing can best be described as Quentin Tarantino meets Alfred Hitchcock, so needless to say, we are confident that his work will translate well to film. Despite the film-readiness of his pulp catalog, Caught Stealing will mark the first of Huston's books to make it to the big screen. However, there have been past attempts to adapt his novels. Shortly after the publication of his 2009 novel The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death, Alan Ball tried to adapt the novel about a Los Angeles crime scene cleaner into a pilot for HBO, entitled "All Signs of Death." Ultimately, the network passed in late 2010, and that is the last we heard about the adaptation.

If you are a Charlie Huston fan, how do you feel about Patrick Wilson being cast as Hank Thompson? What are some of your favorite movie or television adaptations of contemporary crime noir novels?