Anne Hathaway in Talks to Get Robotic in Adaptation of Daniel H. Wilson's Robopocalypse

Anne Hathaway/Photo © Debby Wong/Shutterstock
Anne Hathaway/Photo © Debby Wong/Shutterstock

Rumor has it that the Robopocalypse adaptation will star Anne Hathaway. It's important to remember that Disney and Spielberg have got their hands all over this, so at its very darkest we're still looking at a PG-13 rating. Any fans of the novel care to weigh in on that? Personally, I prefer my apocalyptic robots to behave with utter contempt toward early twenty-first-century standards of decency.

The next Wes Anderson movie just might be my favorite, because it will be the first Wes Anderson movie  that has Angela Lansbury in it (and also Bill Murray again, if you're into that sort of thing). The film is called "The Grand Budapest Hotel," and it will also include Anderson newcomers Johnny Depp and Jude Law. But have either of them ever fought Nazis with magic, or sold the worst pies in London? Even if she only appears for five minutes, I think we all know who the real star of this movie is...

Baz Luhrmann's "Gatsby" may have been delayed, but you don't have to wait until summer to get an eyeful of an F. Scott Fitzgerald classic rendered in shining digital effects. Behold,  the 8-bit The Great Gatsby video game! My favorite part was when I got to shoot a fellow party guest who was doing the Charleston in a fountain.

People love to give Fifty Shades of Grey a hard time, but has anything really changed? After all, a recently translated Egyptian papyrus from almost two thousand years ago has been found to contain "a fictional story that includes drinking, singing, feasting and ritual sex." Despite having edged ourselves ever-closer to the Robopocalypse, human nature apparently hasn't changed a whit.