'Carrie' Teaser Trailer Offers an Ecstatic Glimpse into Hell

Expect a lot of updates from me this fall about the "Carrie" remake. Over the months I've gone from dismissive to dubious to fanatical, and the new teaser trailer (featured below) confirms something I'd hardly dared to hope for: a return to the text. Stephen King's novel takes the form of numerous interviews, articles, and other clippings about the fiery prom massacre, so it's endlessly reassuring to hear these voices in the trailer offering their assorted perspectives. If she manages to pull this off, I'm writing in Julianne Moore for President -- as herself even, not as Sarah Palin.

Charlotte's Web celebrates its sixtieth birthday this week! In honor of the event, NPR sat down with Michael Sims, the author of a new book about E.B. White and the fictional farmyard that would make him an immortal fixture in children's literature. Apparently it took poor White seventeen takes to record the audiobook without bursting into tears during Charlotte's death.

I dunno how you feel about Sacha Baron Cohen playing Freddie Mercury in the upcoming biopic, but I'm thrilled -- if you doubt he's got the pipes for it, just look at all the scenes he stole in Tim Burton's "Sweeney Todd." Anyhow, the project is finally moving ahead after languishing in development purgatory for two years, so even if you're miserable about the idea, it will all be over with soon enough.

While we're talking music, is it true that both Prince and Lady Gaga are writing songs for Baz Lurhmann's "Gatsby"? One of the film's stars, Adelaide Clemons, has been dropping hints that the delay in the film's release (from this Christmas to next summer) may have given the director a chance to put together an even glitzier soundtrack. Never fear, if anyone can insinuate a modern pop song into a period film, the director of "Moulin Rouge" can (can-can).