Knight Life: Kenneth Branagh, Kate Winslet Receive Top Royal Honors

Kate Winslet and Kenneth Branagh/Photos © Featureflash and Helga Esteb, Shutterstock
Kate Winslet and Kenneth Branagh/Photos © Featureflash and Helga Esteb, Shutterstock

It seems only fitting that Kenneth Branagh was knighted by Queen Elizabeth this week: His last film role was as Sir Laurence Olivier in "My Week With Marilyn" (Olivier was knighted in 1947). Also honored was Kate Winslet, who is now a Commander of the British Empire. Having recently re-watched her indomitable performance in "Mildred Pierce," I find that to be a suitable promotion.

I happened to find "Prometheus" quite enjoyable, but if you're among the throngs who were infuriated by Ridley Scott's return to his "Alien" roots, you may want to take a gander at the original script, which can finally be read in its entirety. The title at the time was "Alien: Engineers," and this version featured a little more chest-bursty action. Though our pals at io9 still find it to be pretty flawed, many commenters seem to vastly prefer it to what they saw in the theater.

If you pitted the characters from "The Lord of the Rings" against those in "A Game of Thrones" in deadly combat, who would the winners be? We have some speculations from George R.R. Martin himself (Tolkien was unavailable for comment, having died in 1973). Surprisingly, Martin's own characters don't fare quite as well in his estimation as you might expect -- but why are they even bothering him with this stuff? Leave him alone and let him finish writing the next book!

It's funny how easily you can obliterate all the dramatic tension in a film just by switching the music. This collection of inappropriate soundtracks to famous movies completely screws with beloved classics from "Kill Bill" to "The Birds." In addition to being wildly entertaining, the alterations may reinforce your appreciation of the delicate work performed by the original sound designers.