Is Charlie Brown's Christmas Special Appropriate for Public Schools?

A Charlie Brown Christmas © 1965 United Feature Syndicate Inc. All rights reserved.
A Charlie Brown Christmas © 1965 United Feature Syndicate Inc. All rights reserved.

The classics aren't for everyone. For example, some parents in Arkansas have objected to a local church production of "Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!" being performed for public school students -- you may recall that the script contains a lengthy passage from the Gospel of Luke about the birth of Christ. Due to the uproar, the church canceled their show. Good grief, was that necessary? Surely there are religious schools in Little Rock they could have performed for.

I wanted to make a funny "Hobbit" post about the cast putting together a Naughty Dwarf calendar as a special gift for directer Peter Jackson, but I'm too bummed out by the news that a gay Michigan teenager (and alleged bullying victim) quoted Bilbo Baggins' farewell speech from "The Fellowship of the Ring" as his final Facebook post before committing suicide. I don't ever think I'll hear those lines quite the same way, and it will certainly be thinking of him when the new film comes out next week.

On a more chipper note, it's pretty exciting that "Pan's Labyrinth" will soon be coming to the stage. Apparently in director Guillermo Del Toro's spare time (ha!), he's spent about four years putting it together. Exciting to note that Oscar winner Gustavo Santaolallo ("Brokeback Mountain") will be writing the music. Can you imagine those puppets onstage? For all the complaints about movies being adapted into musicals, this is the stuff that Broadway dreams are made of.

One thing that Hollywood couples often do at least once before they break up is star in a really disastrous box-office bomb together. The A.V. Club's compiled a list of ten sterling examples, and no, it doesn't count as cheating that two of the slots are taken up  by one couple (and if you think that's bad, Madonna garners two mentions with two different men).