Hot Trailer: 'Dark Skies' For Black Friday

Dark Skies
Dark Skies

Just in time for Black Friday (a day which comes closer every year to living up to its spooky-sounding name), we have the new trailer for "Dark Skies" (from the producer of "Paranormal Activity"), which looks scary despite relying on every cliche in the book -- including the one I wrote about last year regarding women and web searches. In fact, that moment where Keri Russell bangs her head robotically against the glass is outright stolen from M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening." Let's hope that's the only thing those two movies have in common.

For a hot minute there, the internet got super excited at the prospect of Mike Myers working on "Wayne's World 3." Calm down, it's not happening. Be honest: even if it did, this project would just occupy that uncanny valley of movies you're interested in purely for the sake of nostalgia, but aren't willing to actually sit through.

If you're wondering what "Breaking Dawn Part 2" might look like through the eyes of a total Twilight virgin, Vulture's Jesse Fox has posted all the notes he jotted down during the movie. It took him about forty minutes to even figure out all the characters' names -- at this point in the series, they really do assume you know everything about everyone.

Another interesting virgin experience: Alison Keene's revisiting all of the "Star Wars" movies, which she's managed to avoid entirely until now. Here are her reviews of Episodes IV, V, and VI, and it looks like next she'll roll on to the prequels. All I can say is, I hope she's getting paid by the hour.