Stephen King's 'Under the Dome' Will Become CBS Miniseries

Stephen King's books have inspired nearly as many miniseries adaptations as proper movies. The latest entry is Under the Dome, which CBS is developing into thirteen episodes. Fans were hoping for a cable network to snap it up -- guaranteeing an artier or grittier product -- but regular ol' TV has come a long way since the days of  "Golden Years."

Lately there's been a proliferation of internet posts offering "Then and Now" shots of various film and television ensembles, but for some reason none of them have grabbed me like this update on the cast of "The Little Rascals," via Reddit. Although it does come with the bittersweet remembrance that Carl Switzer, the original Alfalfa, was shot to death at age thirty-one over a $50 debt. Here's hoping that Bug Hall, the Alfalfa from the 1994 version lives to a ripe old age!

Without cheating, try to guess which of these actors has never received an Academy Award: Cary Grant, Peter O'Toole, Richard Burton, Gary Oldman. It turns out that none of them have -- in fact, there's an entire league of actors whose reputations are so impeccable, we just sort of assume they must have gotten a statuette by now. Does the fact that Fred Astaire never won make you feel any better about the fact that you'll (probably) never get one either?

Don Cheadle as Captain Planet? While Cartoon Network apparently is in fact developing a CP film, it's doubtful they'll end up casting Cheadle as a renegade hero who begins turning innocent humans into shrubbery. Which, if you ask me, is truly a missed opportunity.