Latest 'The Master' Trailer Contains None of the Finished Film

Amy Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman in ‘The Master’/Photo © 2012 The Weinstein Co.
Amy Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman in ‘The Master’/Photo © 2012 The Weinstein Co.

Whether you've already seen P.T. Anderson's "The Master" or it's still on your list, it's fascinating to note that the most recent trailer (below) is completely made up of footage that doesn't actually appear in the film. What an amazing way to keep your audience guessing! I suppose this means we can also look forward to a healthy deleted scenes reel on the DVD.

The Slender Man meme has crept across the internet like a chilling fog. What began as pure invention has become more and more real with the release of a creepy video game (see playlist below) and dozens of YouTube videos purporting to track the creature. A feature film was probably inevitable -- in below's playlist you'll find a trailer for the fan-funded project, which was successfully funded through Kickstarter. Anyone care to start a countdown until we get a Michael Bay version?

Do epic stories like Lord of the Rings tend to be ultimately based on a tiny mistake, or does it just seem that way lately? Cracked would like to point out these five film franchises based on one character's stupid decision. The most infuriating example: All the conflict in the "Spider-Man" movies could have been avoided if the Green Goblin's butler had been less of a bungler.

Nicolas Cage and director Richard Kelly ("Donnie Darko") are two weird flavors that will probably taste weird together. It appears that the two are preparing to collaborate on a true-crime movie called "Amicus." From the description it sounds fairly straightforward, which is perhaps the weirdest aspect of all. Then again, "The Box" (video below) sounded pretty simple on paper.