'Stoker' Trailer Has Nothing to Do With Bram Stoker (and Everything to Do with Nicole Kidman)

Nicole Kidman in ‘Stoker’/Still © Fox Searchlight
Nicole Kidman in ‘Stoker’/Still © Fox Searchlight

First, a public service announcement: The new Nicole Kidman movie "Stoker" may be plenty terrifying, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with Bram Stoker or any of his works. The trailer, featured first in the playlist below, is extremely promising -- exactly what you might hope for the American debut of South Korean director Chan-wook Park ("Oldboy").

Yesterday a sharp-eyed Redditor pointed out that most of the witches in the 1990 adaptation of Roald Dahl's The Witches were really just bald men wearing makeup. While we're on the subject of Dahl, did you have any idea that The BFG was adapted into an animated movie in 1989? You can watch the entire thing in the playlist below.

Melissa McCarthy has ridden the post-"Bridesmaids" and Oscar nomination wave into another screwball comedy, teaming with Jason Bateman in the upcoming "Identity Thief" (watch the trailer below). I'm detecting shades of 1992's "HouseSitter" or 2003's abysmal "Bringing Down the House," with funnier writing and probably a much weirder ending.

Michael Mitnick has been chosen to adapt The Incredible Book Eating Boy for Universal. I'm uncomfortable with this news, mostly because without a hyphen it's impossible for me to tell who's eating who. Nevertheless, I'm intrigued because one of Mitnick's many other credits is that he's the lyricist for the "King Kong" musical that's currently making it's way to Broadway via Skull Island -- uh, I mean, Australia. Except, of course, for the song which Sarah MacLachlan wrote for it.