Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader Getting Twinny with It in 'The Skeleton Twins'

Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig/Photos © Helga Esteb and Glynnis Jones/Shutterstock
Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig/Photos © Helga Esteb and Glynnis Jones/Shutterstock

In so-weird-it-has-to-be-true news, "SNL" actors Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader will play twins in their next Hollywood exploit, an indie comedy called "The Skeleton Twins." You might recall that Wiig and Hader were paired as man and wife in "Adventureland," which makes this casting a little awkward... but then, awkward's always been Wiig's thing, and it's good to see she's still doing it in her post-"Bridesmaids" career.

What kind of oddness was "The Tree of Life" director Terrence Malick brewing at the Austin City Limits music festival last month? Spectators were treated to the likes of Rooney Mara and Val Kilmer cavorting onstage with the actual billed acts, while Malick filmed scenes for his as-yet-unnamed feature. Pitchfork's got the rundown on what we know, what we can guess, and what still makes no damn sense.

We've come a long way since James Bond's early days of clunky Geiger counters and homing-beacons. Here's a list of ten Bond gadgets that have become readily available technology. So what's your excuse for not being a super spy already? Still waiting for those PX90 abs to start showing?

Nobel Prize-winning author Orhan Pamuk (Silent House) is the latest subject of the New York Times' "By the Book" interview feature. It's not just fluff like "What's the last book that made you laugh?" (his answer: anything Oscar Wilde). They also ask about his activism in Turkey and his abandoned career as a painter. It's hard to mess with a guy whose desert island reading would include the Encyclopedia Britannica volume on Islam.