Success of 'Red Dawn' Leads to Rash of Twitter Hate-Speech

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chris Hemsworth in ‘Red Dawn’/Photo © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chris Hemsworth in ‘Red Dawn’/Photo © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios

The "Red Dawn" remake did surprisingly well this past weekend. Its anti-North-Korean sentiments were successful also, but had the unfortunate side effect of giving many young people the notion that it was all right to openly hate Asian people on Twitter (evident from a simple keyword search on the site). Maybe someone should write a movie about how the stuff you say in public can come back to haunt you later? Perhaps it could star some of those kids that Jezebel called to task after the presidential election, many of whom inadvertently jeopardized their membership on sports teams and the like.

What if "A Game of Thrones" got a manga adaptation? What if "A Game of Thrones" got a "Seinfeld" adaptation? What if they just started the next season already, so that fans aren't forced to sit around making their own versions to tide them (and us) over?

If you're a Shakespeare buff, it might fascinate you to hear how the author's works would have been pronounced in his native dialect. As anyone who's seen "My Fair Lady" knows, the number of regional dialects in England alone is staggering. Was he more of a Professor Higgins or an Eliza Doolittle? You'll have to listen and hear for yourself.

After years spent as just another spot on the "bad movies" bingo card, Shia LeBeouf has been stealthily redeeming himself. First he signed on for the new Lars Von Trier film, and now he publicly planted one on Bill Nye the Science Guy. If he keeps this up, I'm going to start actively liking him. Perhaps there's something to this Mayan apocalypse stuff after all.

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