An Eff in History: Scholars Angered By Swearing in 'Lincoln'

Daniel Day-Lewis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Lincoln © Touchstone Pictures
Daniel Day-Lewis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Lincoln © Touchstone Pictures

Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" has earned an F from some historians -- and that doesn't stand for "Fail." It seems that nits are being picked about the amount (and types) of profanity in the film, with some experts claiming that Lincoln would have never tolerated such language being used in his presence. Others think it's no big deal. The good news is that this tempest in a teapot has not seemed to affect the film's success, despite the loss of endorsements from certain church groups and family movie guides.

So far, the holiday season's most execrable pop offering has got to be John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John's music video "I Think You Might Like It" (featured below).  Both of the "Grease" stars are rather worse for the wear, with Travolta continuing to insist that he has hair and Newton-John pretending that she knows how to drive.  The premise of the video? Reunion, aviation, conspicuous consumption, creaky line-dancing, auto-tune, defiant heterosexuality, and Christmas cheer.

Found via MetaFilter, here's a collection of locations used in Tim Burton's "Edward Scissorhands," then and now. There's even a video shot by the photographers that gives you a hint at what lies just beyond the frame. The idea of actually living in one of those suburban homes -- used in the film to mock the idea of suburbia itself -- is irresistibly ironic. If the neighborhood needs a new Avon lady, I'm there!

The true cause of Brittany Murphy's death may still not be resolved, but her final movie has been. "Something Wicked" is currently seeking a distributor, with director Darin Scott having finally wrapped up the post-production work that's been languishing since Murphy died in 2009. No need to track this story on your own --  when it's finally available, you can bet I'll be blabbing about it right here.