Oscar Grouch: Joaquin Phoenix Bites the Hand That Awards Him

Joaquin Phoenix/Photo © Andersphoto/Shutterstock
Joaquin Phoenix/Photo © Andersphoto/Shutterstock

Keep your dirty Oscar statuette and your dirty Oscar-nominated film distribution bonus money, says Joaquin Phoenix. Oh wait, just the former -- he'll still financially benefit from starring in a movie ("The Master") whose run is extended for awards season. C'mon, man, if you're going to let yourself get this deep into the Hollywood game (and make a modest living while you're at it), there's zero sense in refusing to play along.

You know that feeling of anguish and aggravation you get from seeing really poor adaptations of books that delighted you as a child? Well, enjoy not feeling that way when you gaze upon Hope Larson's graphic novel version of A Wrinkle in Time. It's amazing how the Madeleine L'Engle classic leaps off the page in this format, especially since the halfhearted 2003 TV movie was such a letdown. Hopefully Larson's work will inspire someone to consider an equally inspired animated feature.

A Redditor noted that if you watch "The Shining" with the subtitles on, you see something very strange at the end. Jack Nicholson's character is shown to be screaming piteously for help from within the Labyrinth -- that's quite a change from what you hear on the screen. Wonder whether it's some sort of error, or maybe a nod to the textual Stephen King version of the character, who's a lot more conflicted about his actions than Kubrick's version.

What if movie posters were neon signs? This collection of animated images sees the "minimalist promo images" trend and does it one better, adding layers of motion and imagination that make these stand out like ... well, like neon signs. The simpler ones (like "Jurassic Park" or "Psycho") are most plausible as real neon signs. Don't worry about rendering them in actual glass tubes, we can always just blow these images up great big and project them onto the wall.