Dick Tracy: Warren Beatty, Madonna Finally Get the High-Def Attention They Deserve

Warren Beatty and Madonna in ‘Dick Tracy’/Still © Touchstone Pictures
Warren Beatty and Madonna in ‘Dick Tracy’/Still © Touchstone Pictures

The oft-overlooked comics adaptation "Dick Tracy" (1990) has finally received the home video release it deserves, arriving this week on Blu-ray. Disney and star/director Warren Beatty have been duking it out over legal rights practically ever since it first came out, which kept the film -- which was a major blockbuster and won several Oscars -- from being as widely circulated or well-remembered as it probably ought to have been. We finally have a transfer that does justice to the cartoony color palette and bizarre prosthetic makeup effects. Who cares if it seems to crib heavily from Tim Burton's "Batman," which came out the year before it -- even down to the bombastic Danny Elfman's score? Beatty's vision of Tracy's world is surprisingly durable. It's not every day that you get to watch a movie from the early '90s that can only be dated by the relative age of its actors. Here's a glimpse of the new, spruced-up version: Madonna singing Stephen Sondheim's "Sooner or Later." 

The queens from RuPaul's Drag Race have taken up an entertaining new cause: reading children's books aloud. Last month, contestants Jujubee, Shangela, and Pandora Boxx offered up their take on Goodnight Moon, and now we get Shangela's solo performance of P.D. Eastman's Are You My Mother? Perhaps they'll make storytelling a challenge on the show for this upcoming season, which starts up on January 28th.

In what can only be described (understatedly) as a total bummer, Sir Ian McKellen has admitted that he's been living with prostate cancer for over six years. Clearly it hasn't been slowing him down much, and he insists that his case is not life-threatening. Even so, it's always alarming to learn that someone you care about has been dealing with something as scary as cancer. We care, Ian!

Whether or not you cared for the Angelina Jolie action thriller "Salt" (I thought it was wild, goofy fun), you'll at least be entertained by these irreverent title suggestions for the inevitable sequel, which Jolie is apparently prepping for as we speak. I think they'd have to be crazy not to go with "Holy Saltrimony," but something tells me that's too many syllables for their target audience.