'Brave' Who? Trailer for 'Wreck It Ralph' Sets the Standard for Animated Fun in 2012

Image from ‘Wreck It Ralph’ © 2012 Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures
Image from ‘Wreck It Ralph’ © 2012 Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures

Fall is art film season, right? So why is all my anticipation focused on a Disney movie about classic video games? The full trailer for "Wreck It Ralph" has arrived, delivering something like a sugar rush mixed with unexpected emotional aftershocks. The cache that "Brave" built up as 2012's most cherished animated feature is starting to look like a molehill standing in the shade of a looming mountain.

We knew that Jane Fonda was knockout casting for former First Lady (and infamous autobiographer) Nancy Reagan, but Alan Rickman as Ronnie seemed like more of a stretch. This new photo from behind the scenes of "The Butler," however, proves that the genius at work on this film is not just Fonda-deep.

An outright TV series adaptation of the classic 1988 dark comedy "Heathers" seems pretty redundant; the film's influenced the way teenage dialogue has been depicted ever since then. From the description it sounds like they plan to gloss over the all-too-topical "murder the popular kids and try to blow up the school" aspect of the movie and just focus on how high school girls can be soooooo mean, you know?

Lars Von Trier is throwing curveballs faster than anyone else can even figure out what game is being played. The newest addition to his "Nymphomaniac" cast? Christian Slater. It's as if Von Trier is running a kind of image-rehabilitation center for actors. It certainly worked for Kiefer Sutherland in "Melancholia," and Bryce Dallas Howard in "Manderlay." Is there any way we can assign him as Lindsay Lohan's caseworker? I have no doubt that he would succeed where so many others have failed.