First Listen: Does Adele's 'Skyfall' Theme Measure Up?

Adele/Photo © Joe Seer/Shutterstock
Adele/Photo © Joe Seer/Shutterstock

How do we feel about the preview (below) of Adele singing the main title for the new Bond film, "Skyfall"? To me it sounds like she's playing it safe, but it is just an excerpt -- maybe she unhinges her entire throat for the song's climax, like Shirley Bassey. At present I have concerns about it being a bit too "Octopussy." C'mon, Adele, we all saw you rattle those glasses of water T-rex style in "Rolling in the Deep," we know you can bring the thunder.

"Clueless" has officially proven its timelessness. Not only has the 1995 comedy served as the inspiration for the new undead comedy "Vamps," it's also the obvious spiritual predecessor to the new Brooklyn Nets cheerleading outfits. For the record, we're okay with '90s style coming back if it means baggier jeans and more "Aeon Flux" cartoons.

Was Seth MacFarlane's "Saturday Night Live" hosting job an audition for the Oscars? Amid all the buzz over the comic/showrunner being tapped to entertain during the awards broadcast (both positive and negative) it's interesting to consider how well he managed under the SNL pressure -- which, lets face it, is possibly one of the only comparable experiences out there.

J.K. Rowling's first post-Potter novel The Casual Vacancy has debuted, and people are still figuring out what to do with it. The AV Club review is mainly positive, carefully examining the ways in which the author's incredibly familiar style has evolved to accommodate adult interests and attention spans. The New York Times seemed far less eager to swallow the bait, but ultimately it's the readers who grew up with Rowling -- many of whom may strongly relate to the portrait of small-town life she's drawn -- that will determine the fate of this book.