Daniel Craig: James Bond Won't Enjoy His Heineken Any More Than Necessary

Daniel Craig stars as James Bond on the set of 'Skyfall'/Image © 2011 Danjaq, LLCPictures / Columbia Pictures
Daniel Craig stars as James Bond on the set of 'Skyfall'/Image © 2011 Danjaq, LLCPictures / Columbia Pictures

Daniel Craig was good enough to address the "Skyfall" product-placement controversy in his recent Vanity Fair interview, pointing out that he's got no problem drinking a Heineken on film -- truly, Bond must have at least a passing familiarity with other alcoholic beverages? But he draws the line at exaggerated expressions of refreshment. This means that any minute now his character will be edited out of the movie and replaced by a robot who relies on beer as a source of fuel.

The website io9 is on the hunt for Philip K. Dick's literary/cinematic heir, listing several sci-fi authors who seem promising. Will Jonathan Lethem or Haruki Murakami  adaptations be all the rage in the 21st century? Better question: will Dick's weirder tales like VALIS or The Divine Invasion ever play before multiplex audeinces?

Another legendary voice that still draws a crowd is that of Allen Ginsberg. A recently released collection of his whose poems and songs yields many treasures, and you can listen to several of them for free online. I'm a fan of his "Voice of the Bard," it sounds like it could easily be a lost Velvet Underground song (and "Vomit Express" is actually a lot catchier than you'd think).

The most interesting news regarding Kristen Stewart lately has nothing to do with the actress herself. Rather, her mom, screenwriter Jules Stewart, has directed a film called "K-11," which tells the story of  a record producer who ends up in "the section of the L.A. jail reserved for gay and transgender inmates." Will it be Oscar-bait, as the producers are hoping, or an exploitative hot mess? The promo reel (below) suggests the latter, but I guess Stewart wins since I'll surely watch it either way.

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