One Day More: Counting Down on the ‘Les Misérables’ Advent Calendar

Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman in Les Misérables © Universal Pictures

If the suspense of waiting for “Les Misérables” is killing you, Vulture’s got you covered with a very special Advent calendar counting down the days till the film’s Christmas release. Each day will grant you access to a nugget of anticipation-building content that will hopefully tide you over. Sorry, no chocolate.

Director Darren Stein may have moved on to other projects (such as the currently-in-production “G.B.F.“), but he still likes to stay current with fans of his 1999 dark comedy “Jawbreaker.” Yesterday, the director’s Facebook page linked to a painting he discovered on Etsy: a portrait of Rose McGowan’s memorable popsicle scene. McGowan is proving to be quite the muse — we posted a few months ago about her face appearing on the vintage-style cover for Ariel S. Winter’s The Twenty Year Death.

Remember in the olden days of VHS, when the only two places you ran across movie trailers were in the theater or at the beginning of a tape? If you’re a New Yorker you can relive those glory days tonight at the fourth installment of 92YTribeca’s VHS Trailer Show, an exhibition of the ghastly previews that prelude the 1994 Reba McEntire movie “Is There Life Out There?” (expanded from the music video for her 1991 hit single).

Speaking (tangentially) of Christmas, MetaFilter’s been thoughtful enough to compile a guide to all the best holiday-themed horror movies, from “Christmas Evil” to “Jack Frost.” That’s it, I’m never building a snowman again… a point probably rendered moot by global warming trends.