The Ties That Bond: Daniel Craig Will Continue as 007 Post-'Skyfall'

Daniel Craig/Photo © S. Bukley/Shutterstock
Daniel Craig/Photo © S. Bukley/Shutterstock

Many assumed that Daniel Craig would move on after "Skyfall," but ... to what exactly? Craig must share those uncertainties, because he is preparing to commit  to two more Bond movies. Hey, if he's good enough for Roger Moore, he's good enough for us.

Is it too early for us to totally ruin Christmas? The official sequel to the holiday TV stalwart "A Christmas Story" (based on stories by Jean Shepherd) will debut on Blu-Ray and DVD later this year. From the trailer, it's impossible to tell whether it will be any fun at all, since you have to be in a very specific post-banquet lethargy to appreciate the charms of the original.

Surprise! Richard Linklater is adding yet another film to the series that already includes "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset." Instead of announcing the project the traditional way, the director kept things under wraps until filming (with stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy) was already completed. Is a release date too much to ask for, or will that be a surprise too?

The poet Emily Dickinson lived a humble life, mainly outside of the public eye. As a result, we've found just one single photograph of her -- until now. A second image has surfaced in her hometown of Amherst, MA, and experts believe it's a match. Just a few more images and we'll finally be able to construct that Emily Dickinson hologram!