New Trailer: 'Les Miz' Promises Vocal Integrity, Visual Artistry

Hugh Jackman in ‘Les Miserables’/Photo © 2012 Universal Pictures
Hugh Jackman in ‘Les Miserables’/Photo © 2012 Universal Pictures

The latest "Les Miserables" trailer leaked over the weekend, but was purged from the internet almost instantly. Dunno why they bothered, because it resurfaced just a few days later -- watch it below and man, is it both refreshing and strange to see the difference in the live-recorded singing. There is definitely a raw, startling quality that's almost unprecedented by movie musical standards. Watching people actively sing their guts out has been part of the thrill of stage musicals all along; it's a revealing and essentially human act, and thus we'll all probably spend the first thirty minutes of the film struggling to adjust to it.

Last week, a bunch of ESPN anchors inexplicably decided to see how many references to "The Princess Bride" they could work into their program. Buzzfeed was thoughtful enough to compile them all into one handy video montage for your amusement. I lost track of how many they racked up, but it was definitely more than I could count on eleven fingers.

Little is known about the private life of original "The Tonight Show" host Johnny Carson, which makes him a perfect subject for a new biopic -- we won't know which bits are real and which are totally made up. Casting suggestions? Take a look at the photos of young Carson on his wiki page and tell me that Joseph Gordon-Levitt couldn't knock it out of the park (with an imaginary golf club, of course).

Paul Verhoeven has been very classy in his observations on why the "Total Recall" remake didn't work out so well. Mostly he seems to hope that valuable lessons were learned, especially since a similarly dry remake of "Starship Troopers" is also underway (or rather was ... Verhoeven makes it sound like the poor performance of "Recall" has got them spooked). It turns out that pushing the limits of technology in filmmaking is just no fun whatsoever unless you spike it with humor and sheer WTF-ness. Instead of remaking Verhoeven, these studios should just hire the director himself to keep breaking new ground.