Digital Projection Woes Foil Screening of Brian de Palma's 'Passion' at NYFF

Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams in 'Passion'/Image © 2012 SBS Films
Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams in 'Passion'/Image © 2012 SBS Films

The New York Film Festival is underway, and people are in a tizzy over the digital projection woes at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall. See, with a regular projector there's only so much that can go wrong, and a capable projectionist knows exactly what to check. When a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) system fails, you enter the same terrifying realm of tech support/troubleshooting that you'd navigate if your home computer crashed. This week the screening of Brian De Palma's new erotic thriller, "Passion," was canceled at the last minute when the house couldn't get things running upstairs. Expect stories like this to become more common as digital projection continues to "improve" the moviegoing experience!

Once upon a time, back when William Faulkner was a lowly post office employee,  he got the satisfaction of writing his boss a curt letter urging the man to take this job and shove it. As another article points out, this little skirmish fortunately didn't keep Faulkner from later being immortalized on a commemorative  stamp!

If you've read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, you probably harbor a secret fascination with Joshie, the European pop star who otherwise mainly appeals to six-year-old girls. Either way, prepare to be delighted: The series' online home has released an actual Joshie mp3, so you no longer have to imagine how ridiculous the whole idea is. Reminds me a bit of Tyler, "America's Most Perfect Child," from the MTV2 series "Wonder Showzen."

Yours truly was honored to be a guest on a recent episode of the film podcast "Bonnie & Maude." The topic? Marilyn Monroe's films "Don't Bother to Knock" and "The Seven Year Itch" (the former was adapted from a novel by Charlotte Armstrong, the latter from a Broadway play by George Axelrod). Along the way we discuss everything from Monroe's modern counterparts to the recent publishing of her poetry and other scribblings. You can listen here:  Part 1, Part 2.