It's Alive! TNT to Breathe Life into Dean Koontz's 'Frankenstein'

With Halloween around the corner, the news that TNT is developing Dean Koontz's five-book Frankenstein series comes at the perfect time. Deadline recently broke the story that Lionsgate Television and 1019 Entertainment will team up on this project, with father-son team James and Jake Hart tapped to write. The elder Hart is no stranger to the story, and has a small writing credit on the 1994 movie version of "Frankenstein," which starred Robert De Niro and Kenneth Branagh.

Koontz's Frankenstein series puts a modern twist on Mary Shelly's classic tale. Set in present-day New Orleans, Frankenstein follows the exploits of Victor Helios -- once known as Frankenstein -- as he harnesses modern technology to further his pursuits in creating the perfect race of people. His first creation, Deucalion, teams up with a pair of homicide detectives in an attempt to put a stop to Helios' dangerous obsession. If you have not read Dean Koontz's Frankenstein series, we highly recommend starting with the first book in the series, Prodigal Son. Learn more about it here.

Though there have been dozens of film and television adaptations of his novels, Dean Koontz has recently gone on the record to say that he has never been satisfied with the results. Koontz and his collaborator Kevin Anderson started working with USA Networks in 2004 to develop a television movie version based on Koontz's early concept for "Frankenstein," which he eventually left due to creative differences. That ended up being for the best, as it led Koontz to fully develop the modern Frankenstein concept into the five-book series we have today. In a terrific 2012 interview with Science Fiction blog iO9, Koontz talks about lessons learned the hard way:

I have pretty much given up on Hollywood and the whole idea of movies, because they never got what I did properly. And so I told my attorney, "When somebody calls and says, 'Are the rights to that book available?', Don't say yes or no. Call me up and tell me who they are, and I'll think about it.

Koontz's new selectivity in respect to future projects based on his works gives us tremendous hope. The highly anticipated cinematic adaptation of his Odd Thomas series with Anton Yelchin cast as Odd is reportedly completed and expected to hit theaters in 2013.

Are you excited at the prospect of Koontz's Frankenstein heading to the small screen? Who would you cast as Victor Helios and Deucalion?