Comedian David Mitchell Pokes Fun at Downton Abbey's Pokey Second Season

Still from Downton Abbey Season Two/Image © PBS
Still from Downton Abbey Season Two/Image © PBS

David Mitchell (this one, not this one) has some tough love for the second season of "Downton Abbey." The comedian's four-and-a-half minute rant, below, is peppered with strong language and withering verbal takedowns, but you can tell it comes from a place of genuine fan concern. Has the show become, as Mitchell suggests, nothing more than actors saying lies in hats?

Tilda Swinton is one of those actors people say they would be happy to hear even just read a phone book out loud. So how about one of the greatest works of twentieth century literature instead? Here she is reading the first chapter of Moby Dick. Don't ask why, or where the other chapters are; just savor it and imagine how fabulous her Queequeg costume would be.

William Gibson, one of the founding fathers of cyberpunk thanks to novels like 1984's Neuromancer, spoke with Wired a few days ago for a massive three-part interview, beginning with comments about why science fiction writers are (thankfully) almost always wrong. If you don't believe him, then go read some vintage sci-fi for yourself and report back with your findings! In the meantime, here are parts two and three of the interview.

Not to get all up in your face, but if you think classic Bond films like "From Russia With Love" are silly, the problem is actually with you. Or at least, that's the charge mounted by this article at Press Play. In a culture constantly bombarded with new products, observes the author: A movie's "lack of newness" prevents the audience from being able to connect with (formerly) groundbreaking as they ought to; it's up to each viewer to make the effort to bridge that gap." Of course, there's really no evidence of sophistication in later romps like "Live and Let Die," so snicker away at that one!